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  3. I met Pam :D
  4. Congrats To Kimmie!!! Great Win!!
  5. The Girls Pam and MJ are WAY out of control
  6. Serena VS Kim Live Score
  7. Help Live scores for final where ???
  8. Who would you favor is a best of 5 format?
  9. I need some help : How can you NOT follow live scores on this message board...
  10. COUNTDOWN: Serena Williams vs Kim Clijsters
  11. I'm not a big Kim Clijsters fan but....
  12. At what time does the final start on Monday ?
  13. ?? Serena or Kim ??
  14. Doubles Final: Black/Likhovtseva vs Dementieva/Husarova
  16. OMG.. Could it be..
  17. Serena vs Kimmy, who will be the champ?
  18. Serena VS Jennifer Live score
  19. Get well soon, Venus
  20. Venus pulled out!! will it effect on Serena?
  21. OMG! Don't play KIM CLIJSTERS in a semi of the year-ending championship
  22. Kim VS Venus score
  23. Monday Final? Why?
  24. Who will win the Championships?
  25. Sunday Schedule
  26. Can Serena bagel Jennifer at the SF?
  27. What final would you like to see...
  28. MONICA matches on VIDEO?????
  29. Sugiyama and Fujiwara pulled a really big upset!
  30. What can Jelena do to win?
  31. Serena & Jelena LIVE SCORES
  32. Is the Serena match starting...
  33. Capriati VS Maleeva score
  34. Any analysis on the two QF match tonight?
  35. What footage did espn 2 show after the match
  36. Video Clips?
  37. I think the Championship should be a round robin format like the ATP!
  38. Kim or Venus??
  39. does the double match start yet?
  40. Spill your thoughts on Venus vs. Seles match
  41. What does Kimmy have to do...
  42. Did Anybody Record Venus-Monica?
  43. Great Champs (venus vs. monica) scores
  44. What NickName do you find cute?
  45. Saturday's Schedule
  46. What's wrong with the surface ???
  47. Doubles QF Results
  48. Kim Clijsters vs Justine Henin LIVE SCORES
  49. Seles v. Davenport Tiebreak Video <<Download>>
  50. Comparing Williams sisters Outfits
  51. Monica vs. Venus
  52. What is your solution to the low attendance in the stands?
  53. Who else thought Serena's dress was eloquently classical...
  54. QF Preds
  55. Jennifer's dancing rep at parties has gotten around...
  56. Battle of The BELGIAN's
  57. People with TVS!! What was Serena wearing?
  58. ESPN Still said nothing about Monica's award
  59. Jennifer CAPRIATI (3) vs. Silvia FARINA ELIA- Live Scores
  60. 82 double faults and counting...
  61. Serena vs Anna - scores!!
  62. Fridays tv schedule question
  63. Do the Impossible? Can Smashnova Take Out Serena?
  65. Friday schedule
  66. Jelena Won!!!
  67. What the tournament site screws up again???
  68. what does Monica have to do to beat V WILLIAMS?
  69. Maleeva VS Hantuchova scores
  70. Bonus points
  71. Lindsay's face...
  72. Brave, Bold, Classy...
  73. Players Interviews on here
  74. I've lost all my faith in Lindsay
  75. Serving problems!
  76. Interviews?
  77. Monica vs Venus
  78. Pam Shriver said that Martina Hingis is serving as a chauffeur for the players!!
  79. Chanda, Maggie, Patty, Kim, Venus and Monica deny Lindsay a top seeding at Oz!
  80. how much longer till dokic..
  81. Chanda's face
  82. SELES vs. DAVENPORT (Live Scores)
  83. Does the Monica & Lindsay match begin?
  84. Kims face
  85. camera angle?
  86. how far can dokic go
  87. Can Someone post retirees?
  88. Patty for the upset?
  89. dodgy net
  90. ~ Visit CyberMonica ~
  91. Who of the favourites will have problems with the slowness of the court ?
  92. Wow ! What a crowd
  93. This isn't carpet, this is a hard court, DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!
  94. What if the Davenport-Seles scheduled match is wrong too?
  95. Christ espn is using 3 friggin commentators
  96. LA- the players, their records, the numbers for statistical
  97. Justine vs. Elena -- SCORES
  98. Let the games begin.
  99. Cheering 4 Tina/Kata!
  100. Does anyone have inside information on Monica's...
  101. Come in here if want some Tennis NOW!!
  102. Clijsters versus Rubin Scores
  103. Can't believe espn isn't going to show Patty-Venus
  104. When will the Rubin-Clijsters match starts???
  105. I am so excited
  106. Will there be live scores on the official website ?
  107. Jennifer HAS to win here...
  108. Wynne PRAKUSYA / Janet LEE cheering thread!
  109. Husarova...
  110. Eastern time?
  111. Raw tennis against diversity
  112. Belgian TV?
  113. Will there be live scores somewhere on the Net ??
  114. I'm going to both Sessions on Wednesday! anyone else going?
  115. Website
  116. Which of these matches would surprise us?
  117. 1st round scores predictions?
  118. what does Monica have to do to beat DAVENPORT?
  119. Website
  120. Maggie has an excellent chance to make it to the semis!!!
  121. True DOUBLES Champion 2002
  122. Its about time....
  123. What does Your Fave Need To Do To Get To _
  124. Los Angeles Event Sinks Before it Starts
  125. H2H's
  126. First Seed to Lose?
  127. Women's Look Forward: Week of November 4
  128. Thursday's Schedule of play
  129. Wednesday's schedule of play
  131. What is Monday's schedule?
  132. Justine Henin (BEL) vs. Kim Clijsters (BEL)
  133. Im glad Monica got the toughest draw
  134. Monica's draw nearly impossible
  135. this tournament's future
  136. Head-to-heads for 1st round
  137. Final will be Clijsters-Serena Williams
  138. tennis greats?
  139. ANY ONE SEEN MONICA practising lately?
  140. Elena Dementieva Cheering Thread!!!
  141. any pics yet?
  142. Who is more likely to be a 1st rnd loser??
  144. Can I support both kim and juju?
  145. 2002 of the 16 ladies !
  146. Would she be #1
  147. If Venus were to pull out....
  148. The "someone will withdraw so Alex can play" thread...
  149. !Justine "Petite Powerhouse" Henin Cheering Thread!
  150. 120+ hrs of TV Coverage for Home Depot Championships presented by Porsche
  151. Which players will profit from the surface being Greenset?
  152. The Elena DEMENTIEVA ( singles and doubles ) Cheering Thread. !!
  153. Only Dementieva and Hantuchova have a chance to...
  154. Seeds - Singles And Doubles
  155. Will Venus Show Up For This Tournament?
  156. The "Denial ain't just a river in Egypt" cheering thread (redux)
  157. When does the draw come out?
  158. Here's the site!!!! tx to Kuilli ;-)
  159. Who will win
  160. Alexandra instead of Elena???
  161. WTA Prediction Game...Fans know it All
  162. It's Nastya's First Time Here & She Wants To Win! (The Myskina Cheering Thread)
  164. Where Is The Draw?
  165. Predict 1st Round Losers!
  166. predict the draw contest
  167. the maggie maleeva cheering thread!
  168. silvia farina cheering thread
  169. The Elena Dementieva cheering thread
  170. Monica Seles Gonna Steamroll To Finals
  171. Whos gonna win?
  172. yahoo! Going to the championships!
  173. Great coverage for Aussies with optus/foxtel
  174. Tournament Winners: '78-'01
  175. If Henin gets to the final in Linz she will be seeded #4 at the Championships...
  176. Which No. 8th Double ?
  177. ESPN TV schedule?
  178. ..::|| The Killin' Kim Cheering Thread ||::..
  179. I want the 5 sets final back!!
  180. Home Depot As Title Sponsor + Porsche
  181. The Patty Schnyder cheering thread
  182. When will the main draw come out...
  183. *<< Allez Juju >>*
  184. The Williams *Total Domination* Cheering Thread
  185. "Snappy Cappy Makes Us Happy" Cheering Thread
  186. Rankings used for placing the seeds or the 'race' standings ?
  187. A big cheer for Stubbsy
  188. Website
  189. TOP: L.A. means Lindsay Anne for the title!
  191. The Amelie 2002 golden sunset cheering thread
  193. Daniela Hantuchova Cheering Thread!
  194. Chanda Rubin cheering thread
  195. The Monica Seles Cheering Thread
  196. The Poli/Vivi Cheering Thread
  197. The Anna Smashnova Cheering Thread
  198. The Arantxa/Daniela Cheering Thread
  199. Venus Williams Gonna Steamroll to Finals
  200. Serena Williams Gonna Steamroll to Finals
  201. Cheers for Monica!
  202. FIRST!