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  1. Amateur Players and Tennis Equipment Forum
    Hello Guys, I am fresh to the forum, sorry for any boo-boos I made in this post. A bit about me: I'm 25 and pretty athletic, in terms of tennis I have pretty good service, and from what I have been told I am a natural baseline player with a preference for forehand (with spin). I do love to...
  2. Amateur Players and Tennis Equipment Forum
    Hey, I'm looking to buy a new racket for myself. I'm an intermediate player. One of the tennis racquet that came across me was Babolat Pure Drive 2021. I kinda like it but it has mixed reviews. Anyone who has used it and can help me? Will be greatly appreciated. One of the articles I read about...
  3. Amateur Players and Tennis Equipment Forum
    Hey Members; Im trying to replace my Wilson K-Factor Surge. I love how light this racket is and how fast it lets me swing. What would be the closest equivalent new gen racket to this right now from Wilson? Would it be their new Clash Midplus? What about from another brand? Would it be a...
1-3 of 3 Results