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    Pam Shriver (1988 Seoul Doubles Gold) Zina Garrison (1988 Seoul Doubles Gold) Gigi Fernandez (1992 Barcelona & 1996 Atlanta Doubles Gold) Mary Joe Fernandez (1992 Barcelona & 1996 Atlanta Doubles Gold) Li Ting (2004 Athens Doubles Gold) Sun Tian Tian (2004 Athens Doubles Gold) Elena Dementieva...
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    We have a lot of threads about.... most talented best peak most athletic GOAT most liked / least liked least deserving even the most beautiful or lately, most charming But i want to talk about Olympic Champions... and what's fairly unique about olympics is nationalism or patriotism! So I will...
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    I am a poet and cannot stand idly by. I am trying to do my part. I do not have any public platform/stature, yet I hope that posting these in forums will help her and the cause of justice. Please share them if you feel they're beneficial. I am giving each poem in its own post so that if...
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    The Tokyo Olympics is over! I've written a couple of analyses on the gold medallists' best matches including Belinda Bencic's win over Marketa Vondrousova. Hope you enjoy it
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    i think svitolina and pavs have a good chance tbh
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    Haven't seen one of these yet, but with us being two months from ranking cut-offs and points from rankings beginning to be dropped, I sort of want to see what we are thinking in regards to who will be representing their country in Tokyo(presuming it happens🤞). We can see the Olympic pairings...
1-6 of 7 Results