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Many thanks to Newmark, Elegos, Brian Stewart and Rollo for their contributions to this thread. We also wish to thank Gee Tee for the Aussie results.

CR=Challenge Round. Under the challenge round system the previous year's winner, the holder of the title, "sat out" until the challenger won the final (often called the All-Comers Final - ACF).

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January to March

January 1-4, New Zealand Championships, Christchurch, New Zealand (Grass)
Venue: Lancaster Park

Singles (Draw=11)

1R: Isabel Rees-bye
1R: Miss Simpson-bye
1R: Eveleen Harman-bye
1R: Nina Douslin d. Constance Lean 2-6 6-3 6-3

1R: M. Simpson d. A. Simpson 6-2 6-4
1R: Gertrude Rattray d. K. Griffiths 6-2 6-1
1R: E. Gordon-bye
1R: Miss Meeson-bye

QF: Rees d. Simpson 6-2 6-4
QF: Harman d. Douslin 6-5 6-4
QF: Rattray d. M. Simpson 6-5 6-3
QF: Gordon d. Meeson 6-5 6-3

SF: Rees d. Harman 6-5 6-3
SF: Gordon d. G Rattray 6-5 6-4

FI: Isabel Rees d. E Gordon 6-3 4-6 6-5

Doubles (Draw=8)

1R: E. Gordon/Eveleen Harman d. Nina Douslin/Miss Meeson 6-3 6-2
1R: Constance Lean/Isabel Rees d. K. Griffiths/Miss Simpson 6-1 6-3
1R: Mrs Lomas-Smith/Miss Worthy d. A. Simpson/M. Simpson 6-3 6-4
1R: L. Mackerras/Gertrude Rattray d. E. Rhodes/Mrs Alan Scott 6-2 6-3

SF: Gordon/Harman d. Lean/Rees 6-1 6-3
SF: Mackerras/Rattray d. Mrs Lomas-Smith/Worthy 4-6 6-2 6-3

FI: E Gordon/Eveleen Harman d. L. Mackerras/Gertrude Rattray 6-2 6-3

Though ending in 1891 this was considered the 1890 event. Rees came from Ashburton. The mixed doubles event at this tournament in 1891 was handicap only.


January 12-17, Southern India Championships, Madras, India

Singles (Draw=6)

Mrs Fortune-bye
1R: Mrs Porter d. Miss Wright 6-1, 6-2
1R: C. Morgan d. Mrs Gall 4-6, 6-3, 6-0
1R: Miss Bruce-Foote-bye

SF: Mrs Fortune d. Mrs Porter 6-4 6-5
SF: Miss Bruce-Foote d. Morgan 6-2 6-0

FI: Mrs Fortune d. Miss Bruce-Foote 6-4 4-6 6-0


Circa February 28- March 14, South Australian Championships, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Venue: Adelaide Oval

Singles (Draw=8)

1R: Marian Hodge d. E. Brown 11-9
1R: A. Attrey d. J. Hunter 11-2
1R: N. Hambridge d. Maisie Parr default
1R: Emily Hodge d. M. Daniels 11-0

SF: M. Hodge d. A. Attrey 11-9
SF: E. Hodge d. N. Hambridge 11-6

FI: Emily Hodge d. Marion Hodge 11-6*

* The first player to take eleven games was the winner.

"Attrey comes from England with a good reputation which she well sustained in this contest."

Maisie Parr had to leave for Melbourne and awarded her opponent a walkover

From "Pastime", April 29, 1891: "It is curious that, although the new system of handicapping has been adopted in South Australia, the players there have abolished sets. All matches are decided by games only, the best of twenty-five for gentlemen and the best of twenty for ladies."


March 14-18, Ceylon Championships, Nuwara Eliya, Ceylon

Singles (Draw=4)

1R: Annette de Fonblanque (GB) d. Mrs J. Watson 6-3 2-6 6-2
1R: N. de Saram d. Mrs Hay 6-3 6-0

FI: Annette de Fonblanque (GB) d. N. de Saram 4-6 13-11 6-2

MX: Mrs J. Watson/Robert S. Templer d. Annette de Fonblanque/Charles E. de Fonblanque 8-6 retired

From "Pastime", April 15, 1891: "The ladies' championship was won by Mrs de Fonblanque, who, however, found great difficulty in beating Miss N. de Saram in the final. The latter, a native lady, reached 5-2, 40-15, 5-3, 40-0 and 5-4, 40-15, thus being seven times within one stroke of winning the match, but Mrs de Fonblanque played most pluckily, and ultimately secured a hard-earned victory."

de Fonblanque is the married name of the Englishwoman Annette Kettlewell.


Circa early March, Durban, South Africa (Clay)
Venue Berea Lawn Tennis Club

Singles (Draw=7)

1R: Mabel Grant d. Miss Nimmo 6-0 6-0
1R: Beatrice Grant d. A. Platt 6-2 6-4
1R: Miss McNeil d. Miss Grant 0-6 6-5 6-3
1R: Miss Turner-bye

SF: Mabel Grant d. Beatrice Grant 6-1, 6-0
SF: McNeil d. Miss Turner 6-2, 6-3

FI: Mabel Grant d. Miss McNeil 6-0 6-0

From "Pastime" April 29, 1891: "The ladies have impressed the sender of this report even more than the men, and Miss Mabel Grant is said to play in the same style as Miss Lena Rice, and nearly as well. She would be too strong for any of the English ladies of the second class, and would probably hold her own among the first class.

"Miss Nimmo and Miss Beatrice Grant are quite good enough to be placed in our second class. It will noticed that Mabel Grant only lost one game in the three rounds played, which proves she is far superior to her rivals."


circa late March South African Championships, Port Elizabeth, South Africa (Clay)

Singles (Draw=at least 9)

1R: Mabel Grant d. Miss Fitzpatrick 6-1 6-1

QF: Mabel Grant d. Mrs Dean 6-0 6-0

SF: Grant d Miss Newman 6-0 6-0

FI: Mabel Grant d Miss Blackburn 6-2 6-0

MX: Mabel Grant/Lionel Richardson d Mrs R Deare/Mr Carpenter ????

Easter (the traditional date) fell on March 25 this year. This was the inaugural South African championships for both sexes. Grant won her matches with ease, dropping only 4 games in 4 matches. The men's events in particular suffered from a lack of the top players because the tournament was very hastily organised, with little notice.

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April 6-11, British Covered Court Championships, London, England (Indoors on Wood)
Venue: Queen's Club

Singles (Draw=2, plus holder)

FI: Maud Shackle d. J. Wray 7-5, 6-2

CR: Maud Shackle d. May Jacks (holder) 7-5 6-3

From "Pastime", April 15, 1891: "Miss Jacks and Miss Shackle are old opponents, the matches between them usually being very close, the former having, however, the majority of victories. On this occasion Miss Shackle turned the tables, and after losing the first four games, won by two sets to love.

"Both played from the baseline (as ladies usually do), and as their returns were very safe, and the length good, long rallies were of frequent occurrence. At first Miss Jacks quite held her own in these, but Miss Shackle, who played persistently to her opponent's backhand, gradually gained the mastery, and at the finish was playing much better than Miss Jacks, who was not in such good condition as usual."

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Circa May 11-16, New South Wales Championships, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia (Grass)
Venue: Moore Park

Singles (Draw=6)

1R: Eliza Fitzgerald-bye
1R: S Dransfield d. Zilla Scott 10-8 6-4
1R: L Blaxland d. Constance Raleigh 6-2 4-6 6-2
1R: Edith Raleigh-bye

SF: Dransfield d. Fitzgerald 6-3 6-4
SF: Blaxland d. E Raleigh ????

FI: S Dransfield d. L Blaxland 3-6, 6-1, 6-3

Doubles: (Draw=4)

SF: S. Dransfield/Zilla Scott d. Eliza Fitzgerald/L Blaxland 6-4 4-6 7-5
SF: Constance Raleigh/Edith Raleigh d. Florence Batt/Miss Keele 7-5 10-8

FI: S Dransfield/Zilla Scott d. Constance Raleigh/Edith Raleigh 7-5 6-3

Mixed Doubles (Draw=8)

1R: L. Blaxland/Dudley Webb d. S. Dransfield/Stewart A. Tiley 6-2 6-2
1R: Edith Raleigh/Richard Shuter d. Constance Raleigh/Ben Green 6-2 7-5
1R: Florece Batt/Wilberforce Eaves d. Miss Mansfield/Mansfield 6-3 5-7 7-5
1R: Eliza Fitzgerald/Robert D. Fitzgerald d. Mrs Lindon/R.M.S. Wells 6-3 7-5

SF: L Blaxland/Dudley Webb d. Edith Raleigh/Richard Shuter 3-6 6-3 8-6
SF: Eliza Fitzgerald/Robert D. Fitzgerald d. Florence Batt/Wilberforce Eaves 9-7 6-3

FI: L. Blaxland/Dudley Webb d. Eliza Fitzgerald/Richard D. Fitzgerald 6-2 6-1

Dudley Webb had won the Mixed Doubles event in 1890 with Miss Ellen M Mayne. Mayne was not here to defend her singles, doubles(with Mabel Shaw).


May 25-30, Irish Championships, Dublin, Ireland (Grass)
Venue: Fitzwilliam Square

Singles (Draw=13)

1R: Louisa Martin d. "Miss Gerald" 6-2 6-1
1R: G. Crofton d. "G. Gerald" 6-1 6-2
1R: Helen Jackson-bye
1R: Beatrice Wood-bye

1R: Miss McClintock d. "Miss Maude" 6-2 6-4
1R: N. Pope d. Miss Pilkington 6-2 7-5
1R: Florence Stanuell d. "Miss Fitzwaine" 6-4 6-0
1R: Mrs Ottley-bye

QF: Martin d. Crofton 6-0 6-1
QF: Jackson d. Wood 6-4 7-5
QF: McClintock d. Pope 8-6 4-6 6-2
QF: Stanuell d. Ottley 6-3 6-3

SF: Martin d. Jackson 3-6 7-5 6-1
SF: Stanuell d. McClintock 6-2 1-6 6-2

FI: Louisa Martin d. Florence Stanuell 6-2 5-7 6-0

Doubles (Draw=7)

1R: "Miss Gerald" and "Miss G. Gerald"-bye
1R: Louisa Martin/Florence Stanuell d. G. Crofton/Miss McClintock 6-4 6-2
1R: Connie Butler/Beatrice Wood d. "Miss Fitzwaine"/"Miss Jerome" 6-4 6-4
1R: Helen Jackson/N. Pope d. Mrs Ottley/Maude Scovell 6-0 6-0

SF: Martin/Stanuell d. "Miss Gerald"/"Miss G. Gerald" 6-1 6-2
SF: Jackson/Pope d. Butler/Wood 6-3 7-9,6-2

FI: Louisa Martin/Florence Stanuell d. Helen Jackson/N Pope 6-2 3-6 6-4

Mixed Doubles (Draw=11)

1R: Helen Jackson/Manliffe Goodbody d. Beatrice Wood/James Baldwin 2-6 6-4 6-2
1R: Louisa Martin/Grainger Chaytor-bye
1R: G. Crofton/Harold S. Mahony-bye
1R: "Mrs Gerald"/Herbert N. Craig-bye

1R: Florence Stanuell/Walter H. Boyd-bye
1R: N. Pope/Harry Grove-bye
1R: "Miss Gerald"/Frank Stoker d. Mrs Ottley/Rodmond V. Beach (USA) 6-2 6-2
1R: Miss McClintock/George Ball-Greene d. "Miss Nevill"/"A. Knott" default

QF: Martin/Chaytor d. Jackson/Goodbody 6-3 6-4
QF: Crofton/Mahony d. "Mrs Gerald"/Craig 6-3 6-3
QF: Stanuell/Boyd d. Pope/Grove 3-6 6-1 6-1
QF: McClintock/Ball-Greene d. "Miss Gerald"/Stoker 8-6 6-2

SF: Martin/Chaytor d. Crofton/Mahony 6-3 6-2
SF: McClintock/Ball-Greene d. Stanuell/Boyd 4-6 6-2 6-4

FI: Louisa Martin/Grainger Chaytor d. Miss McClintock/George Ball-Greene 6-2 6-1 5-7 6-3


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Early June

June 2-7, West of England Championships, Bath, England (Grass)

Singles (Draw=10)

1R: N. Pope d. E. Clarke 6-1 6-1
1R: F. Grey d. M. Harper 6-0 retired

QF: Pope d. E.J. Heelis 6-4 6-1
QF: A. Craddock d. L. Clarke 8-6 3-6 6-2
QF: Miss Stoddart d. Grey 10-8 1-6 6-4
QF: Mary Agg d. Mrs Adams 6-2 6-3

SF: Pope d. Craddock 6-0 retired
SF: Agg d. Stoddart 6-3 6-0

FI: N Pope d. Mary Agg 6-0 7-5

MX: N Pope/James Baldwin d. Miss Stoddart/Arthur F Stoddart 6-2 8-6


Circa early June, Welsh Championships, Cardiff, Wales (Grass)

Singles (Draw=7)

1R: N. Pope d. N.C. Baker 6-1 6-1
1R: Miss Cochrane d. Miss Thirkill 6-2 6-1
1R: Mary Sweet-Escott d. Louisa Sweet-Escott 6-3 6-2
1R: Emily Stoddart-bye

SF: M Sweet-Escott d. Cochrane 6-4 3-6 6-0
SF: Pope d. Stoddart default

FI: N Pope d. Mary Sweet-Escott 4-6 6-4 6-1


June 2-6, Whitehouse, Scotland

CR: Lottie Paterson (holder) d. Jane Corder 7-5 6-2


June 8-13, Montpellier Gardens, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England (Grass)

Singles (Draw=15)

1R: Nita Bloxsome-bye
1R: Maud Shackle d. Constance Bloxsome 6-0 6-0
1R: Ivy Arbuthnot d. A. Hawks 6-0 6-2
1R: Miss Stretton d. Miss Despard 6-0 6-4

1R: May Arbuthnot d. Miss Campbell 6-0 6-2
1R: Edith Rooke d. Harriet Fenwick 6-2 6-4
1R: Alice Fenwick d. Alice Arbuthnot 6-2 5-7 6-3
1R: G. Leeds-Paine d. E. Ware 6-0 7-5

QF: Shackle d. Bloxsome 6-2 6-0
QF: Stretton d. I Arbuthnot 6-1 7-9 6-4
QF: M Arbuthnot d. Rooke 6-1 retired
QF: Leeds-Paine d. Fenwick 9-7 7-5

SF: Shackle d. Stretton 6-1 6-2
SF: Leeds-Paine d. M Arbuthnot 6-3 10-8

FI: Maud Shackle d. G Leeds-Paine 6-2 6-1

DF: G Leeds-Paine/Maud Shackle d. Ivy Arbuthnot/May Arbuthnot 6-3 6-4

Miss Bloxsome=Constance

From "Pastime", June 17, 1891: "Splendid weather, good entries, large attendances and interesting play combined to make this tournament one of the best ever held in Cheltenham. That such a success should have been obtained in the face of a rival tournament held at the same time only a mile away, speaks volumes for the energy and enterprise of the executive.

"The courts were in admirable condition, and the stood the hard work very well. False bounds were absolutely unknown, and not a complaint was made throughout the week against the condition of the turf."


June 9-12, Scottish Championships, Edinburgh, Scotland (Grass)

Singles (Draw=5, plus holder)

1R: Miss Shaw d. E. Dickinson 6-0 6-2

SF: Jane Corder d. Lottie Paterson 6-4 6-3
SF: M. Jones d. Shaw 7-5 2-6 6-3

FI: Jane Corder d. M. Jones 6-3 6-2

CR: Helen Jackson (holder) d. Jane Corder 4-6 6-0 6-1


June 9-13, North of Ireland Championships, Belfast, Ulster, Ireland (Grass)
Venue: Cliftonville Cricket Club

CR: Miss Hearn d. A Kinahan (holder) 6-2 6-2


June 9-13, East Gloucestershire Cricket Ground, Cheltenham*, Gloucestershire, England (Grass)

Singles (Draw=5)

1R: Florence Mardall d. Miss Crossley 3-6 7-5 6-3

SF: N. Pope d. Mary Agg 6-4 4-6 6-1
SF: Mardall d. Beatrice Wood default

FI: N Pope d. Florence Mardall 6-1 6-2

DF: Mary Agg/N Pope d. Beatrice Agg/Florence Mardall 6-3 6-3

MX: N Pope/James Baldwin d. Miss Agg/Wilfred Milne 6-2 6-2

This year a second tournament was held in Cheltenham in the same week as the tournament at Montpellier Gardens. This did not happen in future years.


June 10-12, Orange Lawn Tennis Club, Orange, New Jersey, United States (Grass)

Singles (Draw=3, plus holder)

1R: Emma Fellowes-Morgan d. F. Pitcher 6-0 6-1
1R: C.S. Locke-bye

FI: Emma Fellowes-Morgan d. C.S. Locke 6-1 6-4

CR: Mabel Cahill (Ire) (holder) d. Emma Fellowes-Morgan 7-5,7-5

Mixed doubles (Draw=3)

1R: Emma Fellowes-Morgan/R.R. Perkins d. C.S. Locke/Walter Reilly 6-0 6-1
1R: Mabel Cahill (Ire)/W.V. Johnson-bye

FI: Mabel Cahill (Ire)/William V. Johnson d. Emma Fellowes-Morgan/R.R. Perkins 7-5 6-4

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Late June

June 15-20, Kent Championships, Beckenham, Kent, England (Grass)

Singles (Draw=6, plus holder)

1R: Maude Shackle-bye
1R: Elise Renault d. E. Barber 6-4 5-7 6-1
1R: Ruth Pennington-Legh d. Amy Wilson 6-1 6-0
1R: G Leeds-Paine-bye

SF: Shackle d. Renault 6-0 6-1
SF: Pennington-Legh d. Leeds-Paine 6-4 8-6

FI: Maud Shackle d. Ruth Pennington-Legh 9-7 6-0

CR: Maud Shackle d. May Jacks (holder) 6-4 6-0


June 15-20, Northern Tournament, Manchester, England (Grass)

Singles (Draw=10)

1R: Beatrice Wood d. Cordelia Phillimore 6-3 10-8
1R: Miss Cressy d. Miss Blencowe 6-1 6-2

QF: Florence Stanuell d. Florence Mardall 6-1 6-4
QF: Helen Jackson d. Cressy 6-0 6-0
QF: Jane Corder d. E. Dickinson 6-1 6-1
QF: Wood d. Miss Clark 6-1 6-1

SF: Stanuell d. Jackson 2-6 6-1 6-4
SF: Wood d. Corder 6-3 6-4

FI: Florence Stanuell d. Beatrice Wood 6-3 2-6 6-4

All England Mixed Doubles Championships (Draw=11)

1R: Florence Mardall/Harold S. Mahony d. Miss Cressy/Herbert Baddeley 6-3 8-6
1R: Dickinson/W.J. Nimmo d. Miss Seymour/S.E. Bailey 6-4 6-4
1R: Jane Corder/T.G. Hill d. Florence Stanuell/Walter Boyd 3-6 9-7 6-2

QF: Helen Jackson/John Charles Kay d. Beatrice Wood/George C. Ball-Greene 4-6 6-1 6-2
QF: Mardall/Mahony d. L. Chatterton-Clarke/Wilfred Baddeley 6-4 4-6 7-5
QF: Cordelia Phillimore/Frank Stoker d. Miss Blencowe/H. King 4-6 6-0 6-0
QF: Corder/Hill d. Dickinson/Nimmo 6-2 6-4

SF: Jackson/Kay d. Mardall/Mahony 6-1 6-2
SF: Corder/Hill d. Phillimore/Stoker 6-2 6-2

FI: Helen Jackson/John Charles Kay d. Jane Corder/T.G. Hill 6-2 4-6 6-2

Holder Mary Steedman did not defend her title.
Mixed holders
Katherine Hill and James Baldwin did not defend their title.

June 22-27, Headingley Tournament, Leeds, Yorkshire, England (Grass)

FI: Helen Jackson d. Jane Corder 6-4 6-0

CR: Helen Jackson d. Beatrice Wood (holder) 6-1 7-5

DF: Jane Corder/Mrs Thompson d. Helen Jackson/Miss Jonstone 6-4 6-2

This tournament had previously been held in Ilkley, Yorkshire.


June 22-27, Kent County Championships, Blackheath, Kent, England (Grass)
Venue: Rectory Field

FI: Miss Hutchinson d. Amy Wilson 6-2 3-6 10-8



Dates: June 23 to 27.
Venue: Philadelphia Country Club, Wissahickon Heights, (Chesnut Hill) Philadelphia
Surface: Grass


Singles (Draw=9, plus holder)

*Holder E. Roosevelt "sits out" until the Challenge Round final.

Preliminary Round

Helen Day Harris d. Fannie Gregory 5-6 6-5 6-1

First Round

Adelaide Clarkson d. Emma Morgan 6-2 6-5
Grace Roosevelt d. Harris 3-6 6-3 6-4
Mabel Cahill (Ire) d. Annabella Wistar 6-5 6-4
Lida Voorhees d. Amy Williams 4-6 6-3 6-3


G. Roosevelt d. Clarkson 6-0 6-1
Cahill d. Voorhees 6-1 6-0


Mabel Cahill d. Grace Roosevelt 6-3 7-5

Challenge Round

Mabel Cahill d. Ellen Roosevelt (holder) 6-4 6-1 4-6 6-3


Doubles (Draw=4)

First Round

Ellen Roosevelt/Grace Roosevelt d. Helen Day Harris/Lida Voorhees 6-1 6-1
Mabel Cahill (Ire)/Emma Morgan d. Annie Burdette/Sarah Homans 5-6 6-3 6-4


Mabel Cahill/Emma Morgan d. Ellen Roosevelt/Grace Roosevelt 2-6 8-6 6-4


Draw notes:

Helen Day Harris=Mrs A. H. Harris
Miss S Homans is from the Englewood Field Club. Is this Helen Homans or a relative?
Emma Morgan=Mrs. Fellows Morgan of the Short Hills Tennis Club.
Grace Roosevelt was from the Newburg Lawn Tennis Club
Lida Voorhees represented the Bergen POint LTC.
Annabella Wistar=Miss B. C. Wistar of the Philadelphia Country Club

There was a mised doubles event, but this was not given championship status until 1892. It was won by Mabel Cahill/Wright over Grace Roosevelt/Lee 6-4 6-0 7-5 on June 27. The singles final took place on the 26th.



Standards were still not in place for lawn tennis.

If contestants were tied at 5 games all the next game decided the set. Yet in the ladies doubles final the middle set was decided by an 8-6 score.

"A great crowd" watched the final match, "which was splendidly fought from start to finish, and every stroke was liberally applauded". Cahill attacked on her forehand with a "Lawford"-like stroke. (Lawford was a male champ who used a big topspin forehand). Generally hitting harder, she "passed" (hit winners) against her opponent 50 times to 26. Grace fought back from a 1-4 deficit to win 5 consecutive games for the third set.

In the doubles final the winners "were within a single point of losing the match." (NYT)

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Early July


Dates: June 29- July 9
Venue: The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, Wimbledon, London, England
Surface: Grass


1R: Helen Jackson d. Maud Shackle 6-4 7-5

QF: Lottie Dod d. Mrs. Parsons 6-0 6-0
QF: Bertha Steedman d. Jackson 6-2 6-2
QF: May Langrishe d. May Jacks 11-9 6-3
QF: Blanche Hillyard d. Ruth Legh 6-3 6-2

SF: Dod d. Steedman 6-3 6-1
SF: Hillyard d. Langrishe 6-4 6-1

FI: Lottie Dod d. Blanche Hillyard 6-2 6-1

This tournament marked Lottie Dod's return to top-class tennis after an absence of circa two years. There was no challenge round as holder Lena Rice wasn't defending her title this year.

Draw Notes:

In Alan Little's book on Dod he states that she beat a Mrs. Roberts (not Parsons)"a visitor from India", by 6-0 6-0.

"Miss P. Legh" was Ruth Pennington-Legh, later Mrs Winch.

From "Pastime", July 8, 1891:

"Yesterday afternoon Miss Helen Jackson and Miss Maud Shackle commenced their match in the first round of the ladies' singles, but the score had only reached 4-3 in Miss Jackson's favour when rain came down in torrents and completely put a stop to play for over an hour. When the weather at length began to clear there was some discussion as to what was to be done, the centre court (which had been covered with tarpaulins as usual) being the only one available. At length it was decided to abandon the doubles for the day and go on with the ladies' matches.

"It was nearly 5.30 when Miss Jackson and Miss Shackle resumed their match. Miss Shackle won the opening game, making the score four-all, but Miss Jackson, by some fairly severe play, scored the next two and the set.

"The second set was somewhat uneven, no less than four love games being scored in the first seven (three by Miss Jackson and one by Miss Shackle). Miss Shackle occasionally put in some of her hard drives, but as a rule her strokes were not severe, though of a fairly good length. Miss Jackson's returns were far neater, and her backhand, to which her opponent played principally, very fairly safe.

"Miss Shackle lost a good chance of making the score 5-4 in her favour by serving a double fault, but nevertheless managed to reach games-all. Miss Jackson also had some bad luck with a return which hit the net and rolled over at a critical time, and this, aided by some very steady and at times severe play, gave her the set at 7-5.

"Mrs Blanche Hillyard and Miss May Langrishe had an interesting encounter in the first set. The latter scored the first two games, but Mrs Hillyard soon got on level terms, and although she only won the set at 6-4 she seemed to have something in hand.
This was more or less shown by the result of the second set, in which her hitting became more severe, and her placing almost, if not quite, up to her old form. With the score at 4-1 in her favour the rain again came down, but as the match seemed likely to end soon, play went on through it all.

"Miss Langrishe got to 40-0 in the sixth game, but Mrs Hillyard drew level, and eventually won it after a number of deuces. The next was also a long game, and went like its predecessor to Mrs Hillyard, giving her the set and match. The winner played with great steadiness and good judgment all through the match, and her forehand drive was at times very severe and well placed. Her backhanders were safe but not brilliant. In contrast to her, Miss Langrishe played a soft but somewhat erratic game. Her backhand strokes were, as usual, extremely graceful, but her attempts to drive hard usually ended in disaster. Her service was very good, and she scored outright with it on more than one occasion."

From "Pastime", July 15, 1891: "Miss Bertha Steedman and Miss Helen Jackson, being a round behind, and in order to admit of the ladies' singles being finished on the same day as the gentlemen's doubles, played their tie in the second round on Wednesday morning, the winner having to meet Miss Lottie Dod at 3.30 in the afternoon.

"Miss Steedman was in fine form, as was again proved later in the day, and Miss Jackson also did well, the score (6-2, 6-2 in Miss Steedman's favour) not indicating the true state of the match, for no fewer than six out of the eight games were at deuce in the second set. Both ladies hit fairly hard and placed well, but Miss Steedman's volleying, of which she made good use, proved a tremendous advantage to her and, in fact, won her the match.

"It must have been very consoling to Miss Jackson to see Miss Steedman make such a good fight against Miss Dod in the afternoon. This match was one of the prettiest which has taken place between ladies for some time. Both players did a good deal of volleying, and there was thus far more variety about the game than is usual in ladies' matches. On the baseline both hit hard and placed well, and it was particularly noticeable that a weak second service was almost invariably killed outright.

"Miss Steedman's best stroke was a hard forehand drive into her opponent's backhand court, but Miss Dod, besides making this stroke equally well, was a good bit stronger on the backhand. She also played with the greatest coolness, and kept such good position that she was never hurried. Miss Steedman wisely tried to force the game as much as possible, recognising the fact that soft strokes were of little avail against such a powerful antagonist. For this reason the rests were seldom very long, but considering that there was a gusty breeze blowing across the court, and that both ladies had to risk a good deal in order to pass each other at the net, the number of mistakes was remarkably small.

"The first set (won by Miss Dod at 6-3) was the closer, but Miss Steedman made a better fight in the second than the solitary game scored by her would indicate. In this game deuce was called no less than ten times before Miss Steedman won it. After this Miss Dod scored a love set, but three out of the six games were at deuce.

ACF: Lottie Dod d. Blanche Hillyard 6-2, 6-1

"The final was, though by no means close, a very interesting contest, as the play on both sides was remarkably certain and severe. The rests were shorter than is usually the case in good ladies' matches, but this was owing to the accurate placing of both the competitors, a very large number of the strokes being won by perfectly unreturnable deliveries.

"Miss Lottie Dod was distinctly stronger on the backhand, and she lost no opportunity of turning this to account by placing to her opponent's weak side and going up to the net, as well as by making many fine returns short across the court, which generally decided the rest.

"Mrs Hillyard won the second and third games of the first set, but the score was immediately brought level by four fine passes, which gave a love game to Miss Dod. Deuce was called in each of the three following games, but the eighth gave Miss Dod the set. In this game Mrs Hillyard scored a stroke with a volley, and in the last of the next set there was quite a long rest of volleys which ended in Miss Dod's favour. The only game scored by Mrs Hillyard in this set was the third, but she played her hardest to the end, and the fifth and seventh games were very long and evenly contested.

"Miss Dod showed a most wonderful power of returning the hardest drives, and sometimes scored when she seemed to have hopelessly lost position. The last stroke of the match was lost by an attempt at a smash by Mrs Hillyard when she had apparently an easy chance of bringing the score back to deuce, and a fair prospect of taking the game."


July 7-12, Yorkshire Association and County Open Tournament, Headingley, Yorkshire, England (Grass)

Singles (Draw=8)

1R: Helen Jackson d. L. Chatterton-Clarke 6-4 6-0
1R: Miss Crossley d. Miss Crosby 6-3 1-6 6-3
1R: Florence Thompson d. N. Scott 6-1 6-0
1R: Jane Corder d. L. Johnstone 6-4 6-3

SF: Jackson d. Crossley 6-4 6-3
SF: Corder d. Thompson 6-4 8-10 6-3

FI: Helen Jackson d. Jane Corder 6-4 6-0

CR: Helen Jackson d. Beatrice Wood (holder) 6-1 7-5


July 13-18, London Championships, London, England (Grass)
Venue: Queen's Club

Singles (Draw=6, plus holder)

1R: Maud Shackle d. Ruth Pennington-Legh 6-2 6-1
1R: Cordelia Phillimore-bye
1R: Beatrice Wood-bye
1R: Edith Austin d. May Carter 6-3 6-3

SF: Shackle d. Phillimore 6-1 6-0
SF: Austin d. Wood 6-0 6-2

FI: Maud Shackle d. Edith Austin default

CR: Maud Shackle d. May Jacks (holder) 6-2 4-6 6-3

Queen's Cup event : Singles (Draw=7)

1R: Cordelia Phillimore-bye
1R: Maud Shackle d. May Jacks 6-0 6-1
1R: Beatrice Wood d. May Carter 6-2 6-3
1R: Ruth Pennington-Legh d. Edith Austin 6-3 6-1

SF: Shackle d. Cordelia Phillimore 6-1 6-1
SF: Pennington-Legh d. Wood 3-6 6-2 7-5

FI: Maud Shackle d. Ruth Pennington Legh 2-6 6-2 6-0

This tournament sometimes preceded and sometime followed Wimbledon until 1905, when the London Championships gained a fixed place in the calendar, before Wimbledon.

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Late July

July 16-18, Nottingham Tournament, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England (Grass)

FI: M. Evans d. N. Pope 4-6 6-2 6-2


July 16-18, Hull, Yorkshire, England (Grass)

FI: C. Crosby d. G. Harrison default

A handicap event.


July 20-21, Championships of Natal, Pietermarizburg, Natal, South Africa (Clay)

Singles (Draw=2)

FI: Mabel Grant d. L. Button 6-2 6-1

MX: Mabel Grant/Jack Grant d. Baker/L. Button/Baker 6-1 6-0

Holder Miss Hickman did not defend

From the diary of Edmund Nevill :

"The month of July saw several small matters taking place. There was a major tennis tournament in Pietermaritzburg during which Mabel and Jack Grant took part."


July 20-25, Middlesex Championships, London, England (Grass)

Venue: Chiswick Park

Singles (Draw=3)

1R: Maud Shackle d. Miss Childs default
1R: Edith Austin-bye

FI: Maud Shackle d. Edith Austin 6-0 6-1

1890 holder Mary Vane (nee Steedman) retired from competitive tennis after her marriage and does not defend her title here.


July 23-25, Edgbaston Croquet and Lawn Tennis Club Tournament, Edgbaston, Birmingham, West Midlands, England (Grass)
Venue: Edgbaston Croquet and Lawn Tennis Club

FI: Alice Pickering d. Mrs Wills 6-1 6-3*

MX: Alice Pickering/JG Brown d. Mrs Simcox/Manliffe Goodbody 5-7 6-2 6-3

*This year the women’s singles event at this tournament was "handicap" only.


July 23-25, Leamington, Warwickshire, England (Grass)

Handicap Singles (Draw=at least 2)

FI: N. Pope d. E. Whieldon 6-1 6-4

Mixed doubles handicap

FI: Miss Spencer-Wicks/Ernest Renshaw d. Ethel Gurney/William Heard 7-5 6-4

Scratch mixed doubles event

FI: Ethel Gurney/G.F. Goodman and Henrietta Horncastle/A.B. Sumner divided the prizes


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Early August

July 27-August 1, Northumberland Championships, Newcastle, Northumberland, England (Grass)

Singles (Draw=16)

1R: Helen Jackson d. Lottie Paterson 6-1 6-2
1R: L. Chatterton-Clarke d. C. Johnstone 3-6 6-2 7-5
1R: Miss Molesworth d. Dorothy Boulton 4-6 6-3 6-4
1R: Miss Shaw d. Lucy Kendal 6-2 6-1

1R: Jane Corder d. Connie Butler 4-6 6-4, 6-3
1R: Beatrice Wood d. Annie Kendal 6-2 6-1
1R: Miss Crosby d. Miss Clapham 6-3 6-1
1R: Florence Thompson d. Miss Crossley 6-2 7-5

QF: Jackson d. Clark 6-3 6-0
QF: Shaw d. Molesworth 1-6 6-3 6-4
QF: Corder d. Wood 6-0 6-1
QF: Thompson d. Crosby 9-7 6-2

SF: Jackson d. Shaw 6-4 6-2
SF: Thompson d. Corder 7-5 6-4

FI: Helen Jackson d. Florence Thompson 6-2 6-4

DF: Jane Corder/Florence Thompson d. Connie Butler/Helen Jackson 6-1 6-2

MX: Beatrice Wood/Harold Mahony d. L. Chatterton-Clarke/Percy B. Brown 6-4 6-8 6-3

Mrs AE Thompson is the married name of Florence Noon. Does this mean Miss Thompson is her sister-in-law?


August 3-5, The Hague, Netherlands (Clay)

FI: E Van Aken d. Miss Van Sittert 6-1 6-3

DF: Miss Bol/E Van Aken d. Miss Leus/Miss Scherino 6-1 6-2

MX: Miss Bol/Mr Van Aken d. Miss Van Sittert/Mr Van Rhede 6-4 6-3


August 3-6, Darlington, Durham, England (Grass)

MX: Helen Jackson/Harold S. Mahony d. Connie Butler/Charles G. Allen 6-2 6-2

Note: There was no open women's singles event at this tournament in 1891.


August 4-8, Isle of Man Championships, Douglas, Isle of Man, GB

Singles (Draw=4)

1R: Lilla Ferrier d. Miss Cubbon 8-6 6-0
1R: Mrs Duffin-bye

FI: Lila Ferrier d. Mrs Duffin 6-1 6-0

CR: N. Darrah (holder) d. Lilla Ferrier 7-5 9-7

This, the second edition of the Isle of Man Championships, was confined to residents of the island. The first edition had been held in Castletown in 1890. At this tournament there was both a championship event (confined to residents) and an open event for the men.


August 3-8, Exmouth, Devon, England (Grass)

Singles (Draw=8)

1R: Edith Austin d. N. Pope 6-3 6-3
1R: Constance Bryan d. Elsie Pinckney 6-1 6-1
1R: Violet Pinckney d. Florence Mardall 6-3 6-4
1R: Lilian Pine-Coffin d. R. Goodman 6-3 6-2

SF: Austin d. Bryan 7-5 6-2
SF: Pine-Coffin d. V Pinckney 6-2 8-6

FI: Edith Austin d. Lilian Pine-Coffin 6-3 9-7

MX: Edith Austin/Ernest Renshaw d. Elsie Pinckney/Francis St. B. Haskett-Smith 6-4 8-10 6-4


August 5-8, Sheffield and Hallamshire Tournament, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England (Grass)
Venue: Hallamshire Tennis Club

Singles (Draw=15)

1R: Beatrice Wood d. Miss Rodgers 6-1 6-3
1R: Florence Thompson d. Miss Crossley 6-3 6-1
1R: A.E. Clarke d. Miss Bradbury 6-2 1-6 6-4
1R: C. Johnstone d. Mrs C.F. Dixon 6-0 6-0

1R: Maud Phillips-bye
1R: Miss Crosby d. Jane Corder default
1R: Miss Atkins d. Miss Hickman 6-5 6-5
1R: Agnes Watts d. May Phillips 6-3 6-0

QF: Wood d. Thompson 6-4 6-3
QF: Johnstone d. Clarke 6-2 6-4
QF: Phillips d. Crosby 2-6 8-6 6-3
QF: Watts d. Atkins 6-2 6-5

SF: Wood d. Johnstone 6-3 6-2
SF: Watts d. Phillips 4-6 6-4 6-3

FI: Beatrice Wood d. Agnes Watts 6-3 6-3

From "Pastime", August 12, 1891: "This was the fourth annual tournament promoted by the Hallamshire Lawn Tennis Club on the pleasantly situated ground at Hunter's Bar, Sheffield. [...] The nine grass courts were in good condition and played well all through..."


August 4-8, West of Scotland Championships, Inverkip, Scotland (Grass)

CR: Miss Moir (holder) d. R Templeton 6-4 6-1

MX: Miss Moir/JE Orr d. J Burns/HG Nadin 4-6 7-5 6-4


August 5-6, Colchester, Essex, England (Grass)

Handicap singles

FI: Agnes Morton d. Winifred Kersey 6-2 6-1

DF: Winifred Kersey/Miss Staines d. Henrietta Horncastle/O. Leigh 6-1 6-2

MX: Winifred Kersey/Herbert Kersey d. Miss Lawrie/Herbert Hallward 6-2 6-3

The women's singles event was handicap only. It was won by Agnes Morton in one of her very first appearances in tournament play. In later years she would win the open women's singles event at the Essex Championships in Colchester several times.


August 3-11, Transvaal Championships, Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa (Clay)

Singles (Draw=19)

1R: Mrs Ansell d. Mrs Noyce 6-4 6-3
1R: Miss Francis d. O. Jones 6-1 7-5

2R: Mabel Grant d. Mrs C. Anderson 6-0 6-1
2R: Ansell d. Miss Tudhope 6-4 6-1
2R: Miss Holme d. E.M. Goulding 6-4 6-2
2R: Miss Taylor d. Miss Robertson default

2R: Miss Kincaid d. Mrs Shillito 6-3 3-6 8-6
2R: Mrs R.C. Bell d. Miss Glenyas default
2R: Miss Buckland d. Francis default
2R: Miss Marais d. A. Farren 4-6 6-0 6-4

QF: Grant d. Mrs Ansell 6-1 6-0
QF: Holme d. Taylor ????
QF: Kincaid d. Mrs Bell 6-3 6-1
QF: Marais d. Buckland 6-3 4-6 6-2

SF: Grant d. Holme 6-1 6-0
SF: Marais d. Kincaid 6-4 3-6 6-1

FI: Mabel Grant d. Miss Marais 6-1 6-0

Mixed doubles (Draw of 22)

QF: Mabel Grant/Jack Grant d. Miss Holme/B.A.F. Grieve 6-1 6-0
QF: Mrs Ansell/Curle d. Miss Kincaid/B.P. Pagden default
QF: Mrs Bell/P. Ransome d. Miss Francis/Henry Wilson-Fox default
QF: Mrs Fletcher/Edward Curtis d. Mrs Anderson/O'Connor Smith 6-1 6-3

SF: Mabel Grant/Jack Grant d. Mrs Ansell/Curle 6-4 6-3
SF: Mrs Fletcher/Curtis d. Mrs Bell/Ransome 6-1 6-0

FI: Mabel Grant/Jack Grant d. Mrs Fletcher/Edward Curtis 6-3 6-1

From "Pastime", September 16, 1891: "The Transvaal Championship meeting, held at Johannesburg between August 3rd and 11th, was well attended [...] The arrangements were very bad, and there was much confusion in consequence, while the umpiring and scoring were beneath contempt.

"The courts were primitive in the extreme – a bare patch raked in the ground and simply watered and rolled – so that erratic bounds were the rule, as after a little play the surface was one mass of hollows and hillocks, diversified here and there by patches of soft dust. Anything like accurate play off the ground was out of the question, so that those who could volley had all the advantage, for the bad surface considerably favoured them.

"The weather was unfavourable, high winds, dust and dark skies being the rule. Altogether it was a most unlucky meeting, for those good players who were not out of form, were promptly laid up with cramp. In fact, the only exceptions to this great list of unfortunates were Edward Curtis, the old Oxonian, who won the gentleman's championship, and Miss Mabel Grant, who won the ladies'."

The winner won her four singles matches by the same score.


August 10-15, Derbyshire Championships, Buxton, Derbyshire, England (Grass)

Singles (Draw=11)

1R: A. Clark d. "Miss Smith" 7-5 3-6 7-5
1R: A. Viccars d. E. Vaudrey 7-9 6-1 6-3
1R: Ida Cressy d. Miss Green default

QF: May Marriott d. Alice Pickering 6-4 6-4
QF: Viccars d. Clark 6-3 6-1
QF: Louisa Marriott d. F. King 6-4 1-6 6-0
QF: Beatrice Wood d. Cressy 6-3 6-4

SF: M Marriott d. Viccars 6-2 6-3
SF: Wood d. L Marriott 6-0 6-1

FI: May Marriott d. Beatrice Wood 6-2 6-2

All England Ladies' Doubles Championship (Draw=8)

1R: Louisa Marriott/May Marriott d. A. Clark/Ida Cressy 6-4 8-6
1R: F. King/E. Vaudrey d. A.M. Sharpe/M. Street 3-6 6-2 8-6
1R: Miss Wadsworth/Beatrice Wood d. "Miss Smith"/A. Viccars 6-2 6-2
1R: Alice Pickering/Mrs Taunton-Collinsd. Miss Le Gros/Miss Taylor 6-0 6-0

SF: Louisa Marriott/May Marriott d. King/Vaudrey 6-1 6-2
SF: Mrs Pickering/Mrs Taunton-Collins d. Wadsworth/Wood 9-11 6-2 6-2

FI: Loiusa Marriott/May Marriott d. Alice Pickering/Mrs Taunton-Collins 6-4 2-6 6-2

MX: May Marriott/James Baldwin d. Miss Wadsworth/Harry Barlow 6-2 7-5


August 10-15, Teignmouth, Devon, England (Grass)

Singles (Draw=8)

1R: Violet Pinckney d. E. Peck default
1R: Nita Bloxsome d. Miss Goodman 9-7 6-1
1R: Constance Bryan d. Elsie Pinckney 6-4 2-6 6-1
1R: Lilian Pine-Coffin d. Edith Austin 6-1 10-8

SF: Violet Pinckney d. Bloxsome 6-1 6-2
SF: Mrs Pine-Coffin d. Bryan 6-3 6-1

FI: Violet Pinckney d. Lilian Pine-Coffin 3-6 7-5 6-4

MX: Elsie Pinckney/Charles Chaytor d. R Wright/Ernest Lewis ????

This was the first time in its history that the Teignmouth tournament had featured a non-handicap singles event for women.


August 13-15, East of England Championships, Felixstowe

FI: Winifred Kersey d. Constance Tidbury 6-4 6-2


August 10-17, Moffat, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland

FI: Jane Corder d. Lottie Paterson 4-6 7-5 6-4

CR: Jane Corder d. Evelyn Blencowe (holder) 6-4 6-1

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Late August

August 17-22,, East of Scotland Championships, Saint Andrews, Fife, Scotland (Grass)

FI: Jane Corder d. Miss Moir 6-0 6-2

DF: Jane Corder/LottiePaterson d. Miss Bruce-Johnstone/Miss Moir 6-4 4-6 6-4


August 15-22, Queensland Championships, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia (Grass)

Singles (Draw=10, plus holder)

1R: Miss White (NZ) d. Mrs Tiltson 8-6 6-4
1R: Mabel Taylor d. Miss King 6-2 6-3

QF: Miss Lee d. Louisa Gilligan
QF: Miss Taylor vs Miss Piggott
QF: Mabel Taylor vs Miss Wallace
QF: Miss Earle vs Ms White

SF: Miss Lee d. ????
SF: ????

FI: Miss Lee d. ????

CR: Miss Lee d. May Quinnell (holder) 7-5 6-2


August 18-20, Saxmundham Tournament, Saxmunden, Suffolk, England (Grass)
Venue: Hunt's Hall Park

Singles (Draw=4)

1R: Winifred Kersey d. Mabel or May Lowther 6-3 6-4
1R: Miss Carter d. Hon. Mariota Thellusson 6-3 5-6 6-5

FI: Winifred Kersey d. Miss Carter 6-2 4-6 6-2

DF: Winifred Kersey/L.F. Stains d. May Lowther/Hon. Mariota Thellusson 6-3 6-2

MX: A. Flick/Edward R. Allen d. Miss Lee-French/E Lee-French 6-4 3-0 retired

From "Pastime", August 26, 1891: "The Saxmundham meeting, the ninth of its kind, was brought to a successful termination at Hurt's Hull Park on Thursday, August 20, after having lasted for three days."


August 17-22, North of England Championships, Scarborough, Yorkshire England (Grass)

Singles (Draw=27)

1R: Helen Jackson d. Miss Kidd default
1R: Beatrice Wood d. L. Chatterton-Clarke 6-3 6-2
1R: Ada Caldecott d. Miss Walton 6-1 6-3
1R: Florence Caldecott d. Elizabeth Caldecott default
1R: E. Robinson d. Miss Giddy 6-0 6-1
1R: Lucy Kendal d. M. Walton 6-0 6-1
1R: [Connie] Butler-bye
1R: Alice Pickering-bye

1R: Miss Crossley d. Miss Hope 6-3 6-0
1R: Miss Hall d. L. Ward 6-0 6-0
1R: Miss Gouldsborough d. Miss Pickering 6-0 6-0
1R: M Crosby-bye

1R: C. Crosby d. Annie Kendal 6-0 6-0
1R: Miss Beetham-bye
1R: Miss Anderson-bye
1R: N. Pope-bye

2R: Jackson d. Wood 6-4 6-3
2R: F Caldecott d. A Caldecott 6-1 9-7
2R: L Kendal d. Robinson 6-1 6-3
2R: A Pickering d. Butler 6-0 6-0

2R: Crossley d. Hall 6-3 7-9 6-3
2R: Gouldsborough d. Crosby 4-6 6-3 retired
2R: C. Crosby d. Beetham 6-1 6-1
2R: Pope d. Anderson 6-2 6-1

QF: Jackson d. Caldecott 6-1 6-2
QF: A Pickering d. L Kendal 8-6 6-1
QF: Crossley d. Gouldsborough 6-2 6-3
QF: Pope d. C Crosby 6-3 6-1

SF: Jackson d. A Pickering 1-6 7-5 6-2
SF: Pope d. Crossley 7-5 6-3

FI: Helen Jackson d. N Pope 6-3 6-1

DF: Miss Crosby/Alice Pickering d. Miss Huleatt/Miss Huleatt 6-3 6-3

Mixed Doubles (Draw=22)

QF: Alice Pickering/John C. Bythell d. Miss Hope/Wilfred Baddeley 6-2 6-1
QF: Helen Jackson/Manliffe Goodbody d. Miss Huleatt/Wilfred Milne 6-4 6-1
QF: Ada Caldecott/Henry Nadin d. Hilda Caldecott/???? 6-3 4-6 6-4
QF: L. Chatterton-Clarke/Harry Barlow d. Miss Crossley/Henry Caldecott 1-6 6-4 6-2

SF: Mrs Pickering/Bythell d. Jackson/Goodbody 6-4 7-5
SF: Chatterton/Clarke/Barlow d. Ada Caldecott/Nadin 6-3 6-4

FI: Alice Pickering/John C. Bythell d. L. Chatterton-Clarke/Harry Barlow 4-6 7-5 6-4

The holder Beatrice Wood apparently did not play.


August 18-24, British Columbia Championships, Victoria Lawn Tennis Club, Victoria, Canada

Singles (Draw=10 or so)

QF: Anastasia Musgrave d. Miss Jenns 6-3 6-3
QF: Ethel Leather d. Miss Crease 5-6 6-1 6-3
QF: E. or M. Langley d. Mrs W. Ridgway-Wilson 6-1 6-3
QF: Mrs Pinder d. Mildred Tyrwhitt-Drake 6-3 6-3

SF: Musgrave d. Mrs Leather ????
SF: Mrs Pinder d. E. or M. Langley ????

FI: Anastasia Musgrave d. Mrs Pinder ????

CR: Florence Barkley (holder) d. Anastasia Musgrave 3-6 6-4 6-4

MX: Charlotte Combe/Harvey Combe d. Mrs Gerrard/Granville V. Cuppage (owe 15) 6-4 6-2

Note: This was the first time a mixed doubles event had been held at this tournament; it was mainly handicap in nature. The winners were husband and wife.


August 26-29, Aldeburgh Tournament,Aldeburgh, Suffolk, England (Grass)

Singles (Draw=8)

1R: May Lowther d. Mrs Keeling 6-0 3-0 retired
1R: Mrs Bartlett d. Hon. Mariota Thellusson 4-6 6-5 6-2
1R: Beatrice Chetwynd-Stapylton d. Bertha Gee 5-6 6-5 6-3
1R: May Carter d. Miss Gee 6-5 6-2

SF: Lowther d. Bartlett 6-0 6-5
SF: Carter d. Chetwynd-Stapylton 6-4 6-3

FI: May Lowther d. May Carter 6-4 0-6 6-4

Doubles (Draw=4)

1R: Bertha Gee/Miss Gee d. Miss Heywood/May Lowther 6-2 6-2
1R: Mrs Bartlett/Beatrice Chetwynd-Stapylton d. H. Heywood/Hon. Mariota Thelusson 6-3 6-3

FI: Bertha Gee/Miss Gee d. Mrs Bartlett/Beatrice Chetwynd-Stapylton 6-3 6-3

MX: E. Round/Rupert Hamblin-Smith d.Beatrice Chetwynd-Stapylton/ Edward Chetwynd-Stapylton 7-5 6-0

The runner-up and some of her siblings, including her brother Robert, later emigrated to California where they also took part in a number of lawn tennis tournaments.


August 24-29, Bournemouth, Hampshire, England (Grass)

Singles (Draw=9)

1R: M. Ramsay d. Mrs Forman ????

QF: Violet Pinckney d. Ramsay 6-1 9-7
QF: L. Elphinston d. Miss Stretton 6-1 6-1
QF: Miss Bradford d. F.E. Pullen 6-0 6-2
QF: Elsie Pinckney d. Miss Everett 8-6 6-4

SF: V Pinckney d. Elphinston 6-2 6-2
SF: E Pinckney d. Bradford 6-3 8-6

FI: Violet Pinckney d. Elsie Pinckney default

DF: Elsie Pinckney/Violet Pinckney d. C Stogden/E Stogden 6-3, 6-1

Elise and Violet Pinckney were sisters; Violet enjoyed more success on the tennis court although she played only intermittently. Their brother, William, also played competitive tennis.

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August 31-September 4, Sussex Championships, Brighton, Sussex, England (Grass)

Singles (Draw=10, plus holder)

1R: Constance Bryan d. Kate Nunneley 6-1 1-6 7-5
1R: Harriet Mellersh d. Mary Friend 6-4 6-1

QF: Maud Shackle d. Bryan 6-0 6-2
QF: Elsie Lane d. Winifred Kersey 2-6 9-7 6-1
QF: H Mellersh d. Beatrice Langrishe 6-1 6-2
QF: Gertrude Mellersh d. Miss Stretton 6-3 6-3

SF: M Shackle d. Lane 6-1 6-2
SF: G Mellersh d. H Mellersh default

FI: Maud Shackle d. Gertrude Mellersh 6-2 6-2

CR: Maud Shackle d. May Langrishe (holder) 6-4 5-7 6-2

Doubles Handicap (Draw=7)

SF: Constance Bryan/Blanche Hillyard d. Mary Friend/Kate Nunneley 6-2 6-0
SF: Alice Shackle/Maud Shackle d. A. Brown/Charlotte Cooper 6-2 6-8 6-1

FI: Constance Bryan/Blanche Hillyard d. Alice Shackle/Maud Shackle default

MX: Blanche Hillyard/George Hillyard d. Maud Shackle/Charles Chaytor 6-1 7-5

Note: The women's doubles event appears to have been handicap in nature.


September 7-12, South of England Championships, Eastbourne, East Sussex, England (Grass)
Venue: Devonshire Park

Singles (Draw=17, plus holder)

1R: Blanche Hillyard d. Miss Stretton 6-2 6-0

2R: Hillyard d. Henrietta Horncastle 6-2 6-2
2R: Gertrude Mellersh d. Miss Lynch 6-4 4-6 6-3
2R: Amy Wilson d. E. Tootell 8-6 6-2
2R: Winifred Kersey d. Mary Friend 6-3 6-4

2R: Kate Nunneley d. Beatrice Langrishe 2-6 6-4 6-1
2R: Harriet Mellersh d. L. Maul 8-6 6-3
2R: Ruth Pennington-Legh d. Miss Hayward 5-7 6-2 6-0
2R: Maud Shackle d. Miss Nicholls 6-0 6-0

QF: Hillyard d. Mellersh 6-1 6-3
QF: Kersey d. Wilson 7-5 6-1
QF: Nunneley d. Mellersh 11-9 6-2
QF: Shackle d. Pennington-Legh 6-0 6-0

SF: Hillyard d. Kersey 6-2 6-1
SF: Shackle d. Nunneley 6-3 6-3

FI: Blanche Hillyard d. Maud Shackle 6-2 6-2

CR: Blanche Hillyard d. May Langrishe (holder) 2-6 7-5 6-0

Mixed Doubles (Draw=26)

QF: May Langrishe/Harry Barlow d. Ruth Pennington-Legh/Harold Bacon 6-1 2-6 6-1
QF: Gertrude Mellersh/Charles G. Allen d. S. Robins/Harry Grove 6-4 6-4
QF: Kate Nunneley/Herbert Baddeley d. Winifred Kersey/Ernest Renshaw 6-3 4-6 6-3
QF: Blanche Hillyard/George Hillyard d. Beatrice Langrishe/James Baldwin 6-3 6-2

SF: May Langrishe/Barlow d. Mellersh/Allen 6-2 6-2
SF: Blanche Hillyard/George Hillyard d. Nunneley/Baddeley 6-1 6-1

FI: May Langrishe/Harry Barlow d. Blanche Hillyard/GeorgeHillyard 2-6 6-4 9-7

From "Pastime", September 16, 1891: "The challenger seemed somewhat nervous at starting, and, though hitting fairly hard, was less accurate than usual, while Miss Langrishe sent in return after return of such good length and pace as to keep her occupied principally in defence. Most of the games were close but Miss Langrishe always managed to hold the lead after '2-all' had been called, and won at 6-2.

"In the next set Miss Langrishe still maintained her lead, principally by playing to her opponent's backhand, and reached 5-3. Subsequently she got within two strokes of the match, which she seemed to have fairly in hand, but at this point Mrs Hillyard commenced to play with that extreme steadiness and pluck which she always displays at critical times, and, after bringing the score to games all, not without a terrific struggle, won the 'vantage game to 15 and the next to love. This reverse seemed to discourage the holder somewhat, for she played comparatively carelessly in the deciding set, and made many mistakes. Mrs Hillyard's accuracy, on the other hand, increased, and her length was wonderfully good. This was sufficient to turn the scale entirely in her favour and she won a love set."

Most of the thrills came in the mixed final, where the winners saved seven match points in the third set (two in one game, five in another).


began September, Boulougne-sur-Mer tournament, Boulogne, France (Clay)

SF: May Arbuthnot (GB) d. Ivy Arbuthnot (GB) 6-1 6-3
SF: Constance Langley Smith (GB) d. Ann Arbuthnot (GB) 6-3 6-4

FI: May Artbuthnot (GB) d. Constance Langley Smith (GB) 6-3 7-9 6-3

Draw note:
Constance Smith is referred to in contemporary sports papers as Mrs C.J. Smith

In 1891, for the first time, there was a non-handicap women's singles event at the Boulogne-sur-Mer tournament. Only four women entered, three of whom were sisters.

This was the sixth edition of this tournament. This year a Challenge Cup was offered for the women’s singles event for the first time.


September 10-12, Pacific Coast Championships, San Rafael, California, US (Hard)

FI: Bertha Crouch d. Miss Walker 6-2 6-2

Miss Crouch later wed Martin Chase. Holder Maud Wilkinson did not defend her title.


September 17-18, Staten Island Ladies' Club Tournament, Livingston, Staten Island, New York, US

Singles (Draw=8)

1R: Annie Burdette d. Adeline McKinley 6-4 6-3
1R: Lida Vorhees d. Miss MacGregor 6-5 6-0
1R: Bessie Moore d. Miss Hildartone 6-1 6-5
1R: Grace Roosevelt d. E.M. Rogers 5-6 6-3 6-2

SF: Burdette d. Voorhees 3-6 6-1 6-4
SF: Roosevelt d. Moore 6-5 6-1

FI: Annie Burdette d. Grace Roosevelt 6-1 6-1

Note: This tournament also featured a women's doubles and a mixed doubles event. Despite being called F.K. Burdette the winneris almost certainly Annie Burdette, and I have listed her as such here.


September 24, Orange Lawn Tennis Club Challenge. Orange, New Jersey, US (Grass)
Venue: South Orange Field Club

CR: Fannie Campbell (holder) d. Lilly Campbell 6-4 4-6 6-3

In essence a one match event. Fanny retires the Cup, having won this event years running. Lillie earned the right to challenge her by winning the Orange event in June. A men's tournament took place the same week.

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November 11-14, Victorian Championships, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (Grass)
Venue: Melbourne Cricket Club

Singles (Draw=7)

1R: Ellen Mayne d. Edith Raleigh 6-2 6-5
1R: CK Peach d. Miss Cumberland 6-1 6-3
1R: Mabel Shaw d. Constance Raleigh 6-4 6-4
1R: Maisie Parr-bye

SF: Shaw d. Peach 6-3 6-4
SF: Mayne d. ?? (Parr default ?)

FI: Ellen Mayne d. Mabel Shaw 6-5 6-4

Doubles (Draw=5)

1R: Mabel Shaw/Phenie Shaw d. C.H.Peach/C.K. Peach 6-0 6-0

SF: Ethel Guthrie/Ellen Mayne d. Shaw/Shaw ????
SF: Miss Cumberland/Maisie Parr d. Constance Raleigh/Edith Raleigh, walkover

FI: Ethel Guthrie/Ellen Mayne d. Miss Cumberland/Maisie Parr default

Mixed Doubles (Draw=at least 10, but known to be incomplete)

?R: Phenie Shaw/O. Malcolm d Miss Aylwin/George Aylwin 6-1 6-1
?R: Ethel Guthrie/Gus Kearney d Miss Cumberland/E Hutton 6-1 4-6 6-2
?R: C.H. or C.K. Peach/Charles Cropper v Miss Wilson/John Crammond
?R: Mabel Shaw/Richard E. Shuter d May Brookes/Norman Brookes 6-3 6-4
?R: Miss Purves/G Norman Roberts d Edith Raleigh/Alec Chomley walkover

SF: Ellen Mayne/Ben Green d Maisie Parr/Baker default
SF: Shaw/Shuter d Miss Purvis/Roberts 6-1 8-6

FI: Ellen Mayne/Ben Green d Mabel Shaw/Richard E. Shuter 6-3 7-5 The Raleigh sisters withdrew mid-tournament due to family bereavements, while Maisie Parr withdrew due to illness.

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December 29-31 New Zealand Championships, Napier, New Zealand
Venue: Farndon Park

1R: Constance Abraham d Isabel Rees 5-6 6-2 6-5
1R: Evelyn Harman d Hilda Hitchings 6-2 2-6 6-2
1R: Nina Douslin-bye

SF: Constance Abraham-bye
SF: Douslin d Harman 6-5 5-6 6-5

FI: Nina Douslin d Constance Abraham 3-6 6-2 7-5

Doubles (Draw=3)

1R: Nina Douslin/Hilda Hitchings d Constance Abraham/G Cotterill ????
1R: Eveleen Harman/Isabel Rees-bye

FI: Eveleen Harman/Isabel Rees d Nina Douslin/Hilda Hitchings 7-5 6-3

Note that Isabel Rees is often listed as J Rees.

The grounds at Farndon Park consist of ten courts. The event started on a Tuesday, December 29 and ended on Thursday December 31.

Papers Past indicates that Misses Harman and Rees hailed from Canterbury, Mrs Abraham from Wellington, and Miss Douslin from Blenheim. Mrs Abraham recently came to New Zealand from England and plays "a nice, graceful, all-around game". Though playing chiefly from the backcourt, she is superior to the other Kiwis in being able to volley and hit through her backhand rather than "scoop" it. miss Harman "is decidedly weak at backhanders", while Douslin was vastly improved from 1891, playing "with great coolness and steadiness." Rees was the hardest hitter, wailing away on her forehand. A weak backhand was her undoing however.

Abraham survives 2 match points at 15-40 at 5 all in the third vs Rees. A large crowd saw "one of the most exciting matches ever played at Farndon". Match points galor also take place in the Douslin-Harman match, with deuce and vantahe being called repeatedly ni the last game at 5 apiece.

Crowds were estimated at 200 for day 1, 300 for day 2, and 400 for the final day. Heat and wind kept many away the first two days.

The score was one set apiece when Miss Douslin took 4 games running for the championship.The mixed doubles was actually called "Combined Doubles". The event appears to have been handicapped.

This event often listed as the 1891/92 championships.

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Year End

Below is a Classification of British women that can be used as a sort of ranking.

From "Pastime", October 14, 1891:


Lottie Dod


Bertha Steedman
Louisa Martin
Blanche Bingley Hillyard


May Shackle
May Langrishe
Florence Stanuell
Helen Jackson


Lilian Cole Pine-Coffin
Violet Pinckney
Ruth Pennington-Legh
Edith Austin
May Jacks


Constance Bryan
Elsie Pinckney
Mrs Filda-Jenkins [?]
May Marriott


Beatrice Wood
Jane Corder
Florence Noon Thompson
N. Pope
Alice Simpson Pickering

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September 10-12, Pacific Coast Championships, San Rafael, California, USA (Hard)

ACF: Bertha Crouch d. Miss Walker 6-2, 6-2

CR: Bertha Crouch d. Maud Wilkinson (holder), walkover

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Please delete the original entry you have for the Covered Court Championships (#3 above) and insert the following:

April 6-11, Covered Court Championships, Queen's Club, London, England (Wood)

CR: Maud Shackle d. May Jacks (holder) 7-5, 6-2

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Some additions/corrections:

28 Feb- Mar - South Australian Championships
Adelaide Oval

M Hodge d E Brown 11-9
J Hunter v A Attrey 11-2
N Hambridge d Maisie Parr walkover
E Hodge v M Daniels 11-2

SF M Hodge d A Attrey 11-10
SF E Hodge d N Hambridge 11-6

FI Emily Hodge d Marian Hodge 11-6

"Attrey comes from England with a good reputation which she well sustained in this contest."

Maisie Parr had to leave for Melbourne and awarded her opponent a walkover.

May - NSW Championships
Moore Park, Sydney

R1 Dransfield d Zilla Scott 108 64
R1 Blaxland d C Raleigh 62 46 62

SF Dransfield d Fitzgerald 63 64
SF Blaxland d E Raleigh 62 61

FI Dransfield d Blaxland 36 61 63

CR M Mayne did not defend the title

Scott/Dransfield d Fitzgerald/Blaxland 64 46 75
Raleigh/Raleigh bye?

FI Scott/Dransfield d E Raleigh/C Raleigh 75 63

CR Mayne/Mabel Shaw did not defend

Dudley Webb/Blaxland d Shuter/E Raleigh 36 63 86
Fitzgerald/Fitzgerald d Batt/Wilberforce Eaves 97 63

Webb/Blaxland d Fitzgerald/Fitzgerald 62 61

9-14 November - Victorian Championships
Melbourne Cricket Club, Melbourne (Asphalt)

Mayne d E Raleigh 62 65
CK Peach d Miss Cumberland 61 63
Shaw d C Raleigh 64 64

SF Mabel Shaw d CH Peach 63 64
SF Mayne d ?? (Parr walkover?)

FI Mayne d Shaw 65 64

SF Mabel Shaw/Phenie Shaw d CH Peach/C Peach 60 60
SF Maisie Parr/Cumberland d Raleigh/Raleigh walkover

FI Mayne/Guthrie d Parr/Cumberland walkover

MIXED (incomplete)
Miss Guthrie/Gus Kearney d Miss Cumberland/E Hutton 61 46 62
Mabel Shaw/Richard E Shuter d Miss Brookes/Norman Brookes 63 64
Phenie Shaw/O Malcolm d Miss Aylwin/George Aylwin 61 61
Miss Purves/G Norman Roberts d E Raleigh/Alec Chomley walkover
Peach/Charles Cropper v Wilson/J Cramond

SF Mayne/Green d Parr/Baker walkover
SF Shaw/Shuter d Miss Purvis/Roberts 61 86

FI Mayne/Green d Shaw/Shuter 63 75

The Raleigh sisters withdrew mid-tournament due to family bereavements, while Maisie Parr withdrew due to illness.

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