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  1. General Messages
    Billie Jean King* - 12 Slams Best YEC Performance - 1972, 1974 SF Naomi Osaka - 4 Slams Best YEC Performance - 2018, 2019 RR Hana Mandlikova - 4 Slams Best YEC Performance - 1986 (Mar.) F Arantxa Sanchez Vicario - 4 Slams Best YEC Performance - 1993 F Iga Swiatek - 3 Slams Best YEC...
  2. Doubles Forum
    The American team on track to go 0-9 together in the WTA finals :rocker: They really went Peguloco towards the end there :sad: Congrats Demi and Desirae!
  3. General Messages
    If YEC was going to stay somewhere permanently, where would you like it to be? Poll options chosen using the United Nations geoscheme
  4. General Messages
    During Swiatek's match with Stephens apparently polish commentators started to speculate about location of finals: according to them and what they heard from wta media and staff Perth and Sydney have the highest chances of hosting the event. Apparently Doha, Dubai, Washington and previously...
  5. General Messages
    What do you think the cut-off for qualification points for YEC will be this year? Right now it's at 4745, but the qualification cut-off always drops as the year goes on because players don't earn enough. The cut is just the minimum amount of points to be guaranteed a spot. Plus there are...
1-5 of 5 Results