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  1. General Messages
    Battle of the Belgians! Not a surprising result at all considering Mertens has like 50% win on grass and AVU actually can play well on the surface, but the scoreline :sneaky: Elise just tanking to peak in Wimbledon (by reaching R3 :oh: )
  2. The Belgian Babes Band
    As we've been seeing recently, Elise is a solid and consistent player who is frequently able to make deep runs into Grand Slams. This 2020, she got to the second week of two out of the three majors (AO 4th Round; US Open QF). She still hasn't been able to repeat her AO 2018 performance, where...
  3. General Messages
    H2H: 2-0 in favour of Kenin Their previous match was very close: Very interesting match incoming! Could go either way, both have been playing some solid tennis! Can Elise step up against a top player in a slam and win? Or will Sonya be too mentally strong for her?
1-3 of 3 Results