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Yes, I know I've posted this before. But now that the 2001 WTA Tour has ended I thought I'd post it again.

Here are the win streaks, in order of when they started:

Justine Henin (13)
Where: Gold Coast, Canberra, Australian Open
Streak Ender: Monica Seles, 4-6 6-4 6-4
No. of Sets Lost: 1 (Shaughnessy)

Martina Hingis (10)
Where: Sydney, Australian Open
Streak Ender: Jennifer Capriati, 4-6 3-6
No. of Sets Lost: 2 (Davenport, S. Williams)

Jennifer Capriati (10)
Where: Australian Open, Oklahoma City
Streak Ender: Monica Seles, 3-6 7-5 2-6
No. of Sets Lost: 4 (Nagyova, Seles, Raymond, Hantuchova)

Lindsay Davenport (11)
Where: Pan Pacific Open, Scottsdale, Indian Wells
Streak Ender: Serena Williams, 1-6 2-6
No. of Sets Lost: 4 (Kournikova, Hingis, Raymond, Capriati)

Amelie Mauresmo (17)
Where: Paris, Nice, Amelia Island, Charleston
Streak Ender: Martina Hingis, 5-7 2-6
No. of Sets Lost: 5 (Serna, Kournikova, Huber, Raymond, Irvin)

Martina Hingis (12)
Where: Doha, Dubai, Indian Wells
Streak Ender: Kim Clijsters, 3-6 6-2 1-6
No. of Sets Lost: 1 (Testud)

Venus Williams (15)*
Where: Miami, Hamburg, German Open
Streak Ender: Justine Henin, 1-6 4-6
No. of Sets Lost: 1 (Capriati)
Last Person Lost To: Magdalena Maleeva (Nice)

Jennifer Capriati (12)
Where: Roland Garros, Wimbledon
Streak Ender: Justine Henin, 6-2 4-6 2-6
No. of Sets Lost: 3 (Clijsters, 2 to Serena)

Justine Henin (10)
Where: 's-Hertogenbosch, Wimbledon
Streak Ender: Venus Williams 1-6 6-3 0-6
No. of Sets Lost: 4 (Clijsters, Boogert, Huber, Capriati)

Iroda Tulyaganova (10)
Where: Vienna, Knokke Heist
Streak Ender: Marlene Weingartner (San Diego)
No. of Sets Lost: 2 (Dementieva, Marrero)

Venus Williams (16-ongoing)
Where: San Diego, New Haven, U.S. Open
Streak Ender: None.
No. of Sets Lost: 1 (Henin)

Serena Williams (11)
Where: Toronto, U.S. Open
Streak Ender: Venus Williams, 2-6 4-6
No. of Sets Lost: 4 (Schett, Capriati, Barna, Davenport)

Monica Seles (13-ongoing)
Where: Brasil Open, Japan Open, Shanghai
Streak Ender: None.
No. of Sets Lost: 3 (Husarova, Nagyova, Foretz)

Lindsay Davenport (15-ongoing)*
Where: Filderstadt, Zurich, Linz, Munich
Streak Ender: None.
No. of Sets Lost: 3 (Hantuchova, Capriati, Clijsters)

- Year-end Top 10 players without a 10-match winning streak are Clijsters and Dokic. (Believe it or not.)
- The only player outside of the Top 10 with a 10-match win streak is Tulyaganova.
- Hingis' first winning streak is actually longer if you count her final 2000 results. (Plus 4 from the Chase Championships = 14 match win streak.)

- Both Venus Williams and Lindsay Davenport ceded walkovers to Serena Williams but in the above stats neither walkover is counted. Even when counting the walkovers, Davenport ends up with the same total. Venus' first streak, however, would be 11 matches but the rest of the entry (losing a set to Capriati; streak ended by Henin) remains the same.

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Miss Verstand
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I dont think a walkover ends a streak

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Lets hope moica can continue her streak well into the 20's aftre winning Hopman and Ausi opens!

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It's called a "Winning Streak." I'm assuming you have to keep "winning" for it to continue.

BTW - I just looked it up. This is what the Sanex WTA site says

15 - Lindsay Davenport (Oct. 11-Nov. 4)<br /> <hr></blockquote>

They gave an end date.

It's strange now that I think of it...because they count Venus' Indian Wells results...but the dates look "off."

I'll fix the above listed results so that Lindsay's streak doesn't end...and I will also add a note about Venus' walkover.

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A win streak is a win streak is a win streak. If you don't start a match, then the streak isn't over. If you play one point, win the point, and retire due to injury the streak is over. Winning streaks continue until the player loses a match, the transition from December to January is irrelevant.

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Here's an interesting thought. Hopman Cup isn't really "official", but suppose Monica played Sydney and won it, and neither Lindsay or Venus entered it. Then in the Australian semis you could conceivably have 3 different players on 20 match or better win streaks. Surely that would be a first.
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