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  1. General Messages
    Article: Inside the secret world of tennis umpires: ‘You can’t be the player’s friend’ It seems we are getting some good journalism into the umpiring world as of late! After the article earlier this year by the Telegraph on the abuse in the tennis umpiring world, now we get one from The...
  2. General Messages
    Imagine now, you're a coach, your player is on the worlds' stage preparing to step out on the court against the world number 1, Iga, who's been on a 30+ match winning streak and you've been tasked with formulating a strategy to end it. Bleary eyed, sweating, perhaps even shaking with nerves...
  3. General Messages
    Source: Revealed: 'Secret society' of tennis umpires living under reign of fear, power abuses and sexual favours Revealed: 'Secret society' of tennis umpires living under reign of fear, power abuses and sexual favours By Simon Briggs, TENNIS CORRESPONDENT 14 April 2022 • 1:06pm Tennis umpires...
  4. The French Connection
    Bonjour à tous, Je suis actuellement en étude supérieur, je dois faire une étude de marché sur les raquettes de tennis Wilson. Est-ce que les pratiquants, fan de cette marque peuvent répondre au questionnaire ? En tant que fan de tennis et de Roger Federer je vous serai très reconnaissant. Voici...
  5. Amateur Players and Tennis Equipment Forum
    hey there I saw this website that learns tennis at a very low cost if you want to check it out it would be great
  6. Emma's Empire
    Emma Raducarnu and Gabriela Ruse are such wonderful close friends. This is just the sort of support Emma needs now as she enters 2022. So beautiful ladies who care and support each other.
  7. General Messages
    Can you guys please tell me where can I get the recorded after match interviews of french open . All from YouTube are edited.
  8. General Messages
    What do you think of our YouTube channel delivering tennis content?
  9. General Messages
    Hi Tennisforum Community! 😀 🔔 I want to share with you a MTO Notifier Telegram Bot that I have created and test during this months. 🤕Following this Telegram Channel you will received messages every time a Tennis player request a Medical Timeout, so you will know if your favourites player has...
  10. General Messages
    So who will win this very interesting QF match in Parma?
  11. General Messages
    Which academy would you choose, assuming your goal is to become a top player?
  12. Africa
    Bonjour, je suis fan de tennis depuis toujours, mais je ne sais pas où je peux placer des paris sur le tennis. Chers amis francophones du forum, pouvez-vous me dire où placez-vous vos paris ?
  13. Media
    Post your tennis-related instagram account below. You must follow the ones that have already been put in this thread. Be honest so this following chain can be successful.
  14. Media
    Post your tennis-related Youtube channel below. You must subscribe to the ones that have already been put in this thread. Be honest so this subscribing chain can be successful.
  15. General Messages
    Why mirza is not playing in UAE
  16. Who let the Dutch out?
    Hallo Tennissliefhebbers van Nederland! Wij zijn Kelly van Ballegooijen en Denzel Reuleaux en wij doen onderzoek naar de wensen en behoefte bij de aankoop van tennisartikelen. Hiervoor hebben wij een enquête opgesteld. Komt u uit het oosten van het land zou u ons heel erg helpen met het...
1-17 of 18 Results