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I felt suddenly quite wildly happy.
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Re: 테니스 티핑 {TT} #38c - 서울 - KEB하나은행 코리아 오픈 테니스대회

복식 (Double Draw)

Main Draw:


04:05 | (3) 골르모를리 (colemohrlee)/자고·해 (Jaco·He) (CHN/CHN) vs. 트롤르포바 (TrollPova)/보찌! (Wozzy!) (USA/DEN) #SRs: 2-4


05:08 | 해시 (hessie)/스모고백 (smokovec) (AUS/ITA) vs. (3) 골르모를리 (colemohrlee)/자고·해 (Jaco·He) (CHN/CHN) #SRs: 3-6
06:08 | 고우딘미국 (goOudinUSA)/폴터가이스트 (Poltergeist) (USA/SRB) vs. 트롤르포바 (TrollPova)/보찌! (Wozzy!) (USA/DEN) #SRs: 3-3


11:11 | (1) 알렉스 (Aleksz)/구몰르 (gumoll) (HUN/POL) vs. 해시 (hessie)/스모고백 (smokovec) (AUS/ITA) #SRs: 4-5
13:10 | (3) 골르모를리 (colemohrlee)/자고·해 (Jaco·He) (CHN/CHN) vs. 알레란밀로스 (Alejan_milos)/브잩세슬랍 (vjatceslav) (ESP/ESP) #SRs: 5-6
13:12 | 고우딘미국 (goOudinUSA)/폴터가이스트 (Poltergeist) (USA/SRB) vs. 티미보이04 (timmieboy04)/지가 (zigga) (NED/SLO) #SRs: 3-8
12:12 | 트롤르포바 (TrollPova)/보찌! (Wozzy!) (USA/DEN) vs. (2) 드롭샷에이스 (DropShotAce)/루그사스 (LUXXXAS) (GBR/POL) #SRs: 4-3

First Round

10:09 | (1) 알렉스 (Aleksz)/구몰르 (gumoll) (HUN/POL) vs. 마르틴90 (martin90)/밀란 (Milan) (NOR/SRB) #SRs: 6-7
08:10 | 디네셔! (Dinesh!)/더블유티애둘판 (wtatourfan) (IND/BRA) vs. 해시 (hessie)/스모고백 (smokovec) (AUS/ITA) #SRs: 5-7
10:08 | (3) 골르모를리 (colemohrlee)/자고·해 (Jaco·He) (CHN/CHN) vs. 엘피 (Elphy)/이안해셔 (ianh) (HKG/GBR) #SRs: 4-6
08:10 | 개브4000 (Kev4000)/마다므 엑스. (Madame X.) (GER/GBR) vs. 알레란밀로스 (Alejan_milos)/브잩세슬랍 (vjatceslav) (ESP/ESP) #SRs: 4-6

08:12 | (Q) 제임스 (James)/로브 (Rawb) (NED/GBR) vs. 고우딘미국 (goOudinUSA)/폴터가이스트 (Poltergeist) (USA/SRB) #SRs: 6-6
10:08 | 티미보이04 (timmieboy04)/지가 (zigga) (NED/SLO) vs. (4) 시불르가나. (CibulkaNa.)/오픈우옹 (openwong) (CHN/CHN) #SRs: 6-6
08:10 | 데이비드스펠 (Davidspell)/드네이스(denijs) (PUR/POL) vs. 트롤르포바 (TrollPova)/보찌! (Wozzy!) (USA/DEN) #SRs: 5-6
09:10 | (Q) 엔디 (Ndee)/에스아르비 아날리스트 (SRB Analyst) (CZE/SRB) vs. (2) 드롭샷에이스 (DropShotAce)/루그사스 (LUXXXAS) (GBR/POL) #SRs: 6-8

Qualifying Draw:

Second Round

10:05 | 제임스 (James)/로브 (Rawb) (NED/GBR) vs. 페르난도 고르데이르 (FERNANDO CORDEIR)/루가스빌라리가 (lucasvilarica) (BRA/BRA) #SRs: 9-4
12:12 | (2) 버이턴저그 (Buitenzorg)/오즈보이1989 (ozboy1989) (AUS/AUS) vs. 엔디 (Ndee)/에스아르비 아날리스트 (SRB Analyst) (CZE/SRB) #SRs: 9-9, #ISRs: 0-0, TB1 (Correct SRx2 vs x1)

First Round

09:10 | (1) 엘르애샤애프 (LHF)/씨몬 (Szymon) (BRA/POL) vs. 제임스 (James)/로브 (Rawb) (NED/GBR) #SRs: 6-8
10:09 | 페르난도 고르데이르 (FERNANDO CORDEIR)/루가스빌라리가 (lucasvilarica) (BRA/BRA) vs. (3) 신티아지머만 (CynthiaZimmerman)/다니엘라-이스-마이느 (Daniela-Is-Mine) (USA/USA) #SRs: 6-7
09:09 | (2) 버이턴저그 (Buitenzorg)/오즈보이1989 (ozboy1989) (AUS/AUS) vs. 에어로스매시 (aerosmash)/몬자나터 (Monzanator) (PHI/POL) #SRs: 8-6
11:10 | 엔디 (Ndee)/에스아르비 아날리스트 (SRB Analyst) (CZE/SRB) vs. (4) 에제기엘 페레이라 (Ezequiel Pereyra)/토미에그 (ThomieK) (ARG/NED) #SRs: 7-9

I felt suddenly quite wildly happy.
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Re: 테니스 티핑 {TT} #38c - 서울 - KEB하나은행 코리아 오픈 테니스대회

Daily Awards

In order to celebrate Korea, this week's Awards will be food-related, see each Awards for more info :)


소주 (Soju) is one of the traditonal and most famous Korean Alcohol, you win this award as you were the first person to send me your picks, so we have time to get a drink until the others send as well. 건배 !

Day 8: @colemohrlee
Day 9: @wtatourfan


떡볶이 (Tteokbokki) is your manager's favorite Korean dish, tough quite simple, it mixes the hot and spicyness of the super picks you made today with the sweetness of Victory: you are the singles player of the day!

Day 8&9: @vjatceslav (Perfect 3 Picks and 3SR out of 3 matches :eek: )


비빔밥 (Bibimbap) , litterally mixed rice/food, Bibimbap represents the perfect combinations of several ingredients to make a delicious and healthy meal, what could be a better symbol for the best team of the day ?

Day 8&9 : @TrollPova & @Wozzy! (5 Picks, 4 SR out of 2x3 matches)


불고기 (Bulgogi), litterally "fire meat", usually used for the barbecued Beef and also by extension to the whole Korean BBQ: this amazing experience enjoyable for everyone around the table, just like this amazing match of the day

Day 8&9: 03:02 | (3) 브잩세슬랍 ( @vjatceslav ) (ESP) vs. (Q) 더블유티애둘판 ( @wtatourfan ) (BRA) #SRs: 3-1


김치 (Kimchi), spicy fermented vegetables, it's the perfect and most common and famous of all Korean side dishes, just like your perfect pick of the day, it doesn't stand on its own but is an amazing addition to whatever you're having.

Day 8: Linette 20 by @vjatceslav
Day 9: Muchova 75 63 by @Wozzy!


불닭볶음면 (Fire Noodles), Don't try this at home unsupervised:) The super spicy Korean noodles may seem a good idea to try, and you may think you've done the worst part when you're done ingesting them, but you're wrong… A little bit like at the time of making this pick, you felt very confident, and it ended backfiring...

Day 8: Alexandrova by @colemohrlee & @Wozzy!
Day 9: Linette 57 64 61 by @wtatourfan

I felt suddenly quite wildly happy.
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Re: 테니스 티핑 {TT} #38c - 서울 - KEB하나은행 코리아 오픈 테니스대회

This concludes our 2019 Seoul Open, congratulations to our winner @vjatceslav on his first ever WTA title after a tremendous perfect-score final :worship: Bad luck for @wtatourfan who will haveto wait for his first title… In doubles, Chinese @colemohrlee and @Jaco·He have been the best Asian représentants on Korean soil, but fell short to @TrollPova & @Wozzy! in te last match.

I hope everyone enjoyed playing this Week, and maybe see you next Week in Tashkent :wavey:

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Re: 테니스 티핑 {TT} #38c - 서울 - 촉하합니다 Vjatceslav & Trollpova/Wozzy!

Hugs @Jaco·He and @colemohrlee ! Still a great week for you guys :)

Yas @TrollPova ! :dance:

Fantastic management as usual, thank you @^bibi^ . See you in Tashkent :)
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