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    After Stuttgart, only 2 more big clay tournaments before Roland Garros... especially now that Madrid is 2 weeks. that went by quickly. Should we have more clay tournaments and if so would Miami be the easy change?
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    :eek: another? Double bagel :eek: do well in next round jpeg! :rocker2:
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    Only 3 seeds remain: 8, 9, 22 Since it's so random, I made a random wheel which you can spin to help you make your decision. Click on the link to access it!
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    Two queens known for their bombastic personalities.... Who will win and who will be more emotional?
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    A couple of decent points, but neither were that impressive, tbh. At least glad Maky didn't have to go 3 sets. Next round should be much more difficult.
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    Haven't seen it, but I am quite surprised she is not out after the Dubai finale. She really seems to be quite consistent these months. She is facing Iga next, if she manage to win she may aswell go deep.
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    Renata is into her first WTA 1000 MD! She will be the only Mexican player in the singles draw, VIVA MÉXICO 🇲🇽
1-7 of 7 Results