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    With Iga coming of age, extending her win streak to 15 matches and steamrolling most of her opponents, she has looked unstoppable of late. While this could change at any moment and she is entitled to throw in a bad match once in a while, right now it looks like Barty would be the only player who...
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    What are some of your favorite rivalries between players who both never made the top 10? I am curious to know.
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    Who are some players who rivalled each other where one barely outclassed the other? Sloane Stephens and Madison Keys what makes them similar: top american players from almost the same time, knew ea other in juniors i believe how Sloane outclasses Madison: 1 Grand Slam Key Match: 2017 USO...
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    WTA has had some great rivalries before. Obviously, nothing will compare to the epic Navratilova - Evert rivalry. Graf - Seles was a good one until you know what. the last generation had many good rivalries: Serena - Henin Serena - Venus Mauresmo - Henin Serena - Dementieva Davenport - Venus...
1-4 of 4 Results