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  1. General Messages
    Hello, First of all, we hope this message finds you well! Second of all, we are a small, but enthusiastic team of researchers in sports psychology and we are currently working on a research study which focuses on understanding how several psychological factors influence the performance of...
  2. Amateur Players and Tennis Equipment Forum
    My final year university research project is focussed on analysing the different preferences people have for their racket grips and seeing if any of these can be linked to their playing styles or hand anatomy. The aim is to see if at the end, a customised handle could be 3D printed for an...
  3. General Messages
    Hello tennis enthousiasts, I am an MSc International Marketing student of the Strathclyde Business School currently doing my dissertation on motivation when attending a Grand Slam. I would like to ask you if would like to participate in my research and have an interview with me through skype or...
1-3 of 3 Results