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    Full article in Romanian "After Serena decided to take a break, I confessed to my loved ones that I feel like I'm done with coaching.. I knew that one of my strengths was that I had a lot of enthusiasm for my work. Without this enthusiasm I can't be a good coach. I felt like I had lost myself...
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    Just looking at OER site & it looks like Serena will drop to #252 after the AO. She will have 282 ranking points, but also has 240 pts to defend at the FO. She will never be seeded again at a GS, will she play some 250s for her ranking, or not bother? Of course she will get wildcards until...
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    I always take pics of my faves on my phone when I see them La Borz in Adidas Store: [/IMG] Serena in Chase: Serena in Nike Store: Legend (not pictured, but still a legend)
1-3 of 3 Results