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*Typing this draw for only one :hearts: player*

<u><b>1st Round Singles Qualifying</u></b>
(1)Dimana Krastevitch (BUL) vs. BYE
Jamie Peisel (USA) vs. Sabita Maharaj (USA)
Marina Bernshtein (ISR) vs. BYE
Julianna Gates (USA) vs. BYE

Jennifer Bellaire (CAN) vs. Ann-Linn Perez (THA)
Paula Zabala (USA) vs. BYE
Aiko Nakamura (JAP) vs. Annie Trepanier (CAN)
BYE vs. (14)Yoo-Mi Jung (KOR)

(2)Whitney Benik (USA) vs. BYE
Milica Stamenic (CAN) vs. Amanda Fish (USA)
Shelley Panford (GHA) vs. BYE
Katie McGlennen (USA) vs. BYE

Stacia Fonseca (USA) vs. Danielle Spacek (USA)
Estela Solano (BRA) vs. Dewonder Davis (USA)
Heesun Lyoo-Suh (KOR) vs. Eun-M iOh (KOR)
BYE vs. (15)Natallia Dziamidzenka (BLR)

(3)Milangela Morales (USA) vs. BYE
Pamela Weil (GER) vs. Antonia Matic (GER)
Gaelle Adda (FRA) vs. BYE
Emma Zuleta (ECU) vs. BYE

Dasha Chermada (RUS) vs. Yui Shimizu (JAP)
Julia Nogueira (BRA) vs. <b>Zerene Reyes (MEX)</b>
Ana Maria Zuleta (ECU) vs. Jacquelyn Rosen (ISR)
BYE vs. (12)Anna Eugenia Nefedova (RUS)

(4)Ivana Abramovic (CRO) vs. BYE
Seul-Ki Chin (KOR) vs. Mandy Stegman (USA)
Natalia Sanchez (COL) vs. BYE
Fernanda Silva (BRA) vs. BYE

Megan Moulton-Levy (USA) vs. Sanja Todorovic (YUG)
Min-Kyung Kim (KOR) vs. Annika Bengstson (SWE)
Shikha Uberoi (USA) vs. Chrissie Seredni (USA)
BYE vs. (16)Nancy Loeffler-Caro (CAN)

(5)Darija Jurak (CRO) vs. BYE
Kristina Kraszewski (USA) vs. Jeong-Eun Park (KOR)
Stephanie Hazlett (USA) vs. BYE
Cristina Moros (USA) vs. BYE

Neha Uberoi (USA) vs. Carrie Rosse (USA)
Bo Verhusldonik (NED) vs. Ahsha (Rolle (USA)
Ashley Cowart (USA) vs. Lolita Frangulyan (UZB)
BYE vs. (13)Daria Kustava (BLR)

(6)Aneta Soukup (CAN) vs. BYE
Daniela Covello (CAN) vs. Caitlin Collins (USA)
Varvara Lepchenko (UZB) vs. Dee Dee Herring (USA)
BYE vs. Kyung-Mi Chang (KOR)

BYE vs. Bit-Na Lee (KOR)
Kyung-Won Kim (KOR) vs. BYE
Erica Sauer (USA) vs. Jae-Eun Kim (KOR)
BYE vs. (10)Stephanie Mabry (USA)

(7)Shenay Perry (USA) vs. BYE
Tsippy Waterman (USA) vs. Hilda Zuleta (ECU)
Mari Inoue (JAP) vs. BYE
Natalia Beck (USA) vs. BYE

Elizabeth Freeman-Young (USA) vs. Beau Jones (USA)
Verena Beller (GER) vs. Celine Regnier (FRA)
Sandy Rosko (AUS) vs. Kye-Sun Kim (KOR)
BYE vs. (9)Tanner Cochran (USA)

(8)Marilyn Baker (USA) vs. BYE
Polina Nosik (USA) vs. Angela Haynes (USA)
Marta Simic (YUG) vs. BYE
Chantal Coombs (GBR) vs. BYE

Vanja Mikovic (YUG) vs. Celen McCoury (USA)
Neyssa Etienne (HAI) vs. So-Jung Kim (KOR)
Yeon Kim (KOR) vs. Leland Black (USA)
BYE vs. (11)Melanie Marois (CAN)

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nice to see some Canadians here :) best of luck to:

*Jennifer Bellaire
*Annie Trepanier
*Whitney Benik
*Milica Stamenic
*Zerene Reyes :D
*Nancy Loeffler-Caro
*Daria Kustava
*Aneta Soukup
*Daniela Covello
*Neyssa Etienne :D
*Melanie Marois :D

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where in the USTA section is it possible to have access to the qualifying and main draws :confused: :confused: :confused: ???

I am completely lost in their website...

Li Ting was supposed to play in the qualifying draw but I do not happen to see her. Is she in the main draw eventually?

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good luck

Dasha C ;)
Dasha K ;)
Lolita ;)
Anna-Eugenia ;)
Natallia Dziamidzenka :)
Varvara :)

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Good luck to:

Dimana Krastevitch
Ivana Abramovic
Neyssa Etienne
Nancy Loeffler-Caro

Two things:
First up, isn't it rather amazing to see Nancy with a seeded position next to her name.
Secondly, is Gainesville in Miami? I'm only asking because Monique Viele had entered a 10K qualy event in Miami for this week.

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Steve, the draw is at:
Good news, Li Ting just made the cutoffs for the maindraw. :)

All the best to:

* Aiko Nakamura (JPN) :D
* Yoo-Mi Jung (KOR) :D
* Hee-Sun Lyoo-Suh (KOR)
* Eun-Mi Oh (KOR)
* Yui Shimizu (JPN)
* Seul-Ki Chin (KOR)
* Min-Kyung Kim (KOR)
* Jeong-Eun Park (KOR)
* Kyung-Mi Chang (KOR) :D
* Bit-Na Lee (KOR)
* Kyung-Won Kim (KOR)
* Jae-Eun Kim (KOR)
* Mari Inoue (JPN)
* Kye-Sun Kim (KOR)
* So-Jung Kim (KOR) :D
* Ye-On Kim (KOR)

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Thanks danker :) . I had found the qualifying draw in Alain's website but I thought that Alx might have access to another draw through the USTA board (this board is a real nightmare :( ), because the names are put differently from Aceman's draw (no copy / paste). Must have taken a hell of a time to input everything...

As for Li Ting, yes I just saw through the commitment list (also a nightmare to access) that she was #6 in the qualifying list against #8 for Dimana Krastevitch (who is #1 in the qualifying draw).

I am a bit impatient ;) but this is because I think that the main draw has been published by now or will be in the next 6-8 hours latest :) .

Can't wait to see the both Li's draw :) .

Do you think the Korean players chartered a plane to come ;) ? There are even more than in Asian tourneys!!! This is what the Chinese should do : there are enough talented Chinese players who can play overseas!!!

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Steve, what is the link for the commitments you're looking at?
Because the one I have, she's listed as the last player to make the maindraw... :confused:

BTW, I think most of the Korean players here (apart from a few) are based in Florida in some of the Tennis Academies. I heard there are quite a few Chinese juniors training in College Park, Maryland. Quan Gao is one of them. ;)

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:confused: :confused:

Mine is dated 02.01.02. I am just using the link given by TBE because I have given up looking for the commitment lists in the USTA site :( :mad: .

Do you have the link to the previous page, from where it is possible to access the latest commitment lists?

Could it be that some Chinese living in Florida are hosting the Li's?

You'll notice that in UK, there is an odd number of Chinese player (with most probably one coach) to save on room bookings (they did the same in Vietnam...). So if the Li's are the only mainland Chinese players, I would suppose they are travelling without coach... There are just conjectures and if CK has additional information (or anyone else living nearby this tourney?), he will be welcome :wavey: .

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Good luck to Dasha C, Lolita, and Seul-Ki!!!!:bounce:

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Eggy, or anyone, why isn't Maria Kirilenko in the draw? She always plays the same tournaments as her good friend and doubles partner, Daria Chermada.

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cat ....

Dasha can play more events than Maria under the AER rules as she is a year older
thats why Maria isn't here.

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whenever Nancy is seeded in a tournament, you know the tournament basically sucks
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