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10000$ Trofeul Ilie Nastase 7, Galati, Romania

Surface: Clay

Galaţi (/ga'laʦʲ/) is a city in eastern Romania, the capital city of Galaţi County on the banks of the Danube, very close to Brăila. The official website estimates its population as of 2005 at 331,360, making it Romania's 7th largest city.
The name of the city appears to have derived from Cuman galat, which was borrowed from Arabic qal'at (fortress). There have been other etymologies suggested, such as Serbian galac, but the galat root also appears in nearby toponyms, some of which show clearly a Cuman origin, for example Gălăţui Lake, which has the typical Cuman -ui suffix for "water". This area was inhabited by Celts in antiquity, and a derivation from Galatia (Gaul) is possible, but unlikely.
The first mention of the city dates from 1445. In 1789, during the Russo-Turkish War, Galaţi was burnt down by the forces of Russian general Mikhail Kamensky.

Galaţi has a university, the Universitatea Dunărea de Jos (Lower Danube University), founded in 1948 and given university status in 1974, and a teacher-training college as well as a host of other educational and cultural institutions. Among these, the Vasile Alecsandri National College - ranks as the first pre-university level educational institution in Galaţi.

Previous Winners:
2005: Corina Corduneanu ROM d. Anna Bastrikova RUS 63 57 64

2006 DRAWS

(1) Dalia ZAFIROVA BUL vs bye
Ionela IOVA ROM vs bye
Diana-Patricia ARMEGIOIU ROM
Simona PASCAU ROM vs bye
(2) Elitsa MILEVA BUL vs bye
Irina GIUSCA ROM vs bye
Irina PARASCHIV ROM vs bye
Luana REDNIC ROM vs bye
Andra VOINEA ROM vs bye
Marija MARTINOVIC SCG vs bye
Nives PAVLOVIC SCG vs Stefania VIZIREANU ROM 61 60
Madalina FLOREA ROM vs bye
Iulia HELBET MDA vs bye
Daniela CARP MDA vs bye
Ecatarina HIRTOPANU ROM vs bye
Elena ANDREI ROM vs bye
Florentina JELEA ROM vs Carmen TIBULEAC ROM 06 06
Julia DOCI ROM vs bye
Diana ZAINEA ROM vs bye
Diana DUMITRUT ROM vs bye
Nicoleta NEGRU ROM vs Daria BYKODAROVA RUS 63 76
Bürce KURKAN TUR vs bye
Polina GALANINA RUS vs bye
Natalie KOLGANOVA UKR vs bye
Diana POPESCU ROM vs bye
Elena BOGDAN ROM vs bye
Alexandra DIAMANDI CAN vs bye
Mihaela-Florina BUNEA ROM vs bye
Alexandra TUFA ROM vs bye
Cristina DANAILA ROM vs bye
2nd round
Ionela IOVA ROM d. (1) Dalia ZAFIROVA BUL 64 63
Diana ARMEGIOIU ROM d. Simona PASCAU ROM 64 75
(2) Elitsa MILEVA BUL d. Irina GIUSCA ROM 61 63
Nives PAVLOVIC SCG d. Madalina FLOREA ROM 61 61
Iulia HELBET MDA d. Daniela CARP MDA 62 63
Ecatarina HIRTOPANU ROM d. Alisa BUSLYAEVA UKR 63 61
Nevena SELAKOVIC SCG d. Elena ANDREI ROM 60 63
Carmen Raluca TIBULEAC ROM d. Julia DOCI ROM 61 62
Diana-Madalina ZAINEA ROM d. Diana DUMITRUT ROM 75 60
Nicoleta NEGRU ROM d. Bürce KURKAN TUR 75 60
Polina GALANINA RUS d. Natalie KOLGANOVA UKR 63 61
Elena BOGDAN ROM d. Diana POPESCU ROM 61 63
Florina-Mihaela BUNEA ROM d. Alexandra DIAMANDI CAN 62 61
Cristina DANAILA ROM d. Alexandra TUFA ROM 26 75 60
3rd round
Ionela IOVA ROM d. Diana ARMEGIOIU ROM 61 62
(2) Elitsa MILEVA BUL d. Irina PARASCHIV ROM 62 60
Nives PAVLOVIC SCG d. Andra VOINEA ROM 61 61
Iulia HELBET MDA d. Ecatarina HIRTOPANU ROM 46 62 61
Carmen TIBULEAC ROM d. Nevena SELAKOVIC SCG 60 46 61
Nicoleta NEGRU ROM d. Diana-Madalina ZAINEA ROM 61 63
Elena BOGDAN ROM d. Polina GALANINA RUS 60 61
Cristina DANAILA ROM d. Florina-Mihaela BUNEA ROM 76 60


(1) Vojislava LUKIC SCG vs LL Florina-Mihaela BUNEA ROM 61 62
Anna MOVSISYAN ARM vs Volha DUKO BLR 75 42 ret
LL Polina GALANINA RUS vs wc Antia GHIORGHIU ROM 16 36
(5) Neda KOZIC SCG vs Benedetta DAVATO ITA 62 06 75
(3) Josanne VAN BENNEKOM NED vs Ioana OPREA ROM 75 36 75
Lenore LAZAROIU ROM vs wc Irina-Camelia BEGU ROM 16 26
Delia DAMASCHIN ROM vs q Iulia HELBET MDA 63 46 61
(8) Nadejda VASSILEVA BUL vs q Carmen Raluca TIBULEAC ROM 60 63
(6) Diana GAE ROM vs Varvara GALANINA RUS 46 16
Vivian SEGNINI BRA vs wc Simona HALEP ROM 26 02 ret Segnini
Alexandra CADANTU ROM vs q Elena BOGDAN ROM 46 62 61
(4) Bianca-Ioana BONIFATE ROM vs q Cristina DANAILA ROM 62 62
(7) Anamaria Alexandra SERE ROM vs Oana STANICA ROM 61 63
q Nicoleta NEGRU ROM vs q Ionela IOVA ROM 67 16
q Elitsa MILEVA BUL vs q Nives PAVLOVIC SCG 16 64 63
(2) Anna GERASIMOU GRE vs LL Diana ZAINEA ROM 60 63
2nd round
(1) Vojislava LUKIC SCG d. Anna MOVSISYAN ARM 61 60
wc Antia GHIORGHIU ROM d. (5) Neda KOZIC SCG 60 31 ret.
(3) Josanne VAN BENNEKOM NED d. wc Irina-Camelia BEGU ROM 26 75 61
(8) Nadejda VASSILEVA BUL d. Delia DAMASCHIN ROM 63 60
Varvara GALANINA RUS d. wc Simona HALEP ROM 26 63 76
Aleandra CADANTU ROM d. (4) Bianca BONIFATE ROM 36 75 63
(7) Anamaria-Alexandra SERE ROM d. q Ionela IOVA ROM 60 60
(2) Anna GERASIMOU GRE d. q Elitsa MILEVA BUL 26 60 61
(1) Vojislava LUKIC SCG d. wc Antia GHIORGHIU ROM 62 60
(3) Josanne VAN BENNEKOM NED d. (8) Nadejda VASSILEVA BUL 64 75
Varvara GALANINA RUS d. Alexandra CADANTU ROM 46 64 63
(7) Alexandra-Anamaria SERE ROM d. (2) Anna GERASIMOU GRE 64 63
(1) Vojislava LUKIC SCG d. (3) Josanna VAN BENNEKOM NED 60 62
(7) Alexandra-Anamaria SERE ROM d. Varvara GALANINA RUS 64 75
(7) Alexandra-Anamaria SERE ROM d. (1) Vojislava LUKIC SCG 62 76

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Good Luck Maria Fernanda Alvarez

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Good Luck to:

Elitsa Mileva
Daniela Karp
Lulia Helbet

Premium Member
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Singles Main Draw

(1)Vojislava Lukic (SCG) v (LL)Mihaela Bunea (ROM)
Anna Movsisyan (ARM) v Volha Duko (BLR)
Maria Fernanda Alvarez (BOL) v (wc)Antia Ghiorghiu (ROM)
Benedetta Davato (ITA) v (5)Neda Kozic (SCG)

(3)Josanne van Bennekom (NED) v Ioana Oprea (ROM)
Lenore Lazariou (ROM) v (wc)Irina Camelia Begu (ROM)
(Q)Iulia Helbet (MDA) v (Q)Delia Damaschin (ROM)
(Q)Carmen Tibuleac (ROM) v (8)Nadejda Vassileva (BUL)

(6)Diana Gae (ROM) v Varvara Galanina (RUS)
Vivian Segnini (BRA) v (wc)Simona Halep (ROM)
Alexandra Cadantu (ROM) v (Q)Elena Bogdan (ROM)
(Q)Christina Danaila (ROM) v (4)Bianca Bonifate (ROM)

(7)Anamaria Sere (ROM) v Oana Stanica (ROM)
(Q)Nicoleta Negru (ROM) v (Q)Ionela Iova (ROM)
(Q)Elitsa Mileva (BUL) v (Q)Nives Pavlovic (SCG)
(LL)Andra Voinea (ROM) v (2)Anna Gerasimou (GRE)

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I vote for (4)Bianca Bonifate (ROM)

5,076 Posts
Good Luck to:

Vojka Lukic
Neda Kozic
Anna Movsisyan
Iulia Helbet
Nadejda Vassileva
Alexandra Cadantu
Elitsa Mileva

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(1)Vojislava Lukic (SCG) v (LL)Mihaela Bunea (ROM) 6-1 6-2
Anna Movsisyan (ARM) v Volha Duko (BLR) 7-5 4-2 ret. (med)
LL Polina Galanina (RUS) v (wc)Antia Ghiorghiu (ROM) 1-6 3-6
Benedetta Davato (ITA) v (5)Neda Kozic (SCG) 2-6 6-0 5-7

(3)Josanne van Bennekom (NED) v Ioana Oprea (ROM) 7-5 3-6 7-5
Lenore Lazariou (ROM) v (wc)Irina Camelia Begu (ROM) 1-6 2-6
(Q)Iulia Helbet (MDA) v (Q)Delia Damaschin (ROM) 3-6 6-4 1-6
(Q)Carmen Tibuleac (ROM) v (8)Nadejda Vassileva (BUL) 0-6 3-6

(6)Diana Gae (ROM) v Varvara Galanina (RUS) 4-6 1-6
Vivian Segnini (BRA) v (wc)Simona Halep (ROM) 2-6 0-2 ret (med)
Alexandra Cadantu (ROM) v (Q)Elena Bogdan (ROM) 4-6 6-2 6-1
(Q)Christina Danaila (ROM) v (4)Bianca Bonifate (ROM) 2-6 2-6

(7)Anamaria Sere (ROM) v Oana Stanica (ROM) 6-1 6-3
(Q)Nicoleta Negru (ROM) v (Q)Ionela Iova (ROM) 6-7 1-6
(Q)Elitsa Mileva (BUL) v (Q)Nives Pavlovic (SCG) 1-6 6-4 6-3
(LL)Diana Zainea (ROM) v (2)Anna Gerasimou (GRE) 0-6 3-6

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Well done


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2nd Round

Vojislava LUKIC (SCG) defeated Anna MOVSISYAN (ARM) 61 60
Antia GHIORGHIU (ROM) defeated Neda KOZIC (SCG) 60 31
Josanne VAN BENNEKOM (NED) defeated Irina-Camelia BEGU (ROM) 26 75 61
Nadejda VASSILEVA (BUL) defeated Delia DAMASCHIN (ROM) 63 60
Varvara GALANINA (RUS) defeated Simona HALEP (ROM) 26 63 76(3)
Alexandra CADANTU (ROM) defeated Bianca-Ioana BONIFATE (ROM) 36 75 63
Anamaria-Alexandra SERE (ROM) defeated Ionela-Andreea IOVA (ROM) 60 60
Anna GERASIMOU (GRE) defeated Elitsa MILEVA (BUL) 26 60 61
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