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  1. Amateur Players and Tennis Equipment Forum
    I have long heard that Czech has the best junior tennis academies and I want to send my son to train there this summer (14 years old and 8.5 UTR). But I am having a hard time deciding which club/coach is the best for him. I have looked at TK Sparta Praha, TK agrofert prostějov, TK Slavia Plzen...
  2. Doubles Forum
    FlashScores says these teams have never met, which I find extremely surprising. I thought they had met in the 2021 YEC, but it was actually Mertens and Hsieh who took the Japanese pair out in the semi. This feels kind of NID considering the Japanese duo have never really been considered a big...
  3. Doubles Forum
    I think we got the best possible final for this event, but who takes the trophy? Head to head is I believe 1-0, with the Czechs winning 6-2 6-3 in Melbourne. They also beat Mertens (with Hsieh) in the final here last year. On the other hand, Mertens had quite a good matchup against the Czechs...
1-3 of 3 Results