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  1. Amateur Players and Tennis Equipment Forum
    Hey all, I used to play with a wilson titanium roger federer 27 ( when I was a younger. I then upgraded to a pure drive and then a pure strike. The problem is that these rackets just dont feel the same. I'm trying to get back into competitive tennis but can't seem to find the best...
  2. Amateur Players and Tennis Equipment Forum
    Hi I'm a beginner player, previously I used a really cheap racket and thinking of switching it up. Searching the net has been really confusing. If I measure 9.6 cm from the top of my ring finger to the crease, is a grip 2 racket too big for me? Should I be using grip 0 or 1? Any advice would be...
  3. Amateur Players and Tennis Equipment Forum
    Hi friends, my name is Lio. I'm looking to buy a new racket. I'm 40 years old, height 1.80m, "healthy" guy. I returned to tennis after many years. Amateur Medium player, I do no have a clear playing style unfortunately. Trying to pass as many balls as possible, Once in a long time I get a pretty...
1-3 of 3 Results