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    Oh no, I'm going to sorely miss the 5 seconds highlights! :spitrofl: Edit: It's back up now again.
  2. General Messages
    Can you spot the lie? :devil::oh:
  3. General Messages
    What do you think of our YouTube channel delivering tennis content?
  4. Media
    Post your tennis-related Youtube channel below. You must subscribe to the ones that have already been put in this thread. Be honest so this subscribing chain can be successful.
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    Personally I always love to relive the old days. On youtube there are many people who upload old matches. Old matches of Kournikova, Dokic, Hingis etc. What are your favorite channels or videos ? Share you links here, cause sharing is caring:D I always have been a big fan of Jelena Dokic and im...
1-5 of 5 Results