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10 Years Ago Today : Greatest Injustices?

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October 13, 1993.
Gunther Parche receives a suspended sentence for his plot to critically injure tennis star Monica Seles. Parche would be set free and never step foot in jail again. Later that same day, Monica Seles is served with a summons for a $10M breach of contract lawsuit by Fila. Fila contends that since Seles is not playing, she is not holding up her end of the deal and serves legal action to have their contract reveresed. Fila and Seles would later settle out of court for an undisclosed amount, widely beleived to be north of $5M.
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I'm so glad Monica has decided to step away from Germany. Although many may think that this move is a little on the extreme side, I reckon that this is the best way for Monica to publicly show her dissatisfaction with the injustice that's been spat upon her by the immoral people behind German laws back then.

I hope everyone in Germany's blaming that idiotic judge for making such a stupid decision. In fact, it's the first time I have actually hoped for someone to have gotten fired for a "mistake". Well, that judge will be pleased to note that she's won the coveted title as the first (and hopefully, only) person who I want to see jobless :mad:

But (and I hope I don't get flamed here - because I consider myself to be Monica's no.1 fan) if that Parche fella was truly insane and mentally ill, then I do feel sorry for him. Those who are mentally ill have less control over their actions and without the help of others, they're far more vulnerable to doing something insane. I'm certainly not saying that Parche shouldn't be justly punished for what he stole from Monica (he practically slaughtered her entire career), but if he really was overwhelmed by a fit of psychological disorder, then I do understand and sympathise with what he went through...but of course, my sympathies for it (Parche) is nowhere near that of what I feel for my Monica :sad:
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