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    As we know in the back of our minds, Slams were not the same back in the day, even after the Open Era. But! We haven't spent a lot of time quantifying what this means. I looked through the GOATs slam histories and noticed some interesting things! The average wins Margaret Court needed to win...
  2. General Messages
    We often have discussions on TF about who the GOAT is. We also often wonder about the viability of the sport: well fortunately and unfortunately, people enjoy watching attractive folk in entertainment. It's one criteria of many to increase viewership but it is one that can make a difference...
  3. General Messages
    What is the optimal total titles to grand slam ratio? Is having 20 titles and only 1 grand slam underachieving? Is having only 5 titles and 2 grand slams overachieving? Secondarily, what happens when you throw Category 5 / Tier I / PM+5 / 1000 into the mix? These are some common questions I...
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    What would it take for Pablo Careno Busta to become the all time tennis 🐐
  5. Caroline Wozniacki
    Last thread went past 5000 posts Caroline loses to Schmiedlova in Wuhan after being up 61 41 I can understand why she's still playing. These are important tournaments. But not if you lose early. I expect she'll still play Beijing and maybe the elite tournament. This year was a huge step back...
1-5 of 5 Results