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  1. General Messages
    Solid win for Bibi! Probably as routine as it gets for her standards :lol2: Her groundstrokes were very clean and purposeful today, there have been times where she can leak a lot of errors but her groundies were measured and controlled today. She mixed it up well when needed, and her squash...
  2. General Messages
    Bianca is no longer featured on official Rolex website nor in #RolexFamily tweets or ad (which usually includes their stars even if they don't participate in the event). Seems like brands are starting to have had enough with her antics. I mean USO win took her long enough to be fair. At least...
  3. General Messages
    Another tough 1R opponent for Bianca. Madison looked quite in form in Berlin.
  4. General Messages
    First Bianca s match on grass since Wimbledon 2018 qualification.
  5. She the North
    Romanian guys, I've seen some videos of Andreescu speaking Romanian. It seems as if she's fluid, but she could definitely get better at it. However, I don't speak Romanian myself, so I have no way to verify it and my opinion isn't valid whatsoever. People informed in the matter (Modlovans and...
1-5 of 5 Results