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    I thought it was strange not seeing her name in the tournament and so I assumed she had retired early or something. The mystery got the better of me and I decided to look it up and I can't find any information anywhere🙃 Does anyone know what happened? Was she just extremely ;) injured?
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    So happy for Marie! FINALLY wins her first ever WTA Tournament! And to do it in front of the home crowd is extra special! Way too solid for Potapova today, just 8 UE in 15 games and only let her hold serve once all match. 0 Winners to win the Championship! First time since Idk when but must be...
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    very solid performance by Marie! Now a great SF against fellow Czech Noskova where she will be the strong favorite, good chance to pick up her first title this week if she plays like this. Stats:
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    I just need the answer to that question. Two days before the event began, she was in Guadalajara. The flight between those two cities is less than an hour-long, so I'm really curious to know what happened. Coming from Bouzkova, a very charming person who loves to play in Mexico, I assume she has...
1-4 of 4 Results