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  1. General Messages Edit: And as a bonus, an interview with Vogue:
  2. General Messages
    Kenin looked grumpy as always, but at least she is back! :hug: More about the exho:
  3. General Messages
    I’m just watching Coco’s match at Wimbledon and started wondering. I think she’ll win one day, just wondering when and which one she’ll win. What do you think?
  4. General Messages
    Gauff has more power than these two, I hope she fullfils her mentality. Fernandez looks a bit more promising than Răducanu, but is like anorexic and worries me about a huge past in very poor WTA tournaments. Răducanu seems not to have control over the ball in exchanges. They could become...
  5. Doubles Forum
    Second grand slam for Stosur and Zhang, good match, congrats.
1-5 of 5 Results