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10000$ The Dubai Aviation Cup

Dubai or Dubayy (in Arabic: دبيّ, IPA /ðʊ'bɪ/, generally /dʊ'baɪ/ in English) refers to either
Dubai is the most populous and second largest emirate (in terms of size) in the federation after Abu Dhabi. Dubai is distinct from other members of the UAE in that revenues from oil account for only 6% of its gross domestic product. A majority of the emirate's revenues are from the Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZ) [2] and now, increasingly, from tourism.
There are records of the town of Dubai from 1799. Earlier in the 18th century the Al Abu Falasa lineage of Bani Yas clan established itself in Dubai which was a dependent of the settlement of Abu Dhabi until 1833.

On 8 January 1820, the then sheikh of Dubai was a signatory to the British sponsored "General Treaty of Peace" (the General Maritime Treaty).

In 1833, the Al Maktoumdynasty of the Bani Yas tribe left the settlement of Abu Dhabi and took over the town of Dubai, "without resistance". From that point on, Dubai, a newly independent emirate, was constantly at odds with the emirate of Abu Dhabi. An attempt by the Qawasim pirates to take over Dubai was thwarted. In 1835, Dubai and the rest of the Trucial States signed a maritime truce with Britain and a "Perpetual Maritime Truce" about two decades later. Dubai came under the protection of the United Kingdom (keeping out the Ottoman Turks) by the Exclusive Agreement of 1892. Like four of its neighbours, Abu Dhabi, Ras al-Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm al-Qaiwain, its position on the route to India made it an important location.

In March 1892, the Trucial States (or Trucial Oman) were created.

The rulers of Dubai fostered trade and commerce, unlike the town's neighbors. The town of Dubai was an important port of call for foreign tradesmen (chiefly Indians), who settled in the town. Until the 1930s, the town was known for its pearl exports.

After the devaluation of the Gulf Rupee in 1966, Dubai joined the newly independent state of Qatar to set up a new monetary unit, the Qatar/Dubai riyal. Oil was discovered 120 kilometres off the coast of Dubai, after which the town granted oil concessions.

On 2 December 1971 Dubai, together with Abu Dhabi and five other emirates, formed the United Arab Emirates after former protector Britain left the Persian Gulf in 1971. In 1973, Dubai joined the other emirates to adopt a single, uniform currency: the UAE dirham.

Surface: Hard
Previous Winners:
2004: Hana Sromova CZE d. Gulnara Fattakhetdinova RUS 46 75 63
2005: Sandra Klemenschits AUT d. Kyra Nagy HUN 64 61

2006 DRAWS

(1) Alena BAYARCHYK BLR vs bye
(2) Tegan EDWARDS RSA vs bye
Cristina PRODANEL ROM vs Jara GHADRI GER 26 16
(3) Verena AMESBAUER AUT vs Kristyna SRAMKOVA CZE 57 26
(4) Tatiana CUTRONA BEL vs Zena WILLIAMS USA 46 63 75
(5) Nadia LEE GBR vs Barbara KVELSTEIN EST 61 75
Subbadharmi SUNDARAM USA vs Sandra MENTE LADANAI SWE 60 60
(6) Martina GREGORIC CRO vs Charlotte BOSSY BEL 62 06 63
(7) Lauren IMRE USA vs Anna SIDOROVITCH RUS 60 60
(9) Melissa PERCY GBR vs Ksenia SIDOROVA RUS 64 60
(8) Lucie MAKRLIKOVA CZE vs Catherine GROTZ BEL 36 64 60
(10) Anne SCHÄFER Sr GER vs Abby HEDGES AUS 36 46
2nd round
(1) Alena BAYARCHYK BLR d. Julia CHERNYAEVA RUS 63 65 ret Chernyaeva
Jara GHADRI GER d. (2) Tegan EDWARDS RSA 76 62
Maria ZHARKOVA RUS d. Kristyna SRAMKOVA CZE 63 62
(4) Tatiana CUTRONA BEL d. Marina KHOMENKO UKR 75 62
(5) Nadia LEE GBR d. Subbadharmi SUNDARAM USA 46 10 ret
Beatris SIMION ROM d. (6) Martína GREGORIC CRO 60 63
(7) Lauren IMRE USA d. (9) Melissa PERCY GBR 16 63 62
(8) Lucie MAKRLIKOVA CZE d. Abby HEDGES AUS 76 62

(1) Petra CETKOVSKA CZE vs Lisa HÄGELE GER 62 61
Ekatarina DRANETS RUS vs Katerina POLUNINA UKR 63 36 36
Laura BSOUL GER vs Andrada-Lacramioara DINU ROM 67 63 62
(8) Debbrich FEYS BEL vs Haruka FUJISHIRO JAP 75 64
(3) Sarah RAAB GER vs wc Manar EL JAZZAF KUW 75 61
Marinne GIRAUD MRI vs LL Tegan EDWARDS RSA 61 60
q Jara GHADRI GER vs q Tatiana CUTRONA BEL 63 36 76
(5) Christine SPERLING GER vs q Alena BAYARCHYK BLR 75 42 ret B.
(6) Pemra ÖZGEN TUR vs Manana SHAPAKIDZE GEO 63 62
Timna TICIC CRO vs Diana-Andreea GAE ROM 67 67
Kristina GRIGORIAN RUS vs q Maria ZHARKOVA 62 67 46
(4) Diana VRANCEANU GER vs q Nadia LEE GBR 26 75 62
(7) Katerina AVDIYENKO UKR vs wc Ofelya POGHOSYAN ARM 60 63
wc Fatma AL NABHANI OMA vs q Lauren IMRE USA 06 16
wc Jennifer SMITH GBR vs q Lucie MAKRLIKOVA CZE 26 36
(2) Andreja KLEPAC SLO vs q Beatris SIMION ROM 62 61
2nd round
(1) Petra CETKOVSKA CZE d. Katerina POLUNINA UKR 62 64
(8) Debbrich FEYS BEL d. Laura BSOUL GER 60 67 63
Marinne GIRAUD FRA d. (3) Sarah RAAB GER 63 63
(5) Christine SPERLING GER d. q Jara GHADRI GER 57 63 43 ret
(6) Pemra ÖZGEN TUR d. Diana-Andreea GAE ROM 61 60
q Maria ZHARKOVA RUS d. (4) Diana VRANCEANU GER 61 60
(7) Katerina AVDIYENKO UKR d. q Lauren IMRE USA 63 62
(2) Andreja KLEPAC SLO d. q Lucie MAKRLIKOVA CZE 61 62
(1) Petra CETKOVSKA CZE d. (8) Debbrich FEYS BEL 62 76
Marinne GIRAUD MRI d. (5) Christine SPERLING GER 75 62
(6) Pemra ÖZGEN TUR d. q Maria ZHARKOVA RUS 75 16 63
(7) Katerina AVDIYENKO UKR d. (2) Andreja KLEPAC SLO ret
(1) Petra CETKOVSKA CZE d. Marinne GIRAUD MRI 50 ret
(7) Katerina AVDIYENKO UKR d. (6) Pemra ÖZGEN TUR 62 62
(1) Petra CETKOVSKA CZE d. (7) Katerina AVDIYENKO UKR 16 76 62

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Few Matches

Petra Cetkovska v Lisa Haegele
Andreja Klepac v Q
Katerina Avdiyenko v Ofelya Phoghosyan


Manar Al Jazzaf
Fatma El Nabhani
Jennifer Smith

46,227 Posts
Singles Main Draw

(1)Petra Cetkovska (CZE) v Lisa Haegele (GER)
Ekaterina Dranets (RUS) v Katerina Polunina (UKR)

Laura Bsoul (GER) v Andrada Dinu (ROM)
(8)Debbrich Feys (BEL) v Haruka Fujishiro (JPN)

(3)Sarah Raab (GER) v (wc)Manar El Jazzaf (KUW)
Marinne Giraud (MRI) v Q

Vojislava Lukic (SCG) v Q
(5)Christine Sperling (GER) v Q

(6)Pemra Ozgen (TUR) v Manana Shapakidze (GEO)
Timna Ticic (CRO) v Diana-Andreea Gae (ROM)

Kristina Grigorian (RUS) v Q
(4)Diana Vranceanu (GER) v Q

(7)Katerina Avdiyenko (UKR) v (wc)Ofelya Poghosyan (ARM)
(wc)Fatma El Nabhani (OMA) v Q

(wc)Jennifer Smith (GBR) v Q
(2)Andreja Klepac (SLO) v Q

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Singles Qualifying Draw

(1)Alena Bayarchyk (BLR) v BYE
Julia Chernyaeva (RUS) v Freya Younes (BEL)

(2)Tegan Edwards (RSA) v BYE
Cristina Prodanel (ROM) v (wc)Jara Ghadri (GER)

(3)Verena Amesbauer (AUT) v Kristina Sramkova (CZE)
Maria Zharkova (RUS) v Tatiana Grechukhina (RUS)

(4)Tatiana Cutrona (BEL) v Zena Williams (USA)
Marina Khomenko (UKR) v Zora Vlckova (CZE)

(5)Nadia Lee (GBR) v Barbara Kvelstein (EST)
Subbadharmi Sundaram (USA) v Sandra Mente (SWE)

(6)Martina Gregoric (CRO) v Charlotte Bossy (BEL)
Laila Ben Abdarrahman (BEL) v Beatris Simion (ROM)

(7)Lauren Imre (USA) v Anna Sidorovitch (RUS)
(9)Melissa Percy (GBR) v Ksenia Sidorova (RUS)

(8)Lucie Makrlikova (CZE) v Catherine Grotz (BEL)
(10)Anne Schaefer (GER) v Abby Hedges (AUS)

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Singles Qualifying Draw-1st Round Results

(1)Alena Bayarchyk (BLR) v BYE
Julia Chernyaeva (RUS) v Freya Younes (BEL) 61 63

(2)Tegan Edwards (RSA) v BYE
(wc)Jara Ghadri (GER) d. Cristina Prodanel (ROM) 62 61

Kristina Sramkova (CZE) d. (3)Verena Amesbauer (AUT) 62 75
Maria Zharkova (RUS) v Tatiana Grechukhina (RUS) 60 61

(4)Tatiana Cutrona (BEL) v Zena Williams (USA) 46 63 75
Marina Khomenko (UKR) v Zora Vlckova (CZE) 64 62

(5)Nadia Lee (GBR) v Barbara Kvelstein (EST) 61 75
Subbadharmi Sundaram (USA) v Sandra Mente (SWE) 60 60

(6)Martina Gregoric (CRO) v Charlotte Bossy (BEL) 62 06 63
Beatris Simion (ROM) d. Laila Ben Abdarrahman (BEL) 62 63

(7)Lauren Imre (USA) v Anna Sidorovitch (RUS) 60 60
(9)Melissa Percy (GBR) v Ksenia Sidorova (RUS) 64 60

(8)Lucie Makrlikova (CZE) v Catherine Grotz (BEL) 36 64 60
Abby Hedges (AUS) d. (10)Anne Schaefer (GER) 63 64

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Julia :yeah: ;)
Melissa ;)
Nadia :) :D

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quali final round

(1)Alena Bayarchyk (BLR) d. Julia Chernyaeva (RUS) 63 65 Ret.
(wc)Jara Ghadri (GER) d. (2)Tegan Edwards (RSA) 76(6) 62
Maria Zharkova (RUS) d. Kristina Sramkova (CZE) 63 62
(4)Tatiana Cutrona (BEL) d. Marina Khomenko (UKR) 75 62
(5)Nadia Lee (GBR) d. Subbadharmi Sundaram (USA) 46 10 Ret.
Beatris Simion (ROM) d. (6)Martina Gregoric (CRO) 60 63
(7)Lauren Imre (USA) d. (9)Melissa Percy (GBR) 16 63 62
(8)Lucie Makrlikova (CZE) d. Abby Hedges (AUS) 76(2) 62

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Monday MD Results

(1)Petra Cetkovska (CZE) v Lisa Haegele (GER) 62 61
Katerina Polunina d. Ekaterina Dranets 36 63 63
(8)Debbrich Feys (BEL) v Haruka Fujishiro (JPN) 75 64
(3)Sarah Raab (GER) v (wc)Manar El Jazzaf (KUW) 75 61

Draw with qualifiers placed

(1)Petra Cetkovska (CZE) v Lisa Haegele (GER) 62 61
Katerina Polunina d. Ekaterina Dranets 36 63 63

Laura Bsoul (GER) v Andrada Dinu (ROM)
(8)Debbrich Feys (BEL) v Haruka Fujishiro (JPN) 75 64

(3)Sarah Raab (GER) v (wc)Manar El Jazzaf (KUW) 75 61
Marinne Giraud (MRI) v LL Tegan Edwards (RSA)

Q Tatiana Cutrona (BEL) v Q Jana Ghadri (GER)
(5)Christine Sperling (GER) v Q Alena Bayarchyk (BLR)

(6)Pemra Ozgen (TUR) v Manana Shapakidze (GEO)
Timna Ticic (CRO) v Diana-Andreea Gae (ROM)

Kristina Grigorian (RUS) v Q Maria Zharkova (RUS)
(4)Diana Vranceanu (GER) v Q Nadia Lee (GBR)

(7)Katerina Avdiyenko (UKR) v (wc)Ofelya Poghosyan (ARM)
(wc)Fatma El Nabhani (OMA) v Q Lauren Imre (USA)

(wc)Jennifer Smith (GBR) v Q Lucie Makrlikova (CZE)
(2)Andreja Klepac (SLO) v Q Beatris Simion (ROM)

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Doubles Main Draw

(1)Cetkovska/Klepac v Giraud/Schaefer
Dinu/Gae d. (wc)Sidorova/Sidorovitch 62 62

(3)Amesbauer/Sperling d. Khomenko/Zharkova 60 75
Edwards/Poghosyan d. B.Abderrahman/Simion 67(3) 64 75

Bayarchyk/Shapakidze d. Fujishiro/Lee 75 36 61
(4)Dranets/Polunina d. Sramkova/Vlckova 61 60

Cutrona/Imre d. (wc)Al Nabhani/Ghadri 62 26 63
(2)Feys/Vranceanu d. Bsoul/Haegele 63 61

No Pemra :confused: :shrug:

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tobi said:
No Pemra :confused: :shrug:

Because Pemra must go to Patras qualies. If she played here in doubles, she might not go there. Probably she didnt play for that reason OR she didnt find a friend there.
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