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    I have noticed that Xinyu is wearing Adidas, Xiyu is wearing Nike, Zhu Lin is wearing Yonex, and Shuai Z is wearing Asics. Big apparel brands like Nike and Adidas have headquarters/branches in China. A lot of apparel and rackets are manufactured in China. Just wondering when there will be a...
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    Matches going past 1AM... that's too far and unnatural. An occasional match going past midnight is okay, but this is beyond okay. Maybe it's survivorship bias or by the time they win/lose they are over it and don't care. Probably also affects one's ability to perform well the next day or two.
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    Personally, as a hardcore wta fan I enjoy these kind of videos. but there's no one here that comes close to demanding that you watch them, which arguably is what WTA needs more of to get more eyeballs :oh: But maybe it's time to truly move past the Williamses and Sharapovas and figure out how...
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    We often have discussions on TF about who the GOAT is. We also often wonder about the viability of the sport: well fortunately and unfortunately, people enjoy watching attractive folk in entertainment. It's one criteria of many to increase viewership but it is one that can make a difference...
1-5 of 5 Results