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Patiently awaiting to see if Graf ends up No1 now 馃檲
Congratz Yukika, my pupil on another title :love:
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Marteena and Sabine :(

Congrats to the champions.

Sabine, it was lovely to play with you again after all these years. I've been struggling a bit for form in my comeback so to play with a legend and current doubles superstar like yourself has been a great opportunity to learn from the best again.

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Wow! Just noticed I won a title this week ! 馃挀

Hugs @martinafan for the singles loss, you鈥檒l bounce back soon. :) Second week running for me with a grass win.

As for the doubles, thanks @soojung for playing with me this week! The all Asian team keep a perfect record for now 馃グ being your partner for a week was fun, if in the future we鈥檙e in the same situation where both of our partners are still competing, I鈥檇 be happy to team up with you again. When I sent our points for the week I didn鈥檛 expect much as it鈥檚 grass, so it鈥檚 nice.

Don鈥檛 worry though @bud887, normal service resumed this week, hope you didn鈥檛 miss me too much x

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Sabine trying to steal the #1 spot from Fleri. Good job, girl. Waited long enough to remove the queen from the top. :p
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