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  1. Amateur Players and Tennis Equipment Forum
    So, long story short, after trying (and buying) a lot of racquets, I ended up falling in love with a stupid cheap racquet from eBay. I wouldn't mind if they broke after 6+ months but the first one cracked after about 3 months of consistent play and the second cracked after about 20 hours of...
  2. Amateur Players and Tennis Equipment Forum
    Hi, I've played tennis for a half of a year. I use Wilson Six One Comp racquet which I found at home but it's pretty "economic" racquet as I read - tbh playing with it is not very comfortable. I noticed that I need support to hit more powerful... I'm a woman but I don't know if the "woman"...
  3. Amateur Players and Tennis Equipment Forum
    I have my racquet from high school that I love, Prince Thunder light. I got a cheapie Wilson and I hit horribly. I'm much better with my old Prince racquet, but it's so old and I'd like to get something new. I live in a rural area with no tennis store. Any advice? I'm a woman, 5'7." Help!
  4. Amateur Players and Tennis Equipment Forum
    Hello all, I couldn't find any information on this HEAD 660 "Accurace" , anybody know around what year this was made? Looks to have been rewired but needs to be wrapped up again. I'm fairly new to tennis so I know of HEAD and the different sub names for each racquet but I couldn't find anything...
  5. General Messages
    So I was planning on getting the Babolat Eagle Tennis Racquet and I wanted to know if it could ever be restrung? I noticed that the throat wasn't one solid piece. I don't know much about restringing racquets but if someone could please let me know it would be amazing!
  6. Amateur Players and Tennis Equipment Forum
    New Racket needed Hello! I’m looking for some suggestions for a new tennis racket. I would be very happy for any suggestions or tips. I am a 16 year old girl who plays high school tennis. I consider myself to be an intermediate player. I’m very small and I don’t have much power. I’m about 155...
1-6 of 6 Results