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    My final year university research project is focussed on analysing the different preferences people have for their racket grips and seeing if any of these can be linked to their playing styles or hand anatomy. The aim is to see if at the end, a customised handle could be 3D printed for an...
  2. Amateur Players and Tennis Equipment Forum
    Hello everyone, I wanted to know what overgrip I should choose. I thought of Tourna Grip or Tourna Tac/Mega Tac. I am currently using this Wilson Pro overgrip Wilson Unisex Griffband Pro Overgrip, weiß, 12 Stück, WRZ4016WH: Sport & Freizeit . I like the grip at first and its...
  3. Amateur Players and Tennis Equipment Forum
    Hi, I recently changed my 18 year old racquet for a newer one, however, the country where I live in, has very limited options of grip sizes. The biggest grip I could find was a 4-3/8 and Im slightly bigger than a 4-3/4. My question is, would adding many grips and overgrips will change the racket...
1-3 of 3 Results