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    She also talks about Kerber, Zverev and the future of German tennis, and the Azarenka situation as well. Source: 2 part interview with Eurosport
  2. General Messages
    Gauff has more power than these two, I hope she fullfils her mentality. Fernandez looks a bit more promising than Răducanu, but is like anorexic and worries me about a huge past in very poor WTA tournaments. Răducanu seems not to have control over the ball in exchanges. They could become...
  3. General Messages
    Raducanu has withdrawn after testing positive for COVID. Hoping she gets well soon now!
  4. Emma's Empire
    Google's Year in Search - Google Trends Athletes 1) Christian Eriksen 2) Tiger Woods 3) Simone Biles 4) Emma Raducanu 5) Henry Ruggs III 6) Neeraj Chopra 7) 大谷 翔平 (Shohei Ohtani) 8) Odell Beckham Jr. 9) Rafael Nadal 10) Tyson Fury People 1) Alec Baldwin 2) Kyle Rittenhouse 3) Christian...
  5. Emma's Empire
    Emma Raducarnu and Gabriela Ruse are such wonderful close friends. This is just the sort of support Emma needs now as she enters 2022. So beautiful ladies who care and support each other.
1-7 of 8 Results