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  1. I can't believe espn 1 or 2 is not showing live coverage now
  2. Venus Williams 1st Rd. Live Scores!!
  3. Anna Kournikova v Henrietta Nagyova: on court
  4. Justine Henin-Hardenne has now won!
  5. ESPN is showing Srichphan vs Melzer
  6. No Eurosport for me ...
  7. 1st round results
  9. *THE OFFICIAL* Longest name in the draw Maria Antonio Sanchez Lorenzo cheering thread
  10. Why Havent The Show Courts Started?
  12. Widjaja-Sugiyama Live Score!!!
  13. Why is the scoreboard page still saying for all courts "No matches in progress"???
  14. Which courts will have a webcam
  15. The ''May we have a fantastic 2 weeks of tennis'' Cheering thread ;)
  16. 1st Round RESULTS/scores~Monday~
  17. Poll: Who will win?
  18. What matches will Eurosport and Canvas broadcast tonight?
  19. ESPN for Latin America!
  20. Who do you think will win?
  21. Will Kim lose her first match?
  22. Agassi losing today=more WTA coverage
  23. Els Callens "to meet Serena in second round (hopefully)" thread
  24. The IVETA BENESOVA cheering thread
  25. VENUS FOUND!!!!!!!
  26. Top 8 seeds HEAD-2-HEAD
  27. Win $100. Post Your AO Picks!
  28. Collection of Serena Slam News
  29. What unseeded player will make the quarters?
  30. Hingis fans who are you rooting for?
  32. Admit it: a Serena-Cappy final would ROCK
  33. First round Head to Heads
  34. Why is ESPN...?
  35. Join the WTT game: Australian Open!
  36. we're with you Patty
  37. WTAT RANKINGS 01/11/03
  38. ~The Maggie Maleeva Cheering Thread~
  39. Can any of the aussie's win
  40. If you buy a grounds pass...
  41. Shaughnessy eyes Aussie Open
  42. Canadians: TSN Line Up
  43. Jen practices on Aussie Open courts...PICS
  44. Is this a curse on Maria Sharapova?
  45. Schedule for Monday is out (Bottom half playing first)
  46. I feel weird...
  47. Will monday shcedule be available tonight?
  48. THE SHARAPOVA PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!
  49. Qualifiers Placed
  50. Mary Carillo will be commentating on ESPN!!
  51. Latinos apoyando unicamente a las maravillosas Lindsay, Jennifer y Monica en el AO
  52. head to head for belgian players
  53. Qualifying RESULTS/scores~Final Round~
  54. Predict These First Round Matches Please
  55. Who will in Doubles?
  56. The Sistah'z
  57. AO Pre-qualifying results
  58. Somebody Please...
  59. Lucky losers ?
  60. *** Patty Schnyder cheering thread ***
  61. Eva Dyrberg?
  63. The Czech duell
  64. Kim Clijsters gets easiest draw.... gotta be rigged!
  65. SVETLANA KUZNETSOVA Cheering Thread!!!!
  66. Battle of The ASIANS! (Round 1 Widjaja vs Sugiyama)
  67. Day 2 & 3 of Qualifying - My Report/s (UPDATED)
  68. FINAL Qualifying Matches
  69. Kournikova vs. Nagyova....
  70. OMG Ai and Angie meet in 1st round...
  71. Do Seles and Clijsters have a hope in hell of beating Serena? I doubt it
  72. Which half of the draw plays on monday?
  73. Don't forget to post your WTAT picks!!!!
  74. <<<!Canadian Cheering thread!>>>
  75. Fill In The Brackets Competition
  76. Sunitha Rao
  77. Which Half of Draw Plays First?
  79. seles vs serena
  80. Main Draw?
  81. Qualifying RESULTS/scores~2nd Round~
  82. The Amy Frazier will carve up the draw thread
  84. Marie-Eve Pelletier....en route towards the main draw !
  85. I e-mailed the AO to let them know about their "crappy" scoreboard...
  86. Qualifying second round predictions
  87. Make it to the main draw Nuria!
  88. Where Is Venus????
  89. My Qualifying report - Long and lots of matches seen!
  90. PAW (Pick-A-Winner): MELBOURNE 2003
  91. Qual 2nd rd match ups
  92. My quallie report... mainly Aussies
  93. Qualy Report
  94. Friday schedule
  96. Dechy's Australian Open Status In Doubt
  97. Cheering thread for Magi Serna!
  98. Is there anyone else that the FUC**** scoreboard doesn't work at all!!!
  99. Is Safin out? Is Dechy Out?
  100. tzipi obziler Cheering Thread
  101. Come in to cheer if your favourites have won their matches!
  102. Top 16's Results In Melbourne :
  103. Where is Mirjana????
  104. Players who withdrew from Qualies..are they inj?
  105. Where is the draw??
  106. Qualifying RESULTS/scores~1st Round~
  107. Withdrawals...With the Qualy draw out..
  108. The Kristie Boogert cheering thread
  109. Capriati's blessed 2nd Round losses in Sydney
  110. live scores?
  111. ATP: Taylor Dent for USA Thread!!!
  112. Countdown to an All-Williams AO Final
  113. GO Aussie Go (let's hear it)
  114. Lina Krasnoroutskaya Cheering Thread
  115. Schedule of play - Day 1
  116. Women's Qualifying Draw--FOR REAL!
  118. Men's Qualifying Draw--FOR REAL
  119. Jen already on Aussie Open Grounds
  120. Do qualifying matches start tommorow (9th) ?
  121. OZ Open Seedings-just released
  122. AO TV schedule
  123. qualifying draw?
  124. Who has officially withdrawn?
  125. Aussie Draw out in a few hours...but what time will it be posted?
  126. Burn Out
  127. At what time will we get the qualifying draw tommorow ?
  128. Livescoreboard from Quali??
  130. Fill In The Brackets Competition
  131. the aussie girls Cheering Thread
  132. Dark cloud comes to Mary Pierce..
  133. Countdown Until Venus WINS THIS!!!!
  134. Players That Could Miss The Qualifying Due To Playing Interstate
  135. CHICAS LATINAS Cheering thread!!!
  136. When does the qualy draw come out?
  137. Who do you think will fall first?
  138. Who do you think will fall first?
  139. Most Likely to Happen...
  140. Entry list?
  141. When will the main draw come out??
  144. AO predictions w/o draw!!!!
  145. Wildcard?
  146. Does Sharapova have to...
  147. Players not in any warmup tourn
  148. Cheering thread for Angelique Widjaja and Wynne Prakusya
  149. Oz Open prediction for my girls
  150. Mirjana Lucic cheering thread
  151. When does the qulay draw come out?
  152. Prospective Qualifying Seedings
  153. Can you name them all?
  154. USA TV SCHED.???
  155. Back On Top Down Under
  156. Out - Rusedski, Henman, Sampras, Haas, T Martin, Mauresmo, Hingis, Dokic, who's next?
  158. Serena's "SLAM" ends here ....
  159. French Wildcards Announced!!
  160. 2003 apparel for top players...
  161. Are there Day & Evening sessions at the AO ?
  162. The "Made in USA" Cheering Thread
  163. The Ansley Cargill Cheering Thread!!
  164. The Serena SLAM Continues!!!!!
  165. ATP qualie list?
  166. OZ seeds are pretty much set (barring injury)
  167. The "Eleni Rox My World" Cheering Thread!
  168. The Official Anna Smashnova Cheering Thread
  169. ***BALLY'S BARMY ARMY*** The 98% official ELENA BALTACHA cheering thread.
  170. US Australian Open Coverage
  171. Tennis Poker - Sign up for the 2003 season!
  172. The Olga Barabanschikova Cheering Thread!
  173. let's go our only player in the list: Marie-Eve Pelletier!!!
  174. Prospective AUS Open Seedings
  175. OMG its true, Baltacha and Anne K get Aust Open Wildcards, Might be a One off Though!
  176. Baltacha gains Aussie wild card
  177. WOMENSFINAL ticket for sale
  178. ELENA DEMENTIEVA cheering thread.
  180. Aus Open Schedule
  181. Full Acceptance List (including Qualies)
  182. The Official Book On Sale Today (13 December 2002)
  183. Who will win the Australian Open ???
  184. Aussie Players Cheering Thread
  185. Who's gets Evie's wildcard if Evie doesnt need it? Stosur or Grahame
  186. HINGIS will not be playing here!
  187. Official ~See Ya~ Thread
  188. OMG! Eva is playing?
  189. Player Acceptance List
  190. Okay, really, does anyone have any idea where the entry list is?
  191. Who DOES Want To See An All-Williams Final?
  192. The Official Justine "Juju" Henin-Hardenne Cheering Thread!!!
  193. Will Martina Navartilova be playing Doubles?
  194. "ok, let's hope for at least one good german result"-cheering thread
  195. 99 out of top 100 men playing, 97 of top 100 woman playin Aust Open, Article in here!
  196. CANADIANS.....^CheerinG^ThreaD^~~
  197. Who don`t want to see " The All Williams " final ?
  198. The Croatian Cheering Thread!
  199. Big Changes 4 Doubles Entry System, Players get 2 use their singles ranking 2 get in!
  200. The GBTennisGirls cheering thread
  202. !!the swiss girls - they're all pearls!!-cheering thread
  204. "Daniela Hantuchova CHEERING THREAD"
  205. "AsiaN pLayErS CHEERING THREAD"
  206. TOP: Let Lindsay be Melbourne's Baby in 2003!
  207. The Conchita Martinez Cheering Thread
  208. The *I want GOOD Tennis* Cheering Thread!
  209. Daniela Hantuchova Cheering Thread
  210. ~~~---Monica Seles *SLAMS* the Competition for Her 10th!---~~~
  211. ALLEZ AMELIE (whether she plays or not)
  212. ~~~The Kimmy Clijsters Cheering thread~~~
  213. The "GO JENN, THREEPEAT!" thread
  214. The belgians rock thread
  215. The Russian Cheering Thread!
  216. guess the wildcards
  218. The Official JENNIFER CAPRIATI Cheering Thread
  219. The OFFICIAL MARTINA HINGIS cheeringthread!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  220. !~! Mary Pierce Cheering Thread !~!
  221. (`v)The Anna KOURNIKOVA cheering thread (`v)
  222. The Official LINDSAY DAVENPORT Cheering Thread!!!
  223. 1 st!!!!!!!!!!!
  224. First again