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The Great War (now known as World War I) rages on in Europe. Most tennis takes place in the United States, where Norwegian transplant Molla Bjurstedt dominates the game for the second year running.

Few Australian tournaments were conducted in 1916. The Victorian and South Australian associations had elected to cancel all events under their auspices. In other states, some 'patriotic' fund-raising tournaments were held - mainly handicap events as these would generally have larger entries and, therefore, greater fund-raising capacity. In Victoria particularly, many ladies conducted their own fund-raising tournaments; again mainly handicap events. - GeeTee

Status: results are somewhat scanty. When further time permits I will scan the New York Times for fuller results.

Dates unknown

New South Wales Hardcourt Championships Dubbo (Clay)

Won by Miss Elliott


Championship of Madrid, Spain

FI: Maria Rospide d. Carmen Portago 8-6 4-6 6-4

MX: Carmen Portago/Conde de Gomar d. Maria Rospide/L.Olivares 6-3 6-3


Barcelona International, Spain (Clay)

FI: Panchita Subirana d. Consuelo de Ayguavives 6-1 6-2


Danish Indoor Championships

FI: Alice Krayenbühl d. ??


Danish Outdoor Championships

FI: Valborg Bjurstedt (Nor) d. ??

Thanks go out to Mark Ryan. whose original results may be found at:

Jimbo has also provided many results from the Wright and Ditson Annual.

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Date?, Beau Site Tournament, Cannes, France (Clay)
Venue: Beau Site

FI: Elisabeth D'Ayen d. Mme Puget 6-1 6-4

MX: Suzanne Lenglen/Marion Crawford d. Mme Puget/George Simond (GB) 1-1 retired (Simond twists ankle)

From "Ayres' Lawn Tennis Almanack" (1917):

"No less than 1,800 francs was handed to the South African Ambulance as a result of a tournament held on the famous Beau Site courts at Cannes. Mr George M. Simond acted as honorary referee, and there was a large attendance of French and British wounded officers. The most interesting event was a series of singles in which, on level terms, Suzanne Lenglen tested her skill against well-known professionals and amateurs. Driven from her home near Lille, the girl champion has been spending the winter on the Riviera, where, with good opportunity for practice, she had strengthened her game in all departments.

"In her first match against Charles H. Ridding (the professional attached to Ranelagh and to the Beau Site) she was obviously somewhat nervous, and did not reveal her true form. Moreover, the heat was well-nigh overpowering, affecting both players, who confined their games almost entirely to baseline driving. After Ridding had won the first set at 6-2 and led 4-3 in the second, Mlle Lenglen retired.

"In her next match, against Mr B. Marion Crawford, the French girl played faultlessly, defeating the amateur with the loss of only one game in two sets. She also defeated Mr Simond with a comfortable margin, completely tiring out the veteran by the steadiness of her returns, and passing him shrewdly whenever he came to the net.

"But the single in which Mlle Lenglen 'startled' the gallery (the word is that of a competent eye-witness) was against Tom Burke, who, despite his years, remains a very sound player, retaining all his strategical skill. Burke opened with a 5-3 lead, going strongly; but his opponent took the next four games in succession and the first set. There was all-round play - both came up on good length driving - and some excellent rallies, in which the girl's greater activity just gave her the advantage. The first game of the second set was a very long one, embracing eight deuces, which Mlle Lenglen lost. She was love-forty and a bad decision robbed her of the game. This upset her. She lost the second game easily; and retired after a long third.

"The umpiring had not been strikingly sound, to say the least. In the first set, without an appeal from either player, the umpire gave a let because a ball rolled across the court, and just when Burke was returning a ball in the middle of a rally, which he hit out.

"The finals in the ordinary singles were rather one-sided. In the men's singles Marion Crawford beat R. Dunkerley (6-0, 6-2, 6-3); in the ladies' singles Elisabeth D'Ayen beat Mme Puget (6-1, 6-4). The mixed doubles was won by Marion Crawford and Mlle Lenglen, to whom G.M. Simond and Mme Puget retired at 1-1, after Simond had twisted his ankle."


????, Indian Championships

Won by Irene Peacock


Circa January 21-28, Bengal Lawn Tennis Championships, Calcutta, Bombay, India

FI: Mrs Marshall d. Miss McNaught 6-4 9-7


Circa February 2-9, Punjab Championships, Lahore, India

SF: Irene Bowder d. Una Gracey 6-2 6-8 6-0
SF: Miss Humfress d. Mrs Hadow 6-4 2-6 7-5

FI: Irene Bowder d. Miss Humfress ????

DF: Mrs Hadow/Mrs Leslie-Jones d. Irene Bowder/Miss Glass 7-5 6-2

MX: Mrs Leslie-Jones/Kinson d. Una Gracey/Lewis Deane 7-5 6-3


February 7-12, Hotel del Coronado, San Diego, California, US (Hard)
Venue: Hotel de Coronado

FI: Florence Sutton d. Gladys Widdowson 6-4 6-8 6-3


February 6-12, Punjab Championships, Lahore, India

FI: Irene Bowder d. Bibi Amrit Kaur 6-1 6-2

MX: Irene Bowder/Ritchie d. Mrs Leslie-Jones/Edward M. Atkinson 6-2 6-1


February 20-26, Florida State Championship, Palm Beach, Florida, US

FI: Mary Bremer d. Teresa Wood 6-3 6-4

DF: Miss M. Snyder/Teresa Wood d. Ethel Carhart/Hilda Holmes 6-2 6-3

MX: Teresa Wood/Craig Biddle d. Mrs T.M. Carnegie/Phipps 6-1 6-2


February 10-March 4, All-Jamaican Championships, Kingston, Jamaica

FI: No open women’s singles event held

DF: Moira Lucie-Smith/Muriel Lucie-Smith d. May Lucie-Smith/May Wortley 6-4 6-4

MX: Amy Beckwith/Thomas P. Evelyn d. Moira Lucie-Smith/Ralph Fink 6-2 6-2


March 13-18, US Indoor Championships, New York, US (Indoors on Wood)
Venue: Seventh Regiment Armory

Singles (Draw=50)

1R: Molla Bjurstedt (Nor) d. Alberta Weber default
1R: Mrs. W. H. N. Voss d. Mrs. Edwin Shattuck 6-3 6-1
1R: Ina Kissell d. Mrs. Robert Miller 4-6 7-5 6-3
1R: Mrs. John Bailey d. Mrs. F. S. Richardson default
1R: Mrs. Percy Wilbourn-bye
1R: C. Cousins-bye
1R: Mrs. E. S. Knapp-bye
1R: Hazel Treat-bye

1R: Marie Wagner-bye
1R: Mrs. Ingo Hartman-bye
1R: Carona Winn-bye
1R: A. Cragin-bye
1R: Florence Sheldon-bye
1R: Mrs. G. W. Carpenter-bye
1R: Adele Bull-bye
1R: F. B. Crane-bye

1R: Nora Meyer Schmitz-bye
1R: Mrs. E. M. Avery-bye
1R: H. Gardner-bye
1R: Ruth Schwab-bye
1R: Mrs. A. Dean-bye
1R: Mrs. C. C. Parsons-bye
1R: M. Taylor-bye
1R: Mrs. F. W. Jenkins-bye

1R: Mrs. O. C. Mills d. Mrs. L. Manheimer 6-2 6-3
1R: A. Smith d. E. Beecher 6-2 6-1
1R: A. Morrison d. J. Larson 6-2 6-1
1R: Mrs. E. Sohst d. C. Dellafied 6-4 6-0
1R: H. Alexander d. Mrs. T. R. Pell 6-0 6-1
1R: Mrs. L. G. Morris d. T. Blum 6-3 6-0
1R: Mrs. N. B. Huff-bye
1R: Mrs. M. McBurney-bye

2R: Bjurstedt d. Voss 6-0 6-1
2R: Kissel d. Bailey 6-1 6-1
2R: Wilbourn d. Cousins default
2R: Knapp d. Treat 6-1 6-1
2R: Wagner d. Hartman 6-2 6-4
2R: Winn d. Cragin 6-0 6-0
2R: Sheldon d. Carpenter 6-2 6-4
2R: Bull d. Crane 6-4 8-6

2R: Meyer Schmitz d. Avery 6-3 6-0
2R: Gardner d. Schwab 3-6, 7-5 8-6
2R: Dean d. Parsons 6-0 6-1
2R: Taylor d. Jenkins 6-0 6-0
2R: Mills d. Smith 6-4 8-6
2R: Morrison d. Sohst 6-0 9-7
2R: Alexander d. Morris 6-4 6-1
2R: Huff d. McBurney 6-4 6-2

3R: Bjurstedt d. Kissell 6-3 6-0
3R: Wilbourn d. Knapp 8-6 6-4
3R: Wagner d. Winn 6-3 6-3
3R: Sheldon d. Bull 6-3 3-6 6-3

3R: Meyer Schmitz d. Gardner 6-8 6-3 6-3
3R: Dean d. Taylor default
3R: Mills d. Morrison 6-4 6-1
3R: Alexander d. Huff 3-6 6-3 6-1

QF: Bjurstedt d. Wilbourn 6-1 6-0
QF: Wagner d. Sheldon 6-1 6-1
QF: Meyer Schmitz d. Dean 1-6 6-1 6-2
QF: Mills d. Alexander 6-0 5-7 6-4

SF: Bjurstedt d. Wagner 6-0 6-3
SF: Meyer Schmitz d. Mills 6-2 6-1

FI: Molla Bjurstedt (Nor) d. Nora Schmitz 6-2 6-1

DF: Molla Bjurstedt (Nor)/Marie Wagner d. Nora Schmitz/Emily Weaver 6-2 6-3


March 24-26, Arizona State Championships, Phoenix, United States
Venue: Country Club

FI: Margaret Chesney d. Marion Allison 6-4 6-8 6-2

DF: Miss Butler/Margaret Chesney d. Marion Allison/Miss Lines 6-4 7-9 6-2

MX: Ruth Ainsworth/William Horrell d. Margaret Chesney/Hammels 7-5 6-1

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April 13-15, Ojai Valley Championships, Ojai (Nordhoff), California, United States (Hard)

FI: Mary Browne d Ethel Bruce 6-1 6-3

DF: Mary Browne/Louise Riddell Williams d. Ethel Bruce/Florence Sutton 1-6 6-0 6-2

MX: Ethel Bruce/E.R. McCormick d. Louise Riddell Williams/M Thurston 2-6 6-2 6-3

Mrs Bruce was Ethel Sutton before her marriage.


Circa mid-April, Cuban Championships, Havana, Cuba (Clay)
Venue: Vedado Tennis

FI: A. Lancis d. Carlotta Gay 2-6 6-1 7-5


April 26-30 Cannes War Charity Tournament, Cannes, France (Clay)
Venue: Beau Site Hotel

MX: Suzanne Lenglen/ B Marion Crawford d Mme S.A. Puget/Georges Simond 1-1 retired

The event aided the South African Ambulance Hospital in Cannes. Simond hurt his ankle and had to retire in the final.


began April 29, Chevy Chase Tournament, Washington, D.C., United States

FI: Gertrude Greely d. Florence Ballin ??

CR: Gertrude Greely d. Eva Baker ??

DF: Adele Bull/Marguerite Taylor d. ??


???? , Brookline, Massachusetts, United States
Venue: Country Club

FI: Evelyn Sears d. Maud Barger Wallach 6-3 8-6

DF: Evelyn Sears/Mrs A Shurtleff d. Eleonora Sears/Marion Fenno 8-6 6-0

Event held sometime in the spring

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April 22- May 13, Tasmanian Championships, Hobart, Australia (Hard/Asphalt)

Singles (Draw=7)

1R: Dot Stanfield -bye
1R: Miss E Holmes d Miss Brammell 6-4 6-1
1R: Mrs A Reid d Miss Mason 6-3 6-2
1R: Miss Rex d Miss Marshall 6-2 6-1

SF: E Holmes d Dot Stanfield 6-4 6-2
SF: Rex d Mrs Reid 6-5 6-3

FI: Miss Rex d E Holmes 5-6 6-4 6-4


SF: Mrs Reid/Miss Rex d Mrs Parker/Miss Good 6-1 6-3
SF: Mrs Muir/Dot Stanfield d Mrs Barnett/Miss Mason walkover

FI: Mrs Reid/Miss Rex d Mrs Muir/Dot Stanfield 6-4 6-5

Mixed doubles (except handicap) was not contested


began May 10, Border States Championships, Tucson, Arizona, US
Venue: Golf & Country Club

FI: Margaret Chesney d. Marion Allison 6-4 4-6 6-4

DF: Florence Allison/Virginia Lyne d. Miss Butler/Margaret Chesney 6-1 6-8 6-2


May 6-20, New South Wales Championships, Sydney (Grass)
Venue; Double Bay

Singles (Draw=3)

1R: Annie Ford d Mrs Pollock 6-1 6-1
1R: Eva Collings -bye

FI: Annie Ford d Eva Collings 6-1 6-4

Doubles (Draw=6)

1R: G Lloyd/Nell Lloyd d Miss Metcalfe/Mrs Way 6-4 4-6 6-1
1R: Miss C Stoltenhoff/Miss F Stoltenhoff d Mrs Pollock/Miss Pollock 7-5 7-5

SF: Eva Collings/Annie Ford d Lloyd/Lloyd 6-3 6-2
SF: Mrs Doyle/Sylvia Lance d Stoltenhoff/Stoltenhoff 6-2 6-4

FI: Eva Collings/Annie Ford d Mrs Doyle/Sylvia Lance 6-4 6-1


FI: Miss Ross d Grace Paterson 6-2 6-2

DF: Grace Paterson/Smith d Marie Beegling/Watson 6-2 6-1

No events for adult males - including mixed doubles - were contested

Mrs Pollock is from Tasmania


began May 15, Ladies' Metropolitan Championships, New York, US (Clay)
Venue: West Side Tennis Club at Forest Hills

FI: Molla Bjurstedt (Nor) d. Martha Guthrie 6-2 6-0

DF: Emily Weaver/Teresa Wood d. Molla Bjurstedt (Nor)/Marie Wagner 6-1 4-6 6-4

MX: Molla Bjurstedt (Nor)/Theodore Pell d. Emily Weaver/Charles Bull 10-12 6-4 6-4


Circa mid-May, Red Cross Mixed Doubles Tournament, Queen's Club, London, England (Wood)

From "Ayres' Lawn Tennis Almanack" (1917):

"The Red Cross Mixed Doubles Tournament at Queen's Club, organised by Lady D'Abernon in May, was won by King Manoel of Portugal and Dorothea Lambert Chambers. Receiving four-sixths from Wollmar Bostrom and Mlle Mishu in the final (in which four nationalites were represented, by the way), the pair was favoured before the match, and though the score of 7-5, 6-3 in their favour suggests a fairly level contest, the lady champion and her partner were never actually threatened.

"Nevertheless, they might have forfeited the first set if their opponents, after 3-5 had been called against them and after they had drawn level at 5-5 by winning Dom Manoel's service in the tenth game, had won Miss Mishu's subsequent service game - a game in which the points were level. The Romanian lady, however, chose this moment to become erratic on the drive, and with Bostrom in poor volleying form - to say nothing of a doubtful decision recorded by the linesman in the gallery - the chance was sacrificed.

"In the second set Mrs Lambert Chambers and Dom Manoel, chiefly by sound driving from the baseline (there was, in fact, no volleying worthy of the name throughout the match), secured a lead long enough to minimise the risk of overhauling, and the confidence thus generated was reflected in the greater firmness of their strokes. Mrs George Greville umpired the final, which was decided on the floor of the New Court."


May 24-27, Pelham Invitation, Pelham Manor, New York, US
Venue: Pelham Country Club

SF: Molla Bjurstedt d Margaret Taylor 6-3 6-3
SF: Louise Raymond d Edith Handy 6-1 6-2

FI: Molla Bjurstedt (Nor) d. Louise Raymond 6-2 6-1


SF: Martha Guthrie/Marie Wagner d Louise Raymond/Edna Wildey 2-6 6-2 6-4

FI: Edith Handy/Teresa Wood d. Martha Guthrie/Marie Wagner 4-6 6-0 4-4 default

MX: Mrs DP Wood/Van Vliet d. Florence Ballin/Campbell 6-3 6-1

The doubles final, played on May 26, could not be completed. The committee agreed to play the event a day earlier than expected so Miss Guthrie could catch a train to Pittsburgh in the evening. The ladies played until it was pitch black at 7:45, at which point Guthrie/Wagner defaulted as Martha had to leave to catch her train. She ended up missing the train anyway.


began May 27, Eastern New York Championship, Scarsdale, NY, US
Venue: County Tennis Club of Westchester

FI: Marie Wagner d. Adelaide Green 7-5 6-2

DF: Katharine Browning/Adelaide Green d. Marie Wagner/Mrs Mills 6-2 6-0

MX: Mrs DP Wood/Van Vliet d. Marie Wagner/Ostendorf 6-3 6-2


began May 27, Middle Atlantic Championships, Washington, D.C., US

FI: Eva Baker d. Gertrude Greely 6-1 2-6 6-3

MX: Sallie Long/Breck d. Eva Baker/Treanor 6-4 2-6 6-1


began May 29, Ladies’ Championship of Pennsylvania and the Eastern States Haverford, Pennsylvania, US (Grass)
Venue: Merion Cricket Club,

FI: Molla Bjurstedt (Nor) d. Eleanora Sears 6-2 6-3

DF: Molla Bjurstedt (Nor)/Eleanora Sears d. Dorothy Disston/Susanne White 6-0 6-1

MX: Molla Bjurstedt (Nor)/Bill Tilden d. Sarah Myers/Allen Evans 6-2 6-2


May 24-June 4, Simla, India

FI: Irene Bowder d. Una Gracey 6-3 3-6 9-7


date unknown, California State Championships, Oakland, US
Venue: Claremont Country Club

FI: Anita Myers d. Mrs J.C.Cushing 2-6 6-3 6-4

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Dates: June 5-12
Venue: Philadelphia Cricket Club, St. Martins. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Surface: Grass


Singles (Draw= 71, plus holder)

*Holder Bjurstedt "sits out" until the Challenge Round.

"Preliminary Round"

Edith Handy d Marie Ballin 6-0 6-0
May Currie d. Charlotte Cheston 4-6 6-3 6-4
Elizabeth Ostheimer d. Mrs David S Sterns 5-7 6-1 6-3
Gertrude Ostheimer d. Sarah Shattuck default
Eleanora Sears d. Mrs Helen Pouch 6-2 6-4
Edwina Hensel d Edith White 6-1 6-2
Mabel Kerbaugh d Augusta Chapman default

1st Round

Evelyn Sears d. Florence Sheldon 6-2 6-3
Clara Cassebeer d. Mary Stair 9-7 6-4
Mrs. Robert A Pope d. Ida Huff 6-1 6-2
Sarah Neilson d. Emily Kennedy 7-5 2-6 6-2
Alice Patterson d. Teresa Wood default
Margaret Moes d. Mrs C.C .Parsons 6-2 6-3
Mary Merrick d. Elizabeth Porter 6-3 0-6 6-4
Alice Hawkins d. Gertrude Henry 3-6 7-5 6-1

Louise Raymond d. Margaret Tattersfield 6-0 6-2
Louise Adams d. Elizabeth Henry 7-9 6-2 6-3
Eugenia Wainwright d Irene Dearnley 6-4 6-4
Miriam Steever d. Edna Wildey 6-0 6-2
Maud Barger-Wallach d. Miss Helen Pouch 6-0 6-0
Miss M. E. Wilcox d. Helen Schlichter default
Handy d. Currie 6-2 6-2
E. Ostheimer d G. Ostheimer 6-0 6-2

El. Sears d Hensel 6-3 6-4
Ina Kissel d. Kerbough 3-6 6-4 6-2
Elsie Cabot d Elizabeth Meehan 6-0 6-2
Ethel Herold d. Mrs J. H. Chapman 6-2 6-2
Phyllis Walsh d. Florence Ballin 6-4 7-5
Eleanor Freeley d Jane Rawson default
Clara Chase d Gertrude Hollis 6-3 7-5
Kitty Brinton d Mrs A. D. Smoker 6-3 6-3

Susanne White d. H. W. Williams 7-5 6-4
Alice Drake d. Katherine Force 6-1 6-1
Flora Harvey d. Matilde Richardson 6-2 6-2
Hannah Wright d. Edith Newhall default
Mrs. John R Hall d. Adele Bull 6-3 6-4
Dorothy Disston d. Grace Leroy 6-1 6-4
May Snyder d. Elsa Reath default
Margaretta Taylor d Mollie Thayer 6-0 2-6 7-5

2nd Round

Ev. Sears d. Cassebeer 6-0 6-1
Pope d. Neilson 6-2 9-11 6-3
Patterson d. Moes 6-1 6-3
Merrick d. Hawkins 6-4 8-6
Raymond d. Adams 6-2 6-1
Steever d. Wainwright 6-3 6-0
Barger-Wallach d. Wilcox 6-0 6-1
Handy d. E. Ostheimer 6-4 6-0

El. Sears d. Kissel 6-4 6-1
Cabot d. Herold 6-2 6-0
Walsh d. Freeley default
Chase d. Brinton default
White d. Drake 6-3 6-2
Harvey d. Wright 6-0 6-0
Hall d. Disston 4-6 6-4 7-5
Taylor d. Snyder default

3rd Round

Ev. Sears d. Pope default
Patterson d. Merrick 0-6 7-5 6-3
Raymond d. Steever 6-3 6-4
Barger-Wallach d. Handy 6-3 6-3

El. Sears d. Cabot 6-2 6-4
Walsh d. Chase 6-2 6-0
White d. Harvey 6-4 4-6 6-1
Hall d. Taylor 8-6 6-3


Ev. Sears d. Patterson 6-3 6-2
Raymond d. Barger-Wallach 6-1 6-3
El. Sears d. Walsh 6-3 6-3
White d. Hall 4-6 8-6 7-5


Raymond d. Ev. Sears 6-2 6-1
El.Sears d. White 6-1 6-3


Louise Raymond d. Eleanora Sears 6-3 6-4

Challenge Round

Molla Bjurstedt (holder) d. Louise Raymond 6-0 6-1


Doubles (Draw=25)

1st Round

Edith Newhall/Elizabeth Ostheimer-bye
Clara Chase/Margaret Moes-bye
Molla Bjurstedt (Nor)/Eleonora Sears d. Helen Schlichter/Phyllis Walsh 6-2 6-3
Katherine Force/Elizabeth Porter d. Mrs John R Hall/Eugenia Wainwright 6-3 6-3
Dorothy Disston/Susanne White d. Louise Adams/Adele Bull 2-6 6-3 6-1
Mollie Thayer/Margaretta Myers d. Clara Cassebeer/Miriam Steever 2-6 6-0 6-4
Ida Kissel/Teresa Wood d. Edwina Hensel/Sarah Neilson 6-1 6-2
Flora Harvey/Margaret Walbridge-bye

Louise Raymond/Edna Wildey d. May Currie/Edith White 6-1 6-0
Augusta Chapman/Marion Chapman-bye
Mrs Erksine Smith/Margaretta Taylor d. Helene Martin/Helena Robinson 6-0 6-0
Emily Kennedy/Elsa Reath d. Alice Blake/Hilda Williams 6-3 6-2
Mary Stair/Mildred Willard d. Emma Betz/Sophie Norris 6-2 6-2
Elsie Cabot/Evelyn Sears-bye
Edith Handy/Mrs Helen Pouch-bye
Elizabeth Henry/Gertrude Henry-bye

2nd Round

Newhall/E. Ostheimer d. Chase/Moes 6-3 6-2
Bjurstedt/El. Sears d. Force/Porter default
Disston/White d. Thayer/M. Myers 6-2 9-7
Kissel/Wood d. Harvey/Walbridge 6-3 8-6

Raymond/Wildey d. Chapman/Chapman 6-4 6-3
Smith/Taylor d. Kennedy/Reath 6-1 7-9 6-2
Cabot/Ev. Sears d. Stair/Willard 6-0 6-4
Handy/Pouch d. Henry/Henry 6-2 7-5


Bjurstedt/El. Sears d. Newhall/E.Ostheimer 6-3 6-2
Disston/White d. Kissel/Wood 3-6 6-3 6-4
Raymond/Wildey d. Smith/Taylor 7-5 6-2
Handy/Pouch d. Cabot/Ev. Sears 6-3 6-4


Bjurstedt/El. Sears d. Disston/White 6-3 6-4
Raymond/Wildey d. Handy/Pouch 6-4 6-1


Molla Bjurstedt/Eleonora Sears d. Louise Raymond/Edna Wildey 4-6 6-2 10-8


Mixed Doubles (Draw=30)

1st Round

Sarah Neilson/Edward Edwards-bye
Edith Handy/Percy Osborne d. Mildred Willard/Randolph Faries 6-2 6-0
Florence Ballin/Bill Tilden d. Maud Barger-Wallach/Craig Biddle 7-9 6-4 6-2
Marion Crawley/Ewing Taylor d. Elizabeth Fort/Herbert Raffeto 7-5 6-2
Teresa Wood/Wallace Johnson d. Margaret Taylor/Joseph Rowland 6-4 6-0
Flora Harvey/Joseph Carpenter d. A von Bernuth/H. B. Endicott 6-2 6-2
Sarah Myers/Allan Evans d. Mollie Thayer/Joseph Thayer 4-6 6-4 6-4
Molla Bjurstedt (Nor)/Charles Bull d. Violet Gratz/O. H. Baird 6-0 6-1

Dorothy Disston/Alex Thayer d. May Currie/Brown 6-3 6-3
Elsa Reath/Albert Kennedy d. Charlotte Cheston/D. C. Josephs 6-2 6-1
Florence Sheldon/Frank Hague d. Eugenia Wainwright/Paul Gibbons 9-7 1-6 7-5
C. Tallmann/C. W. Plass d. M. Richardson/Clifford Taylor 6-2 6-2
Ina Kissel/Joseph J Armstrong d. Mrs Helen Pouch/Billy Pouch 6-1 6-0
Katherine Force/Henry Van Dyke Johns d. Mary Williams/Clarence Jennings 6-3 6-4
Susanne White/Rowland Davis d. Eliza Fox/Casper Wister 6-3 7-5
Eleanora Sears/Willis Davis-bye

2nd Round

Handy/Osborne d. Neilson/Edwards 6-1 6-4
F Ballin/Tilden d. Crawley/Taylor 6-1 6-1
Wood/Johnson d. Harvey/Carpenter 6-1 6-3
Bjurstedt/Bull d. S Myers/A Evans 6-3 6-1

Disston/A. Thayer d. Reath/Kennedy 6-2 6-4
Sheldon/Hague d. Tallmann/Plass 6-2 6-4
Kissel/Armstrong d. Force/Johns 6-4 6-0
El Sears/Davis d. White/R. Evans 6-3 6-4


F Ballin/Tilden d. Handy/Osborne7-5 6-8 6-2
Bjurstedt/Bull d. Wood/Johnson 6-1 6-4
Sheldon/Hague d. Disston/A. Thayer 7-5 6-4
El Sears/Davis d. Kissel/Armstrong 3-6 9-7 6-3


F Ballin/Tilden d. Bjurstedt/Bull 6-2 6-4
El Sears/Davis d. Sheldon/Hauge default


Eleanora Sears/Willis E. Davis d. Florence Ballin/Bill Tilden 6-4 7-5


Draw notes:

The New York Tribune (source for the first day) lists the Preliminary Round as the first round.

Miss Helen Pouch and Mrs Helen Pouch are daughter and mother.

The quarterfinals of the mixed=the third round.

Louise Adams=Mrs CW Adams of Huntington Valley CC
Florence and Marie Henrietta Ballin were sisters. Both attended Bryn Mawr.
Emma Betz=Mrs John F Betz 3rd.
Charlotte Cheston plays for the Philadrlphia CC
May E Currie (or Curry) played for the West Side TC, New York. Also listed as C Currie.
Irene E Dearnley plays for Plymouth CC
Alice C Drake is from St Paul, Minnesota
Katherine E Force
Eleanor H Freedley plays for Plymouth CC
Flora Harvey=Mrs Gilbert Harvey
Mrs Pouch=nee Helena Hellwig. Listed in papers of era as Mrs W. H. Pouch. Her daughter was Miss Helen Pouch.
Edwina C Hensel is from Merion.
Ethel Herold listed as Mrs Robert Herold
Raymond=Louise Hammond. Listed in papers of era as Mrs Edward Raymond
Elizabeth N Meehan plays for Germantown CC
Mary R Merrick is from Philadelphia (note some sources use "Herrick")
Margaret Moes is from Chevy Chase, Maryland
Alice M Patterson plays for the Philadelphia CC
Elizabeth Porter is from Washington DC
Elsa Reath plays for Merion CC
Mathilde Richardson is from Belmar
Jane Rowson is from Patterson
Mrs Isaac Schluichter=Helen, nee Ehret.
Sarah Shattuck played for Longwood CC
May B Snyder is from Pittsburgh
Mary K Stair plays for York CC
Margaret Tattersfield plays for Germantown CC
Margaret Walbridge, nee Buffum=Mrs Charles A Walbridge, who represented the Philadelphia Cricket Club.
Edith H White and May E Curry are from the West Side Club and staying as guests of Hannah C Parks.
Susanne White is from Baltimore.
Teresa Wood listed by papers of the era as Mrs Rawson Wood

Missing full names for:

A von Bernuth partnered H. B. Endicott in the mixed
Mrs J. H. Chapman plays for the Philadelphia CC
Mrs Erkine Smith
Mrs John R Hall is from New York
Mrs CC Parsons is from New York
Mrs Robert A. Pope
M. Richardson in the mixed
Mrs A.D. Smoker
Mrs David S Sterns is from New York.
C. Tallmann partnered C. W. Plass in the mixed

Mr O. H. Baird
Mr Brown (partnered Marie Currie in the mixed)
Mr H. B. Endicott
Mr D. C. Josephs
Mr C. W. Plass



The New York Tribune
Philadelphia Evening Public Ledger
The Grand Slam Book of Tennis (p 928 for Mixed results)
Thanks to The Computer for some results.

The sun. (New York [N.Y.]) 1833-1916, June 06, 1916, Page 8, Image 8 « Chronicling America « Library of Congress



Norsewoman Molla Bjurstedt set a record (for the time) of winning a final in only 25 minutes. Though the field was quite large, Mrs. May Sutton Bundy and Mary Browne were "particularly missed", as no challenger for Molla could be found. The Philadelphia Public Ledger describes her famous forehand shots as "wallops", also writing that "Miss Bjurstedt's driving constantly brought forth applause from the gallery."

Raymond's "stage fright" made the final a nightmare. Never once did it appear she would offer up a challenge. Mercifully it was over in 26 minutes. This is the shortest and most lopsided US ladies final in history aside from the 1964 final. Louise got to deuce only 3 times and won 24 points in all. Mrs Raymond won her few points at net, but never really pursued a change in tactics to get there more often.

An exciting doubles final gave Mrs Raymond a chance for revenge. Molla and Louise were given a 30 minute rest after the singles final. In a corker of a match Edna Wildey performed brilliantly. Louise Raymond again failed to ply up to her usual standards, giving Bjurstedt and Eleanora Sears enough room to get by 10-8 in the 3rd. Miss Sears also won the mixed with Californian star Willis Davis.

A drizzle kept spectators in the semis down to "a few dozen."

Throughout the week Bill Tilden wrote articles on the event for The Evening Ledger.

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May 26-June 10, Simla, India

SF: Irene Bowder d. Mrs Harrison 6-0 6-1
SF: Una Gracey d. Bibi Amrit Kaur 6-2 6-4

FI: Irene Bowder d. Una Gracey 6-3 6-2


began June 5, Gulf States Championships, New Orleans, Louisiana, US (Grass)

FI: Mrs Irving Murphy d. Ethelyn Legendre 6-1 6-2


began June 5, Amackassin Cup, Yonkers, NY, US

FI: Marie Wagner d. Helene Pollak 6-1 6-0

DF: Marie Wagner/Mrs Percy Wilbourne d. Mrs Henderson/Dorothy Waring 6-1 6-4


began June 12, Old Dominion Tournament, Richmond, Virginia, US (Clay)

CR: Molla Bjurstedt (Nor) d. Florence Ballin (holder) 6-2 6-2

DF: Florence Ballin/Molla Bjurstedt (Nor) d. M Boyd/M Colston 6-1 6-2

MX: Florence Ballin/Carlton Smith d. Molla Bjurstedt (Nor)/Edwin Whitney 6-4 6-8 7-5


began June 12, Delaware State Championships, Wilmington, US
Venue: Country Club

FI: Suzanne White d. Mrs William Newhall 6-2 6-1

DF: Mrs Schlichter/Miss Walsh d. Mrs S.Myers/Suzanne White 6-4 3-6 7-5

Holder J.S. Taylor did not defend.


June 12-17, Seattle City Championship, Washington, US
Venue: Seattle Athletic Club

FI: Sara Livingston d. Mrs Bragdon 6-3 6-3


June 12-17, Missouri State Championships, Kansas City, Missouri, US
Venue: Kirkwood Country Club

CR: Adelaide Yager d. Natalie Prendergast (holder) 6-1 6-1


began June 14, Virginia State Championship, Norfolk, US
Venue: Country Club

FI: Molla Bjurstedt (Nor) d. Florence Ballin 6-4 6-4

CR: Molla Bjurstedt (Nor) d. Miss E.Bull 6-0 6-1

DF: Molla Bjurstedt (Nor)/Adele Bull d. Mrs Bell/Virginia Christian 6-2 6-1

MX: Florence Ballin/Edward Whitney d. Marguerita Taylor/W.V.McMillan 6-2 6-1


June 17, Purley Bury Patriotic Fund , London, England (Grass)
Venue: Purley Bury Lawn Tennis Club

All matches mixed doubles

Agnes Morton/Stanley Doust (Aus) d. Mrs Armstrong/Charles Dixon 6-3 1-6 6-2

Gwynifred Palmer/Albert D. Prebble d. Phyllis Satterthwaite/M.R.L. White 6-4 4-6 6-1

Mrs Armstrong/Francis W. Donisthorpe d. Agnes Morton/P.J. Oakley 7-5 6-3

A brief history of the club (from the club website at]

Purley Bury Tennis Club was founded shortly before the First World War and, with 15 grass courts, was the largest club in the south of England (even, in those days, bigger than Wimbledon!) It was built in a wooded valley, discreetly secluded, ten years before the first houses appeared on what are now Purley Bury Avenue and Brancaster Lane, running on either side of the club.

The grass courts were converted to allotments during the Second World War and it is believed that a VE day celebration bonfire was lit where the present courts are.

After the war the land was restored, as the Purley Bury Social and Sports club, with three sections: tennis, bowls and croquet. In 1985 the tennis courts were changed from clay (with overhead watering) to today's hard court, all-weather surface, relayed in 1999 and resurfaced in 2008.


began June 16, Middle States Championships, Montrose, New Jersey, US (Grass)
Venue: Orange Lawn Tennis Club

FI: Ina Kissel d. Grace Robert LeRoy 4-6 6-2 6-1

Holder Molla Bjurstedt did not defend her title and defaults challenge round.


June 20, Red Cross Matches, London, England
Venue: Queen's Club

From "Ayres' Lawn Tennis Almanack" (1917):

"Teams organised respectively by Dom Manoel of Portgual and Mrs Madeline O'Neill met at Queen's Club on June 20 on behalf of the Red Cross. Several well-known players took part, including Norman E. Brookes, commandant of the Australian Red Cross, who made his first appearance in this country since he won the Championship at Wimbledon two years ago.

"Dom Manoel's side won by four matches to three, two of the latter ties being abandoned. When partnering Dorothea Lamber Chambers in his first match, the distinguished Portuguese amateur had the misfortune to fall in running for a wide ball; a sprained ankle necessitated his retirement.

"Considering his lack of practice and his not very robust health, Brookes was playing remarkably well, more especially in his second tie, when the champion and Lady Domini Crosfield defeated Major Ritche and Phyllis Satterthwaite in two sets. The former couple were not so successful against the well-balanced volleying combination of George and Edith Greville, who were nearly at their best.

"The closest tie of the day, remarkably well contested, was that between Stanley Doust and Mrs O'Neill and Arthur Wallis Myers and Mrs Lambert Chambers. Mr Doust and his partner, the latter playing faultlessly, got away with a 5-0 lead, and were soon 5-1 and 40-0; but their opponents squared the set, only to lose it at 7-9. The second set ended with the same score, after Wallis Myers and Mrs Chambers had led 5-3,and appeared to be the fresher of the two pairs."

The scores:

Madeline O'Neill/Stanley Doust (Aus) d. Dorothea Lambert Chambers/Arthur Wallis Myers 9-7 9-7
Dorothea Lambert Chambers/Arthur Wallis Myers d. Countess Zia Torby/Paul de Borman (Bel) 6-1 6-1
Edith Greville/George Greville d. Lady Domini Crosfield/Norman Brookes (Aus) 6-3 6-2
Edith Greville/George Greville d. Countess Zia Torby/Paul de Borman (Bel) 7-5 6-3
Lady Domini Crosfield/Norman Brookes (Aus) d. Phyllis Satterthwaite/Major Ritchie 6-2 8-6
Madeline O'Neill/Stanley Doust (Aus) d. Lady Domini Crosfield/Norman Brookes (Aus) 6-1 6-3
Lady Domini Crosfield/Norman Brookes (Aus) d. Countess Zia Torby*/Paul de Borman (Bel) 6-3 6-2

* This was Russian-born Countess Anastasia Mikhailovna de Torby, otherwise styled Lady Zia Wernher (1892-1977).


June 17-25, Chicago City Championship, Illinois, US
Venue: Wanderers' TC

FI: Carrie Neely d. Miss Falker 6-1 6-2

DF: Carrie Neely/Mrs McNeil d. Miss Leighton/Miss Litt 6-1 6-1


circa June 19-24, Pacific Coast Championships, Monterey, California, US (Hard)

FI: Helen Baker d. Marjorie Thorn 8-6 6-4

DF: Helen Baker/Anita Myers d. Clare Cassel/Mrs Cushing 6-3 6-4

MX: Helen Baker/Charles Detrick d. Anita Myers/John Rohlfs 6-2 6-1


June 19-24, Central West Championship, Kansas City, Missouri, US
Venue: Field Club

FI: Marjorie Hires d. Adelaide Yager 9-7 4-6 6-2

DF: Miss Morley/Miss Hammann d. Marjorie Hires/Miss Seavey 7-5 1-6 6-3


began June 19, Championship of the Carolinas, Greenville, South Carolina, US
Venue: Sans Souci Country Club

FI: Irene Adger d. ??

DF: Mrs Henry Carrier/Mrs John Milam d. ??

MX: Irene Adger/J.O.Erwin d. ??


June 21-25, Idaho State Championships, Lewiston, US
Venue: Country Club

FI: Marie Kettenbach d. Katherine Fix 6-4 5-7 6-3

DF: Katherine Fix/Marie Kettenbach d. Mrs White/Miss Neill 6-2 6-4

MX: Katherine Fix/Gray d. Marie Kettenbach/Beach 6-3 1-6 6-1


date unknown Illinois State Championships, US

FI: Carrie Neely d. Mrs Ellis 6-3 6-2

DF: Mrs McNeil/Miss Voorhees d. Miss Houston/Mrs Ellis 6-1 6-1


June 17-July 1, Falls City Championship, Louisville, Kentucky, US
Venue: Central Park

FI: Madelle Lyons d. Luella Taylor 6-4 6-1

DF: Mrs D.M.Long/Madelle Lyons d. Henrietta Bingham/Marjorie Cowan 6-3 6-4

Bingham was later the girlfriend of Helen Jacobs.


began June 26, Great Plains Championship, Kansas City, Missouri, US
Venue: Rockhill TC

FI: Miss Irving Murphy d. Miss Marguerite Davis 6-0 6-4

DF: Marjorie Hires/Evelyn Seavey d. Murphy/Mrs Peer 6-4 5-7 7-5


date unknown, Hudson River Championship, NY, US

FI: Margaret Grove d. Helena Pouch 7-5 7-5

MX: Helena Pouch/Jova d. May Reynolds/Raymond Guernsey 6-4 6-4


June, Metropolitan Championships, Brisbane, Australia (Grass)
Auchenflower Courts

"Miss Maude Mutch carried off the Ladies' Singles Handicap in brilliant fashion"

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June 26-July 2, United States Clay Court Championships, Cleveland, Ohio, United States (Clay)
Venue: Lakewood Tennis Club

Singles (Draw=16)

1R: Molla Bjurstedt (Nor) d. F. Rudolph 6-0 6-0
1R: Margaret Taylor d. Miss Taft default
1R: Ruth Wise d. Helen Verity 6-1 6-1
1R: Florence Ballin d. Adelaide Brainard default

1R: Lois Bickle (Can) d. Margaret Esch 6-3 6-1
1R: Mr I. Jones d. C. R. Apthorp 3-6 6-2 6-1
1R: Buda Stephens d. Anna Turner default
1R: Martha Guthrie d. Marion Wood 6-0 6-0

QF: Bjurstedt d. Taylor 6-1 6-0
QF: Ballin d. Wise 10-8 6-2
QF: Bickle d. Jones 6-0 6-0
QF: Guthrie d. Stephens 6-4 6-3

SF: Bjurstedt d. Ballin 6-1 6-3
SF: Guthrie d. Bickle 6-1 2-6 6-4

FI: Molla Bjurstedt (Nor) d. Martha Guthrie 8-6 6-3

MX: Molla Bjurstedt (Nor)/George Church d. Lois Bickle (Can)/Conrad Doyle 6-1 6-2

Guthrie used chops and forays to the net to often frustrate Molla, who won with some difficulty.


June 26-July 2, Scarborough, NY, US
Venue: Sleepy Hollow Country Club

SF: Marie Wagner d. Adelaide Browning Green 6-3 6-3
SF: Edna Wildey d. Marion Vanderhoef 6-3 1-6 6-3

DF: Natalie Browning/Ina Kissel vs Teresa Schwab/Marion Vanderhoef


July 1-7, Chicago Beach Invitation, Illinois, US (Clay)
Venue: Chicago Beach Hotel

FI: Carrie Neely d. Miriam Steever 6-3 4-6 6-4

DF: Miss Hires/Miss Seavey d. Steever/Miss Voorhees 6-8 7-5 6-2

MX: Mrs Malcolm McNeil/Burdick d. ??


began July 3, Southern Championships, Memphis, Tennessee, US (Clay)

FI: Ethelyn Legendre d. Irving Murphy 6-4 7-5


July 3-8, Great Lakes and Western New York Champs, Buffalo, New York, US (Clay)
Venue: Park Club

FI: Molla Bjurstedt (Nor) d. Lois Bickle (Can) 6-1 9-7

CR: Molla Bjurstedt (Nor) d. Edith Rotch (holder) 6-2 6-1

DF: Molla Bjurstedt (Nor)/Miss Bull d. F. Best/Lois Bickle (Can) 5-7 6-3 6-3

MX: Molla Bjurstedt (Nor)/Henry Van Dyke Johns d. Florence Ballin/ Trowbridge Hendrick 6-4 6-2


began July 4, Utah State Championships, Salt Lake City, US

FI: Edith Ekstrom d. Mary Brodbeck 6-1 6-3

DF: Mrs G.H.Smith/Mrs Thurston d. ??


began July 8, Indianapolis Championship, US

FI: Mrs C.Willis Adams d. Mrs J.Watt Pugh 9-7 6-2


began July 15, Allegheny County Championship, Aspinwall, Pennsylvania, US
Venue: Pittsburgh Field Club

FI: Martha Guthrie d. Sara Young 6-2 6-0


date unknown, ??, Western Pennsylvania Championships, Pittsburgh, US
Venue: Athletic Association

FI: Martha Guthrie d. Mabel Miller 6-2 7-5

MX: Martha Guthrie/Garrison d. Mrs F.C.Irish/J.K.Scott 6-4 7-9 8-6


Circa mid-July Herga Club Charity Matches, Harrow, England, GB
Venue: Herga Club

From "Ayres' Lawn Tennis Almanack" (1917):

"The Wounded at Harrow

"For the second successive year the Herga Club at Harrow organised a series of matches in aid of the military hospitals in the district. Mr T.H. Ingram had charge of the arrangements, and had the satisfaction of welcoming a gallery of over 500, of whom about 60 were wounded soldiers - a most enthusiastic 'front row'.

"In an opening double William Ingram and Hamilton Price played a very level match against N. Shimidzu, of Japan, and Arthur Wallis Myers - won by the former pair with a score of 9-11, 6-2, 7-5. Phyllis Satterthwaite and Wallis Myers then beat Agnes Morton and Albert Prebble by two sets to one (6-4, 3-6, 6-1), proving, on the day, a superior combination, although Miss Morton was conspicuously out of practice.

"Rain delayed the programme a little after tea, but there was light enough for Ingram and Price (Price playing very steadily) to beat Shimidzu and Prebble, and for Ingram and Miss Morton to draw with Shimidzu and Mrs Satterthwaite.

"A most successful charity event was concluded by a concert. Mr Charles Fraser volunteered his services as umpire."


began July 17, Thousand Island Tournament, Alexandria Bay, NY, US

FI: Edith Handy d. Grace LeRoy 6-3 6-3


began July 19, Cherokee Park Tournament, Louisville, Kentucky, US

FI: Luella Taylor d. Evelyn Sweeney 7-5 6-3

DF: Luella Taylor/Evelyn Sweeney d. Henrietta Doherty/Ruth Gaar 6-3 6-0


date unknown, Denver City Championship, Colorado, US

FI: Addie Cronan d. Stella Oberlander 6-4 6-2

DF: Cronan/Mae Meyer d. Adelaide Pivan/Mildred McKim 6-3 6-0


July 17-23, Dutch National Championships, Hilversum, Netherlands (Clay)

FI: Maria Alting Mees d. J. ter Kuile 6-3 6-1

DF: Marie Alting Mees/Ade van Vliet d. L. Onnes/H. Wijnands 6-2 6-4

MX: Marie de Bloeme/Arthur Diemer Kool d. L. Phaff/Felix von Heyden 6-4 6-3

Mixed winner reported as R. de Bloeme, but it is almost certainly Marie de Bloeme, who wed Arthur Diemer Kool in 1918.


July 22, Star and Garter Fund Mixed Doubles Tournament, London, England
Venue: Queen's Club

From "Ayres' Lawn Tennis Almanack" (1917):

"The 'Star and Garter' Fund benefited materially as a result of the mixed doubles tournament held at Queen's Club on July 22. One of the few fine days of the summer rewarded the executive; the only adverse condition for the players was a fairly strong down-court wind, a rather familiar handicap at West Kensington.

"The eighteen competing pairs were divided into two sections according to standard, those in the first section incluidng several well-known couples, between whom there was a very close contest for first place. Each pair played eight games against the eight other pairs - a total of sixty-four. Arthur Wallis Myers and Phyllis Satterthwaite, winning forty-two games, proved the winners. They beat Major Ritchie and Agnes Tuckey (6-2), William Ingram and Charlotte Sterry (5-3), and George and Edith Greville (5-3), all partnerships having a lady volleyer at the net.

"Against Albert Prebble and Madeline O'Neill, another of the stronger couples, they took the first four games, losing the subsequent four - a result to which the wind must have contributed. The only pair to beat the winners were the Belgian pair, William Du Vivier and Anne de Borman, who, if a somewhat uncertain combination, in this contest showed great brilliancy. Ingram and Mrs Sterry were second with forty games, the lady ex-champion showing surprisingly good form.

"[...] In the second section Mr Robert and Mrs Dorothea Lambert Chambers were handicapped to the extent of giving 15, but even with this penalty they succeeded in coming out second to Nicolae Mishu and Miss Mishu of Romania, who made a well-balanced combination.

"[...] A men's double in which Percival Davson and Albert Prebble beat Charles Dixon and William Ingram by two sets to love was added to the programme - admirably controlled, by the way, by Mr Frank R. Burrow, who lent his services as referee."

Note: The second section also included the following two pairs: Geoffrey E. Fowler/Clementine Churchill and Otway G. Toler/Lady Drogheda [Kathleen Burn Moore].


began July 22, Beach Haven, New Jersey, US
Venue: Engleside TC

FI: Josephine Katzenstein d May W. Galey 6-4 8-6


began July 24, Iowa State Championship, Des Moines, US

FI: Pearl Newby d. Margaret McKee ??

MX: Margaret McKee/Sweet d. Irma Frankel/Adams 3-6 8-6 6-1


began July 24, South Atlantic Championships, Georgia, US

FI: Margaret Loyless d. Clarence Carpenter 6-4 4-6 6-3


July, Dayton, Dayton, Ohio, US
Venue: Dayton Country Club

FI: Mabelle (or Madelle) Lyons d. Miss Houk 6-2 6-0


date unknown, Oregon State Championship, Portland, US
Venue: Waverly Country Club

FI: Mrs Northrup d. Stella Fording 8-6 6-3

DF: Stella Fording/Mrs Northrup d. Miss Fix/Marie Kettenbach 6-2 2-6 12-10

MX: Marie Kettenbach/Curley d. Mrs Stafford/Shannon ??


ended July 28, Staten Island Championships, Staten Island, New York City, New York, United States (Grass)
Venue: Staten Island Ladies Club

Singles (Draw=at least 17)

SF: Ina Kissel d. Edith Handy 6-2 6-2
SF: Grace LeRoy d. Ethel Tyndall 6-0 6-4

FI: Ina Kissel vs Grace LeRoy

DF: Edith Handy/Mrs Helen Pouch d. Helen Boogert/Madeleine Lea 6-3 6-4

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July 29-August 3, Northwestern Championships, Deephaven, Minnesota, US
Venue: Minnetonka Yacht Club

FI: Ruth Davis d. Alice Drake 6-2 6-2

MX: Lyle Hayes/Byford d. Lesley La Beaume/L.H.Waidner 6-3 8-6

Marguerite went by "Ruth".


July 31-August 5, Northern Indiana Championship, Fort Wayne, US
Venue: Country Club

FI: Katherine Brown d. Lucille Sharitt * ??

DF: Katherine Brown/Luali Sharritt * d. Miss DEming/Miss Helen Peters ????

MX: Katherine Brown/Cullen Thomas d. Miss Fagen/McNagney ??

*Names very similar.


began July 31, Westmoreland County Championship, Jeannette, Pennsylvania, US

FI: Miss Wilson d. Miss Hutchman 6-3 6-2

MX: Miss Wilson/Euwer d. Miss Gray/Galer 6-4 0-6 6-1


began August 1, Housatonic Valley Championship, Lee, Massachusetts, US
Venue: Greenock Country Club

FI: Mrs R.C.Miller d. Miss Helen Rice 8-6 6-2

MX: Mrs & Mr A.H.Chapin d. ??


August 5, Surbiton War Hospitals Mixed Doubles Tournament, Berrylands, Surbiton, Surrey, England

From "Ayres' Lawn Tennis Almanack" (1917)

"Surbiton War Hospitals

"A substantial sum to aid the local war hospitals at Surbiton was raised at Berrylands on August 5, when a larger gathering, including a party of wounded soldiers, attended to witness a mixed doubles tournament. Mr Alfred Sterry, honorary secretary of the Surbiton Club, was responsible for the arrangements, which included the provision of excellent courts and 'peace-time' stands.

"Although several first-class players participated in the programme, the system of pairing most of them with relatively weak partners was not a success from the spectators' point of view, the standard of play falling automatically to a low level. But the cause was everything, and the quality of play of very little moment.

"In one section Major Ritchie and Lady Domini Crosfied, owing 15, had a relatively easy victory, thanks to the steadiness of Lady Crosfield. James Powell (father of the late Kenneth Powell) and Miss [Catherine] Douglass were second, the former playing remarkably well.

"The second section was won by Stanley Taylor and Gwynifred Palmer. The Grand Duke Michael of Russia, who partnered Dorothea Lambert Chambers, found the heat too oppressive for a sequence of matches, thereafter watching the progress of his son and daughter [Michael and Anastasia (Zia)]. Countess Zia Torby and George Greville were third in their section."


August 5-12, Western Championships, Lake Forest, Illinois, US (Grass)
Venue: Onwentsia Club

CR: Ruth Davis d. Carrie Neely (holder) 6-3 6-3

DF: Miriam Steever/Mary Vorhees d. Alice Drake/Lesley LeBeaume 6-2 6-1


date unknown, Lake George Championship, NY, US

FI: Miss Helen Simpson d. Mrs Shubert 6-1 6-4


began August 7, East Side of the White Mountains Championship, New Hampshire, US
Venue: Iron Mountain Lawn Tennis Club

FI: EA Gauthey d. Edith White 6-0 8-6

DF: EA Gauthey/Edith White d. M Jacobson/L Stronse 6-4 6-1

MX: EA Gauthey/WHBrown d. M Ayres/AJ Veysey default


began August 7, Indiana State Championship, Indianapolis, US

FI: Mrs C.Willis Adams d. Katherine Brown 9-7 6-1


August 7-12, Washington State Championships, Seattle, US
Venue: Firloch Club

FI: Sara Livingston d. Mrs Cushing 6-2 6-2

DF: Mrs R.E.Bragdon/Sara Livingston d. Mrs Cushing/Miss Kingcade 6-0 6-2

MX: Sara Livingston/Kelleher d. Miss Dempsey/Strachan 6-3 6-1


August 7-12, Portland Country Club Tournament, Portland, Maine, US (Clay)

FI: Mrs L.P.Chandler d. Miss Grace Sargent 6-2 6-3

DF: Mrs L.P.Chandler/Mrs W.Sprague d. ??

MX: Miss Nichols/L.King d. Miss H.Payson/Stanwood 2-6 6-4 6-3


August 14 and 15, Red Cross Matches, Eastbourne, Sussex, England (Grass)
Venue: Devonshire Park

From "Ayres' Lawn Tennis Almanack" (1917):

"Devonshire Park, Eastbourne, a place of sweet memories to lawn tennis votaries, wore a very animated appearance on August 14 and 15, when a garden fete was held on behalf of the local Red Cross. How zealously Mr A.E. Brown laboured for the success of the venture, how loyally he was supported by assisting entertainers and by the public, and how discreetly helpful was the rain by ceasing at noon the first day, may be gathered from the fact that between £600 and £700 was collected for the greatest of all war charities.

"Not the least attractive - indeed, to be truthful, the main - feature on the programme was the series of first-class lawn tennis matches, played on a perfect match court which had been prepared under the lee of the silent committee box. Stands flanked it and were well filled. A background of khaki, even the sky-blue uniform of the convalescing, were found not to be so troublesome after all for the server's eye - which is another of way of saying that these little technical matters, seemingly so crucial in peace time, lost their importance in war days!

"On the first day the drought-ending rain curtailed the programme; but three close matches were followed with keen interest by the large crowd. Albert Prebble and Mabel Parton (the former very good when he had setteld down) just got the better of George and Edith Greville with a score of 2-6, 9-7, 8-6.

"George Greville and Percival Davson, of whom only the first was in practice, beat King Manoel of Portugal and Major Ritchie in two sets (6-3, 6-4). Then Prebble paired with Charlotte Sterry, ever a favourite at Eastbourne, and defeated Davson and Mrs Parton after a very level mixed double (7-5, 1-6, 6-4).

"On the second day, though the sun shone brightly, a gusty wind made play difficult. The chief match of the day was a five-set double between Stanley Doust and Arthur Wallis Myers and Ritchie and Davson. The remarkable score of 1-6, 6-1, 1-6, 6-1, 6-1 was registered in favour of the the first-named pair, who proved slightlty more aggressive on the volley.

"Later on in the afternoon there was a return match of three sets. Again each side won a set at 6-1, and then, the sequence being broken with a vengeance, there was a set of 22 games, won at last by Ritchie and Davson.

"In the other ties Ritchie and Aurea Edgington beat King Manoel and Mrs Parton after three sets, and in both his subsequent doubles, proving how much his game has advanced, the King won a set."


date unknown, Powelton Club Tournament, Newburgh, NY, US

FI: P.E.Mead d. Miss L.Balfe 6-1 6-1

MX: Helena Pouch/Jova d. ??


began August 14, Georgia State Championship, Atlanta, US
Venue: West End TC

FI: Mrs John Milam d. Mrs J.R.McCord 6-3 6-1


began August 14, Michigan State Championship, Detroit, US

FI: Mrs Walter Ellis d. Mrs E.L.Thirlby 6-4 5-7 6-1

DF: Miss Amanda Falker/Miss Mary Katherine Voorhees d. ??

MX: Mrs Walter Ellis/Ketchum d. ??


Circa mid-August, Pacific Northwest Championships, Tacoma, Washington, US (Hard)

FI: Anita Myers d. Sara Livingstone 8-6 8-6

DF: Mrs Bragdon/Sara Livingstone d. Helen Baker/Anita Myers 2-6 6-1 6-4

MX: Helen Baker/Clyde Curley d. Anita Myers/Allyn Barber 8-6 6-4


August 16-26, Queensland Championships, Brisbane, Australia (Grass)
Auchenflower Courts

Only Handicap events were played for this fund-raising tournament


began August 19, Minnesota State Championships, Minneapolis, US

FI: Ruth Davis d. Miss H.Cross 6-1 6-1

DF: Alice Drake/Mrs C.Wagner d. Miss Maude McLaughlin/Miss Ethel Lee 6-2 6-4

MX: Alice Drake/Stellwagen d. Ruth Davis/Lanpher 6-4 6-2


began August 19, Southern Maine Championships, Squirrel Island, Maine, US

FI: Miss Dorothy Hamilton d. Miss Katherine Flanders 4-6 6-4 6-3


began August 19, South New Jersey Championship, Ocean City, US

FI: Mrs Robert Herold d. ??

MX: Miss Phyllis Walsh/Bew d. ??


August 19-31, Wisconsin State Championships, Milwaukee, US
Venue: Town Club

FI: Carrie Neely d. Miss Voorhees 11-9 6-0

DF: Carrie Neely/Voorhees d. Mrs Miller/Mrs Ellis 8-6 6-2

MX: Voorhees/Maxon d. Miss Seavey/Byford 6-2 6-4 (or 6-4 6-2)


began August 21, Northwestern Pennsylvania Championship, New Castle, PA, US
Venue: Country Club

FI: Miss Mabel Miller d. Miss Esther Hollingsworth 6-1 6-0


began August 21, Asheville Country Club Tournament, Asheville, North Carolina, US

FI: Miss Irene Adger d. Miss Therese Chapman 6-4 8-6

DF: Chapman/Mrs Johnson d. Mrs Coxe/Mrs Hobart 6-2 2-6 7-5

MX: Mrs & Mr Hobart d. Mrs Reynolds/Brooks 6-2 7-5


August 26, Benefit for Folkestone Hospital, Folkestone, Kent, England
Venue: Pleasue Gardens

From "Ayres' Lawn Tennis Almanack" (1917):

Folkestone's War Hospital

"To aid the local hospital at Folkestone a programme of matches was arranged at the Pleasure Gardens on August 26, when, despite threatening weather, the stands were well filled. In the opening match Albert Prebble and Phyllis Satterthwaite beat Stanley Doust and Mabel Parton by two sets to love (6-3, 9-7). The losers led in the second set, requiring at one time only a point to win it; but Mrs Satterthwaite was the steadier of the two ladies, while Doust (on short leave from military duties, which he had recently taken up) was feeling the effects of a long train journey.

"Charles Dixon being absent owing to illness, William Du Vivier, the Belgian player, paired with Prebble against William Ingram and Doust in a men's doubles, which the latter couple won with a safe margin. Subsequently Ingram and Mrs Satterthwaite played a closely contested mixed double against Prebble and Mrs Parton, winning with a score of 5-7, 6-3, 6-3. Mr Potter, the manager of the Pleasure Gardens, had prepared an excellent court for the afternoon."


August 26-September 2, Kentucky State Championships, Louisville, US
Venue: Audubon Country Club

FI: Miss Madelle Lyons d. Miss Evelyn Sweeney 6-4 6-3


began August 28, New Jersey Coast Championships, Bay Head, NJ, US
Venue: Yacht Club

FI: Mrs H.H.Smith d. Mrs S.T.Toby 6-2 6-3


began August 29, Western Massachusetts Championships, Stockbridge, US
Venue: Golf Club

FI: Miss Rice d. Mrs A.H.Chapin 2-6 6-2 9-7

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August 29-September 1, Rockingham County Championship, Dayton, Virginia, US

FI: Delucia Fletcher d. Mabel Hollar 6-4 7-5

MX: Mabel Hollar/Hollar d. ??


ended September 4, Woodland Park Tournament, Seattle, Washington, US

FI: Myra Lambuth d. Armis Greene 6-4 6-3

DF: Myra Lambuth/Louise Yandell d. ????

MX: Louise Yandell/Louise Van Kuran d. ????


began September 2, Columbia Club Invitation, Washington, D.C., US

FI: Miss A.M.Doyle d. ??


began September 5, New York Lawn Tennis Club Tournament, US

FI: Molla Bjurstedt (Nor) d. Marie Wagner 6-3 6-3

DF: Molla Bjurstedt (Nor)/Grace LeRoy d. Marie Wagner/Mrs D.P.Wood 6-4 6-2

MX: Molla Bjurstedt (Nor)/Baggs d. Marie Wagner/Ostendorf 6-4 3-6 8-6


September ????, Alameda County Championship, Berkeley, California, US
Venue: TC

FI: Mrs JC Cushing d. Carmen Tarilton 6-1 6-2


September, Philadelphia and District Championships, Pennsylvania, US (Grass)
Venue: Philadelphia Cricket Club

FI: Mrs Gilbert Harvey d. Miss Phyllis Walsh 8-6 1-6 6-3

DF: Mrs W.P.Newhall/Miss Elizabeth Ostheimer d. Mrs H.H.Smith/Miss Sarah Neilson 4-6 6-4 6-4


September 8 and 9, Devonshire Park, Eastbourne, Sussex, England (Grass)
Venue: Devonshire Park

From: "Ayres' Lawn Tennis Almanack" (1917):

"On September 8 and 9 – on a date corresponding in normal times with their annual tournament – the directors of Devonshire Park, Eastbourne, acting on a suggestion made by Sir Hedley Le Bas to the editor of 'The Field', organised a series of matches in the interests of the Lord Kitchener National Memorial Fund. Mr E.A. Brown, manager of Devonshire Park, prepared a couple of match courts which would have done credit to Wimbledon, and he flanked them with stands which were filled to overflowing. Indeed, with good weather, a fine gate in a fine cause, and a stimulating sequence of first-class matches, the event was a gratifying and a complete success, worthy to find an honoured place in the lawn tennis annals of Eastbourne.

"Play began on Friday morning with a double between Percival Davson and Major Ritchie, and Charles Dixon and Arthur Wallis Myers. The former pair, reaping the fruits of frequent alliance at Queen's in the old days, got away with a 5-0 lead, their opponents starting very shakily. Then Dixon found some of his best Davis Cup form, his partner rallied simultaneoulsy, and the result was a sequence of no less than nine games to their credit. Davson and Ritchie, somewhat demoralised by this change, never looked like winning again. [Score: 7-5, 6-3]

"King Manoel [of Portugal's] volleying has not yet developed sufficiently to make him a dangerous mixed doubles player, and he and Edith Greville were beaten somewhat decisively by Charles Leonard Lyle and Madeline O'Neill [6-3, 6-1]. In the afternoon the well tried combination, George Greville and Ritchie, just got the better of Davson and Dixon in two 'vantage sets [7-5, 7-5], Davson proving himself to be short of practice, while Greville scarcely made a serious mistake.

"A finely contested mixed between Edith and George Greville and Wallis Myers and Madeline O'Neill was won by the latter pair [6-4, 2-6, 6-4], both ladies, and especially Mrs O'Neill, playing remarkably well. The match was essentially one of strategy exploited by exponents familiar with each other's methods.

"Davson and William Ingram beat Ritchie and Paul de Borman in a three-set match [6-3, 2-6, 6-3], the old Belgian captain, though serving well, being a little slow in getting to the net. Finally, Dixon and Wallis Myers waged a remarkable match against Albert Prebble and Greville, who, racing away with the first set, led 3-2 and 40-15 in the second. As in the morning, Dixon and Wallis Myers recovered to such good purpose that they squared the match, which was eventually left drawn [1-6, 6-3, 6-6] owing to darkness.

"The wind had dropped on the Saturday, and the playing conditions were well-nigh perfect. Maintaining his record as a bad starter, Wallis Myers, paired with Mrs O'Neill, found himself in an almost hopeless position against Ingram and Mrs Greville. Ingram was hitting with great power and accuracy, Mrs Greville was at her best at the net. They were on a point of being led 5-3 in the final set, but thoroughly earned their victory [6-1, 4-6, 7-5].

"A very long and exhausting contest between Dixon and Ritchie and Davson and Prebble ended in favour of Davson and his partner [6-2, 2-6, 9-7], who were slightly more aggressive in the critical rallies of the last games, Davson showing a marked improvement on his form of the previous day. Later Prebble paired with Wallis Mayers against Ingram and Davson, their superior service returns giving them victory in the third set [6-3, 3-6, 6-3].

"The Grevilles were at their best against Dixon and Mrs O'Neill, and, though pressed in the second set, deserved every game they won. [Score: 6-1, 8-6] Partnered respectively by Greville, Ritchie and Prebble, King Manoel lost three doubles; but both with Greville and Prebble he won a set, using his forehand drive with success on many occasions. The King, however, has yet to acquire greater control on the backhand. In two of these ties, as when partnering Dixon later, Leonard Lyle gave proof of his steady improvement.

"An exciting finish to the improvised tournament was provided when Ingram and Wallis Myers opposed Greville and Ritchie. Each side won a set at 6-1, the second set revealing Ingram and his partner as a particulary aggressive pair. The third set went with the service until, by capturing Wallis Myers' service, the Queen's couple led 6-5. Greville's service was then taken comfortably, and thence onwards the sides ran dead level. In the twenty-sixth game, when all four were feeling the strain, Ritchie, visibly tiring, served a brace of doubles faults. Ingram and Wallis Myers thus won at 1-6, 6-1, 14-12, Wallis Myers retaining his unbeaten record in men's doubles during the two days.

"As umpires Messrs Fraser, R. Reader Harris and Robert Lambert Chambers earned the thanks of the executive. A word of praise is also due to Hedges, the professional, for the services he rendered."


September 9-16, Tri-State Championships, Cincinnati, Ohio, US (Clay)
Venue: Cincinnati Tennis Club

QF: Martha Guthrie d Willis Adams 6-3 6-2
QF: Katharine Brown d Carrie Neely 6-3 6-3
QF: Ruth Davis d Ruth Sanders 6-1 5-7 6-1
QF: Wallace Gray d Lenora Hofer 6-2 6-4

SF: Guthrie d Brown 2-6 6-3 6-2
SF: Davis d Gray 6-4 6-1

FI: Martha Guthrie d. Ruth Davis 6-2 2-6 6-1

There is no challange round as holder Molla Bjurstedt does bot defend her title
Guthrie hails from Pittsburgh, PA. Finalist Ruth Davis is from St Paul, Minnesota.

Marguerite Ruth Davis went by "Ruth"


September 13-16, Northeastern Pennsylvania Championship, Scranton, US

FI: Helen Gilleaudeau d. Marie Wagner 6-3 1-6 8-6

DF: Mrs L.F.Belin/Miss Janet Storrs d. Wagner/Miss Atherton 2-6 6-2 8-6


September 16-21, Ohio State Championships, Cleveland, Ohio, US

Won by Marguerite Davis


???? Ardsley Invitation, Ardsley, New York, US

FI: Adelaide Green d. Grace LeRoy 6-0 6-2

DF: Katharine Browning/Adelaide Green d. Augusta Chapman/Miss Chapman 4-6 6-2 6-2

The Ardsley event was usually held in September. The doubles final was a family affair, as the winners were sisters (Mrs Homer Green was born Adelaide Brown) and the finalists Augusta (AKA "Mrs George") Chapman and Miss Chapman were a mother/daughter pair.


began September 16, District of Columbia Championships, Dumbarton, USA

FI: Mrs Gardner Bell d. ??

MX: Miss Blair/Lewis d. ??


began September 18, Camden County Championship, Haddonfield, New Jersey, US
Venue: Haddon Country Club

FI: Miss E. Remington d. Miss Matilda Glover 6-0 6-1


began September 25, Ladies' Longwood Tournament, Boston, Massachusetts, US (Grass)
Venue: Longwood Cricket Club

CR: Evelyn Sears d. Molla Bjurstedt (Nor) (holder) 3-6 6-3 6-2

DF: Maud Barger-Wallach/Edith Rotch d. Marion Fenno/Ina Kissel 6-4 2-6 6-3

MX: Eleanora Sears/Richard Williams d. Molla Bjurstedt (Nor)/Harry Johnson 8-6 2-6 6-4

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began October 12, Bay Counties Championship, San Francisco, California, US
Venue: Golden Gate Park

FI: Helen Baker d. Carmen Tarilton 6-2 9-7


October 21, Queen's Club, London, England (Indoors on Wood)

From "Ayre's Lawn Tennis Almanack" (1917):

"In aid of the Kitchener National Memorial Fund, a series of first-class matches took place on the covered courts at Queen's Club on October 21. The galleries were well patronised. A single between Major Ritchie (covered court champion) and Arthur Lovibond (American doubles covered court champion) proved a very one-sided contest, the Englishman winning with the loss of only two games in three sets. Thoroughly familiar with his home floor Ritchie's strokes were too well-controlled for Lovibond's somewhat tentative volleying, nor was the American's service a weapon of attack which gave his opponent any trouble.

"A close and stimualting mixed double was played between Charles Dixon and Madeline O'Neill and Arthur Wallis Myers and Phyllis Satterthwaite, the former couple winning with a score of 7-5, 3-6, 6-4. Both ladies, and especially Mrs Satterthwaite, were at their best; Wallis Myers was evidently short of practice, and this factor appeared to turn the scale.

"Albert Prebble and Winifred McNair, combining very well, beat Ward and Mabel Parton, 6-4, 6-3; Paul de Borman and Edith Greville beat William Ingram and Mrs O'Neill, 6-3, 7-5. In a men's double decided in failing light, Ritchie and Prebble beat Dixon and Wallis Myers in three quick sets."


November and December, Hawaii Polo & Racing Club Tournament, Honolulu, US

FI: Vera Beyfuss d. Maile Vicars 6-4 6-4

DF: Vera Beyfuss/Mrs Conningham d. Miss Graham/Miss Hopper 4-6 6-3 6-3

MX: Miss Schaefer/A.L.Castle d. Vera Beyfuss/Knallenburg 6-4 6-4

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began February 26, Florida State Championship, Palm Beach, Usa

FI: mrs J.L.Bremer d. mrs R.Wood 6-3 6-4

DF: mrs R.Wood/miss Snyder d. miss Carhart/miss Holmes 6-2 6-3

MX: mrs R.L.Wood/Biddle d. mrs Carnegie/Phipps 6-1 6-2

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began October 12, Bay Counties Championship, San Francisco, California, USA
Venue: Golden Gate Park

FI: Helen Baker d. Carmen Tarilton 6-2 9-7

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September, Alameda County Championship, Berkeley, California, USA
Venue: TC

FI: Mrs J.C.Cushing d. Carmen Tarilton 6-1 6-2

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June 12-17, Seattle City Championship, Washington, USA
Venue: Seattle Athletic Club

FI: Sara Livingston d. Mrs Bragdon 6-3 6-3

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ended September 4, Woodland Park Tournament, Seattle, Washington, USA

FI: Miss Myra Lambuth d. Miss Armis Greene 6-4 6-3

DF: Miss Myra Lambuth/Miss Louise Yandell d. ??

MX: Miss Louise Yandell/Van Kuran d. ??

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in Spring, Brookline, Massachusetts, USA
Venue: Country Club

FI: Evelyn Sears d. Mrs Barger Wallach 6-3 8-6

DF: Evelyn Sears/Mrs A.Shurtleff d. Eleonora Sears/Marion Fenno 8-6 6-0

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began August 7, East Side of the White Mountains Championship, New Hampshire, USA
Venue: Iron Mountain LTC

FI: Miss E.A.Gauthey d. Miss Edith H. White 6-0 8-6

DF: Gauthey/White d. Miss M.Jacobson/Miss L.Stronse 6-4 6-1

MX: Gauthey/W.H.Brown d. Miss M.Ayres/A.J.Veysey wo

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??, Ardsley Invitation, Ardsley, NY, USA

FI: Mrs Homer Stewart Green d. Mrs Robert LeRoy 6-0 6-2

DF: Mrs Green/Miss Katharine Browning (they were sisters) d. Mrs George Chapman and daughter 4-6 6-2 6-2

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began May 24, Pelham Invitation, Pelham Manor, NY, USA
Venue: Pelham Country Club

FI: Molla Bjurstedt d. Mrs Edward Raymond 6-2 6-1

DF: Miss Edith Handy/Mrs Rawson Wood d. Marie Wagner/Martha Guthrie 4-6 6-0 4-4 defaulted

MX: Mrs D.P.Wood/Van Vliet d. Florence Ballin/Campbell 6-3 6-1
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