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  1. Any Players from Dnipro (Ukraine)?
  2. Any players in Melbourne?
  3. I need new tennis shoes PLEASE HELP
  4. What do you hate more: Hitting the net or hitting it out?
  5. "Madison Keys" syndrome
  6. Back injury while hitting BH DTL
  7. Does anyone here participate in the GLTA ?
  8. Let's myself down mentally yesterday
  9. Mental tips
  10. Best arm friendly racquets or strings?
  11. Tennis Camera Video Match Analysis
  12. Most improved aspect of your game
  13. The smell and feel of natural gut
  14. Adequate racquet for my playing style
  15. Serve or Return - Which do you prefer?
  16. Do you swear when playing tennis?
  17. how can i improve?
  18. Any tennis player in West London?
  19. What do u feel playing someone u love
  20. Wilson Blade
  21. any tennis players in Austin?
  22. Greeny amateur. When or how to play matches?
  23. Sony?s tennis racquet sensor can lift your game, set, and match
  24. help me choose a new racquet
  25. Anyone used Yonex VCORE Tour F 97?
  26. How to improve mental strength?
  27. Racket--like Babolot AeroPro Team GT
  28. Buying Lotto clothing/footwear in London
  29. Do you need a tennis partner? Find them here!
  30. Recommend a racket and strings
  31. National rating systems - any help appreciated!
  32. Which tennis shoes do you wear?
  33. Committing to your shots
  34. Rate Your Game!
  35. Racket/ball impact at 45 degree angle in super-slow
  36. Has anyone psoting here ever tanked a competitive match?
  37. Improving footspeed and footwork with long legs!!!??
  38. Is Squash a good building block for starting out in Tennis?
  39. Topspin vs Flat?
  40. What is your favourite surface to play on?
  41. Where should your right leg (right-handed player) be at the end of yoru serve?
  42. Wimbledon contest
  43. The secret to the low forehand volley by C. Evert
  44. Have you ever just completely lost a shot for like a week or two?
  45. Favourite Shot to Hit.
  46. How to improve your AWFUL serve ?
  47. How do you celebrate?
  48. Back sorted, but now i have shin splints
  49. Which Serve Stance Do You Use?
  50. Martina Navratilova Exclusive: How to hit a volley
  51. Differences between Prince Racquet Series.
  52. Think I made a racquet mistake!
  53. Switching from natural gut to hybrids
  54. Game Changer: Babolat Play Review
  55. Andy Murray exclusive: How to hit a drop shot
  56. Stefan Edberg exclusive: How to remain calm
  57. John Newcombe's Return of Serve Tactic
  58. Shaping Speed: Head Launches Custom Made
  59. Michael Chang exclusive: How to surprise your opponent
  60. Pat Rafter: how to improve your backhand smash
  61. Mid Sized Racket Users
  62. Hit Your Approach Shot Like the Pros
  63. Changing Grips - Tips?
  64. How to find balance in your game?
  65. has anyone ever gotten forearm splints? (like shin splits but in your forearm)
  66. Have you ever smashed/broken your racquet?
  67. What has been your worst injury?
  68. How to be a better tennis player (THE WALL: step outside your comfort zone)
  69. What was your game like when you first started playing?
  70. Which racquet brand do you use?
  71. How good is your serve?
  72. Consistent toss/2nd serve?
  73. Tennis Diet: Beets A Superfood That Can Help You Finish Strong?
  74. Lindsay Davenport's grips
  75. Tennis coaching abroad opportunities?
  76. Your dream courts to play on
  77. TF Clash Koper: Mitten Kitten def flareon 6-3 6-7(4) 7-5 in 3 hours!
  78. 4 Easy Ways Boring Tennis Can Lead To Brilliant Wins
  79. Vibration Dampeners?
  80. German Amateur Tennis League and LK-Tournament Thread - Season 2013 - Vol. 1
  81. Entered in a tournament with my fiance this weekend... any tips?
  82. Australian AMT Players Thread
  83. What grips do you use on your strokes?
  84. Wilson Steam 105 S
  85. Nike & Adidas Heabands
  86. Quality and affordable tennis clubs/academies worldwide?
  87. Your best tennis outfits
  88. Best shots in your repertoire?
  89. What do you say at the net after an easy win?
  90. Trouble Staying Focused When You've Got A Big Lead? Here's How To Fix It.
  91. Learn How Elevation Can Easily Give Your Forehand More Power
  92. Worst shots in your repertoire?
  93. 1 Easy Way Elevation Can Quickly Give Your Forehand More Velocity
  94. Has anyone used lead tape?
  95. Which tennis player does your play resemble to most?
  96. Best online tennis shops in Australia?
  97. What do you do when facing break points?
  98. Tennis shoes
  99. Help me, got forcefed double bagel
  100. matthias def. Fantasy Hero 6:0 6:7 6:4
  101. Foot faults in league matches
  102. Training - Prioritisation of Supplementary Training
  103. Augsburg Open Day 1: Fantasy "Wozniacki" Hero def. Adrian. "Domachowska" 6-4 3-6 6-2!
  104. Question about String Tension
  105. New racquet time!
  106. How can i get Davenport-like power?
  107. Ads from Tennisplayers in your country
  108. How to get match-tough after a long competetive layoff?
  109. Recommendations for sore feet?
  110. How to Play Tennis in NYC
  111. Overgrip recommendations?
  112. Tips on playing on the ITF Circuit please
  113. Melbourne Park Court Hire
  114. Question for two-handed forehanders
  115. Tennis shoe warranty issue
  116. Question about racquet handle lengths! Help please!
  117. What tricks do you use to concentrate more?
  118. String recommendation needed
  119. Best Looking Racquet?
  120. Don't you just feel like trying to play 'beautiful tennis' is a total waste of time?
  121. The feet in tennis
  122. When did you start playing tennis?
  123. Question, is it worth the opportunity?
  124. How many times do you bounce the ball before serving?
  125. Racquet for 5'1'' 15 year-old boy?
  126. I just played tennis for the first time in 4 months
  127. NZ_Tennis_Fan def Kittyking in four sets
  128. I Played in the OutGames! (And won a medal!)
  129. Gain Concrete Tennis Confidence Like Andre Agassi and Justine Henin
  130. Tennis Strategy: How To Finish A Tennis Match With Nadal-like Intensity!
  131. Reformat Your Serve Programming In Your Next Tennis Practice Session
  132. Do you scream when playing tennis?
  133. Yonex MP 5i- HELP!
  134. Thoughts on this racquet?
  135. How to play against pushers?
  136. My attempt to qualify for a national ranking tournament
  137. I still can't find the right headband...
  138. Finding people to play against
  139. believing in your game
  140. Best point you remember you played in a match
  141. Restringing Prices?
  142. What Grip Do You Use On Your Forehand Side
  143. tennis rebounder net vs. practice wall
  144. Tennis Racket Brands
  145. WWW Old School Battle Championship?
  146. How often do you generally play tennis?
  147. Dunlop rackets.
  148. What's Your Best Shot?
  149. Everybody was Kung Foo Slicing
  150. Funny Tennis Video
  151. Which backhand do you use?
  152. Great Tennis Video on the ZZ Top Forehand
  153. Who Likes This Video?
  154. Fun Tip On Backhand Volley
  155. Playing Tennis in Buenos Aires--Need Advice
  156. Question about Balls
  157. Zvonareva's Prince rackets has a design flaw that keeps breaking the strings
  158. what the device on Arnaud Clement arm?
  159. Perfect Racquet for agressive baseliner?
  160. Your biggest comeback in a tennis match???
  161. How many types of surfaces have you actually played on?
  162. Ros
  163. Favorite tips from the pros
  164. Replacement for Wilson Hammer 6.4?
  165. Which pro does your game compare most to?
  166. Stringing Stores
  167. Anyone in Sydney for a game of tennis? Need a 4th player for tennis on Sunday.
  168. Tips for tournaments please
  169. Replacement for Wilson nCode Tour?
  170. 33. World Championship TENNIS PRESS
  171. Is there going to be New kBlade?
  172. any recommendations on women's tennis shoes?
  173. help me find!!
  174. I need a hitting Hollywood/West Hollywood
  175. Why don't men wear visors ?
  176. Spunk in Tennis OUtfits
  177. Not letting Henin/Murray type behaviour get to you.
  178. Recommend a Raquet
  179. Losing confidence in one of your shots
  180. Womens' Tennis OUtfits
  181. Help me upgrade my tennis racquet!
  182. Recommend a type of strings!
  183. Is there a site where you can find tennis players in your area?
  184. Your first time playing tennis!
  185. Tennis Vids and Photos of YOU!!
  186. Tennis Racket Question
  187. 4 double faults in a row to lose game?
  188. My hit with a wily old man. Highest ranked player I've ever hit with.
  189. Match points
  190. Trouble finding the right headband
  191. Can you identify this Prince bag for me?
  192. Describe your playing style !
  193. Aus Open Exo WWW: venus_rulez def hdfb 4-6 6-3 6-4 (H2H: 2-2)
  194. Would these hi-tops be suitable to play in?
  195. Tennis Instructors
  196. What do you wear when you play tennis?
  197. Tennisforum match: Shafanovic vs PäisekePoole
  198. who here grunts when they hit volleys?
  199. FIRST tennis match experiences!!
  200. What tennis racquet do you use?
  201. In The Zone and Uranium Storm Hempstead 2012! Doubles Champions!
  202. Glta
  203. Stringing a tennis racquet
  204. Your tennis results?!
  205. String Tension: Are you loose or tight?
  206. Do YOU have a good drop shot?