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  1. How do you fill your tennis match at your club or with your tennis friends?

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    Every time I try to put together a match, I have friends say they are confirmed then they bail or at my club, I don't know all the members so it's hard to put 4 together or even 2 that doesn't make it awkward. How do you: Know when your friends are free? Get commitment? Replace last minute...
  2. Aus Open F: (2) Mladenovic/Babos def. (1) Hsieh/Strýcová 6-2 6-1

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    Mlad/Babos are killing it in doubles. o_O Just like the WTA finals, they demolish Hsieh/Strycova in the finals. 3rd doubles slam for the pair, congrats! They didn't even drop a single...