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Emptiness Nov 10th, 2004 09:25 PM

Articles & Interviews
For when we're old and senile. And you know, archive purposes. :)
Always copy and past the whole article or interview because the website might not work in the future. And post where its from and the date if possible.

April issue of a French tennis magazine.

TM: You quietly improved through the last years, with a lots of discretion. In which circunstances did you discover tennis?
I was six years old when some family's friends carried me on a court, in the Spartak Moscow. My first coach has been Rausa Islanova, Safin's mother. I stayed with her for 10 years. I can be thankful to her, because i wouldn't be where i am without her work. That's so important what you have been taught at the beginning. I grew up in Moscow without travelling. I always practiced there, and i was pleased with that. Even if it was the best conditions if you compare to somewhere else, it was OK. I had great childhood and adolescence.

TM: How is Marat's mum?
She's a wonderful and good person, as are yhe whole Safin's family. Marat's sister, Dinara, is pretty sweet too. So is Marat of course, i've played the Hopman Cup with him, that was great. But as cause, it's obvious that Rausa was very severe and exigeant. The discipline was the most important for her.

TM: Marat's not always a discipline's model...
Yes, but that's because he went far away in spain (smile). Seriously, i can assure you that Rausa was very severe, but it was good. All i have now, i'm first thankful to her, and too my today's coach, Jens Gerlach, who helped me to pass some steps.

TM: Where did you exactly live in Russia?
In Moscow, near of the stadium actually. I went there by walking.

TM: What has been the role of your parents re your decision to become a tennis' player?
An important role. Even if they weren't at all implicated in tennis. But they did everything for me. I'm an unique child, but i haven't been spoilt. My parents have taught me all it could be learnt to a child. My father was a policeman; and he stopped his career to help me. He didn't want to let me alone on the tour. He came with me during 4 years. Now, that's my mother who sometime came with me.

TM: You were 8 years oldwhen the Berin's wall has been destroyed. Which souvenirs do you keep from the former regim of your country?
Everything wasn't bad in Sovietic Union. It was a great system for tennis players i must say. We had to be the best players to be selected in the National Team, and to have the right to travel & the help for the practice. That was simple, clear. Now, there isn't any system, everyone has to find his sponsors. Nothiung is organized, that's sad.
Of course, now, we have liberty.Before, people couldn't earn money, travel or live where they wanted to be. That time is over, the life is different. That's why we see so much girls from the East Countries, that's so great for the tour and everybody i think.

TM: You have succeeded your best year last season. Did you change your preparation before 2003?
I began to work with my new coach, Jens Gerlach, at the end of 2002. I've reached the 3rd round at the US Open, then i won in Bahia, the results came quickly. In December, we worked very hard in Moscow. But the main changement was that my father stopped to carry me on the tour. Without wanting to do it, he put too much pressure on me maybe. And now, i'm feeling better on the court, more free. I play better technically & mentally speaking.

TM: What have been the specifics changements that Jens Gerlach asked you to practice?
He helped me to have confidence in myself.Especially when I play against the best players of the world. Before, I didn't think I could beat them. I don't have to be happy just by reaching the quarters in the big events. Jens has convinced me that I could do much better. I began to put some objectives. I was satisfied to be in the Top 50. But now, I have more ambition, and more than evrything, I enjoy so much the life that I have.

TM: And in your game?
We insisted in the serve. I improved a lot last year, not by searching the power, because i'm not a strenght of the nature (smile), but by trying to have a better rythm and concentration more intense.

TM: Physically, you seem more frailer than the other players...
Yes, generally people who don't know me can't believe that i'm a professionnal tennis' player. In fact, i'm please with it, cause they more think than i'm a model ! Whatevern i don't want to change my physical, i'm happy to be how I am. I'm feeling good in my body. But i'm certain that the most important is to be strong in your head. If you're solid there, you can improve everything.

TM: Yes, but other players generally do that physical's work. Don't you feel disadvantaged?
Everyone has his own choice, his practice's method. Some prefer the power's option, others the speed... The most important is to like what you do. If it's the case, you won't have problems.

TM: And which option did you chose?
I'm slim Ok ? Some try to lose weight, but i'm trying to gain some of it. But not too much, the speed is important for me. It would be a bad choice for me to only improve my power.

TM: You have beaten most of the top players. Which player is the most difficult to play?
Amelie ! It's inbelievable. At the end of the season, i played her in Moscow, Philadelphia, at the fed Cup, and again at the Hopman Cup & Sydney in 2004... I have the impression that i'm only playing her ! I'll be dreaming about her soon in my nightmares. At the Australian Open, i finally arrived to don't draw her, that's a miracle... The problem is that now she knows how to play me against me. She has the keys to beat me. Her coach, Loic Courteau, knows me by heart too. But anyway, Amelie is a great player, but i really hope that i'll beat someday in a big tournament.

TM: Haven't you the feeling that Martina Hingis has been discouraged by the power of the others ?
Martina took the right decision. She wasn't only the number one, she was the sweetest girl of the world too. During years, she's been at the top. An injury didn't let her to give the maximum. It surely emphasized her reflection about the future orientation of the game, always with more power. And after that injury, it would have been hard to come back at her former level. She couldn't be satisfied by being the N°8 or 10. I understand that a girl who has been N°1 don't accept performances who aren't as good as they were before.

TM: What do you feel when you face the Williams' sister?
You feel nothing. (laughing) You just try to play your game.But for me, it's more easy to play them than Amelie. That three of them, it's the Top 3 of the high level. If you're ready to keep the same rythm with the Williams, you can enter on the court, but if it's not the case... With Amélie, it's much harder, because you don't know what she'll do : slice, top shots, go to the net... You've to be at 300% against her ! With Serena, that's the fastest tennis. You've to use her power.

TM: The last 1/2 final against in France in Fed Cup must be a difficult souvenir for you...
The whole week has been fantastic for France. I've never seen played Mary that good. She was inspired, in fire. I gave my maximum. I've beaten Mary after saving a match point, i took a set of Amélie. I'm sure that was some good days for the Russian's tennis. There were suspense and a whole great show. Of course I was sad. All my friends were there. I really gave all I had.

TM: The first tennis ' fan in Russia is Boris Eltsine of course. And you know him..
He's unbelievable, he supported us in every circunstances.Fed and Davis cups, tournaments, he follows everything. He's an amazing man. I know him personally. He was there when i won the Kremlin Cup. I wish him all the best.

TM: You've been also received by Poutine at the Kremlin... Bahahaha "Poutine".
Poutine is even more impressive. He's the President and has a lot of autority. You just have to look at his face... (smile) Of course,world's affairs are more important than tennis for him, but he was very sympathic when he received me with some gymnasts.

TM: An another big moment of the Russian's tennis : Davis Cup won in Paris in 2002. Where were you during the matches?
I've seen the last match. I was at home in Moscow. And that was terrific because during the match, my TV went down. I've called all my friends to help me. But the match was in a pay-for-view. And nobody had it! I finally found someone, jumped in a car to come to see it in a friend's home. It was unbelievable for the nerves. I definitely prefer to be in the court.

TM: Players who came from Russia are generally blondes and tall. But you're dark hair and pretty frail. You're different. Do you like it?
Yes, i like it. I wouldn't like to be caricatured like every "anna's" : Kournikova for sure, Dementieva, Sharapova... I'm a "brunette" and it's great!

TM: Russian players seem now to don't want to look like Anna Kounikova. They say that the most important is to win tournaments. Does Kounikova became a counter-example now?
You know, there are a lots of firms who wish to make money witrh the girls. They want to make profit, like they did it with Anna. And they surely want to do the same thing with Maria (Sharapova). But if they want to win tournaments, they have to forget that, a,d it's not easy...

TM: What do you think about Kournikova's career?
I know her very well. But we've never talked about that. She knows what she has to do. And she likes the way she lives. What more can I say?

TM: Maria Sharapova seems different, isn't she?
As i said it, if she wants to succeed, she has to make abstractions about things which turned around tennis. She's capable to do it, and I find she's a lots of people around her to care about it : her father, her agents.She seems decided...

TM: You're the Number one in Russia. Is it important for you?
Very important ! I know that Elena Dementieva said that it wasn't for her. But for me it is. After Elena and myself, there twelve players who are near and who wish to be at our places. They're very talented. Their level is like an homahe to those who are ahead them. For me it's clear, i want to stay the N°1 Russian until the end of my career! (laughing)

TM: What do you think about the seedings in Women's tennis, especially about players who come back from injuries? For example, Mauresmo wasn't happy to seed n°5 after Venus Williams n°4...
I'd say sometimes it's not fair. They want to protect at the maximum the top players. Sometimes, it can't be to the detriment of other players, even if they're at the top too. It has been the case for Amelie. But we're outthere to play. If you're strong and well prepared, yopu don't have to care about the draw. But it's just that there's a big difference by being seeded N°4 Or 5.

TM: You've been injured for a long time and had an operation. ow did you go through that?
During 4 months after the operation (left wrist), i couldn't do anything. That was horrible, becuase i had the feeling i could go to practice again, but the doctors didn't say it was the time to do it. And i made the error to don't listen them . I played too much sooner and i've been injured at the same wrist. It restarted again. I haven't played then for 7 months. But the most difficult was when i came back on the tour. During 5 weeks, only losses at the first round. I even thought to stop, it was too hard. But they continue to support me. when i needed it.

TM : Do you still practice sometimes near of Los Angeles?
No, i did it before, 3 or 4 times by year. Now i prefer to only practice in Moscow.

TM: Do you like United States?
No. It's hard. The worst is when you have to spend there 2 months in-a-row, far of your friends and family. The food for example is terrific : only fast foods. So i go the Japanese restautrant when i'm there. I love sushis. If i'd the choice, i'd never go there there again. You can resume my thoughts like that.

TM: What's your favourite surface & your favourite tournaments?
I prefer clay. And i particularly like to play in Roland Garros. I love Paris.

TM: But this tournament haven't bring you luck : you only won 1 match for 4 particpations!
Yes, and i don't know why. That's the Slam where i never did better than a second round. It's unbelievable. You know what ? I think it's because of Paris. That's the love's city. And i've too much love in my head, it bothers me ! (laughing) Ok, i forgot tennis... Seriously, the atmosphere of the tournament is fantastic., and i really hope to play better next times.

TM: What are your main goals in 2004?
I'd like to to do at least, quarters at every Slam minimum. I hope semi-finals and even better. It's difficult, the competition is hard. In Australia, i've to face Sharapova at the third round. It's hard.

TM: With your new ambitions, don't you be afraid to put on yourself too much pressure?
I try to don't. But you have to put some goals, especially if you want to be at the top. Basiaclly, you take match after match. That's what i do.

TM: What's the best part of a life's professionnal's tennis player?
To travel, discover countries and people. This is weird because i often need to come back in Moscow.

TM: And the worst part?
To travel (laugh). Finally, you have to pay the other face of the medal. Sometimes, deplacements are too much.

TM: The fact that you're now knew,. Do you sometimes feel in insecurity, because of your new notoriety, in Russia or somewhere else?
In danger, no. It's true that i try to don't be alone. But i don't care that much about it. I've a good nature and i like to have fun with people.

TM: Do you think that the question of doping is important in tennis, and that we've to care much about it in WTA Tour?
Definitely. Everyone has to be careful with it. To check every medicaments that you take. My doctor is always with me; and he knows what i am allowed or not to take. But we're controlled a ot on the tour :last year i've controled twice during Fed Cup, and on the whole of the last season, more than ten times i think. It's a lot. But there isn't mistery : if you have nothing to reproach to yourself, you have no problems.

TM: Which players do you prefer to watch on ATP?
I love to watch Roger Federer. He's a great player. All he does is sensationnal. Forehand, backhand, everything. Physically speaking, i'd say Todd Reiid, the young Australian (laughing).

TM: You've already succeeded a lots of things. But what's your absolute dream?
To have a happy life after my career. It's a difficult moment i think, to discover yourself, alone, after the intense competition. Top happy after that, it's a great challenge.

Nastyafan Nov 15th, 2004 08:26 PM

15.11. 2004


В воскресенье в UCLA - Калифорнийском университете Лос-Анджелеса давал концерт оркестр "Виртуозы Москвы" под управлением Владимира Спивакова, а в зале Staples Center продолжались гастроли звезд WTA Tour. Групповые турниры выявили лучших из лучших. Московский теннисный виртуоз Анастасия Мыскина встречалась в полуфинале с Марией Шараповой, о которой сейчас говорит вся Америка, а Серена Уильямс - с Амели Моресмо. Хотя результаты этих матчей большинству читателей "СЭ" почти наверняка уже известны, надеюсь, вам будет любопытно узнать некоторые подробности двух последних дней предварительных соревнований.

Пятничная игра с Дэвенпорт была для Мыскиной ключевой, ведь в случае поражения Анастасия лишалась даже минимальных шансов на выход в полуфинал. И наоборот, в случае победы эти самые шансы у нее резко возрастали. Три из пяти предыдущих встреч двух соперниц состоялись в США, и во всех трех, как и в Фильдерштадте нынешней осенью, Линдсэй сравнительно легко удавалось брать верх. Однако в полуфинале "Кубка Кремля"-2004 сильнее оказалась уже Анастасия, которая, напомню, затем выиграла московский турнир во второй раз подряд. Ни в коем случае не умаляя заслуг Мыскиной, все же напомню, что Дэвенпорт тогда в Москве подцепила простуду. На сей раз хозяйка калифорнийского корта (28-летняя американка родилась и постоянно живет в этом штате) была совершенно здорова. Теннис, который Линдсэй продемонстрировала в первом матче с Дементьевой, производил сильное впечатление, поэтому задача перед Анастасией стояла архисложная.

Верная своей тактике, Дэвенпорт сразу же начала методично обстреливать противоположную половину корта своими могучими ударами справа. Однако Мыскину эта артподготовка абсолютно не смутила. Более того, уверенная в себе россиянка очень часто направляла мяч сопернице именно под правую руку, не подстраиваясь под чужую игру, а сама созидая на корте. Возможно, неискушенному зрителю действия теннисисток могли показаться не слишком эффектными, но борьба захватывала.

В первой партии у Мыскиной несколько раз возникали проблемы на своей подаче, однако сделать брейк Дэвенпорт так и не сумела. В результате пришлось играть тай-брейк, судьбу которого, по сути, решило одно очко: при счете 5:5 Линдсэй на своей подаче ударом справа послала мяч в аут. Она же помогла Анастасии и в следующем розыгрыше, допустив совсем уж обидную ошибку. Мяч находился на середине корта, однако Дэвенпорт как-то неуклюже подошла к нему и пробила даже не в трос, а в середину сетки. Через 47 минут после начала поединка Мыскина повела - 7:6 (7:5).

Будучи, безусловно, большим мастером, Дэвенпорт порой бывает подвержена провалам в игре психологического свойства. Так было, например, в ее полуфинальной встрече на Уимблдоне-2004 с Шараповой. То же самое произошло с Линдсэй и в пятницу. Первый гейм второй партии она отдала Мыскиной "под ноль", а потом во второй раз потеряла свою подачу. Однако при счете 3:0 в пользу россиянки стало немного тревожно - вспомнилась предыдущая игра Анастасии с Сереной Уильямс, по ходу которой она вела - 6:4, 3:0, но в итоге потерпела поражение.

Опасения усилились, когда Дэвенпорт удалось сократить разрыв до минимума - 2:3. В этой ситуации ключевым стал 6-й гейм на подаче Мыскиной, в котором она, к счастью, отдала всего одно очко. Больше серьезных проблем у Анастасии в тот вечер не было. Правда, 10-й гейм она начала с двойной ошибки, но затем сумела взять себя в руки и успешно закончила поединок, продолжавшийся 1 час 18 минут - 6:4. Первая ракетка мира оказалась повержена у себя дома, что сделало победу Анастасии вдвойне ценной.


- Анастасия, признайтесь, не екнуло у вас сердечко, когда вы повели 3:0 во второй партии? - поинтересовался я у Мыскиной по окончании пресс-конференции.

- Еще как! Я очень хотела выиграть, думала, что умру прямо на корте. Понимала, что снова получила хороший шанс. Если бы мне и его не удалось использовать, просто не знаю, что бы тогда произошло.

- Есть разница между вашими победами над Дэвенпорт в Москве и здесь?

- Конечно. Выиграть у Линдсэй в Москве было очень важно для меня, поскольку открывало дорогу к высшему титулу на "Кубке Кремля", а я обожаю этот турнир. Но чемпионат мира есть чемпионат мира.

- Когда вы почувствовали, что можете стабильно обыгрывать соперниц из десятки?

- Это ощущение пришло постепенно. Поначалу казалось, что они гораздо сильнее, но после победы на Roland Garros я поняла, что все теннисистки - обычные люди, у которых бывают плохие и хорошие дни. Вот тогда у меня и появилась уверенность в себе.

- В среду вы играли с Сереной Уильямс, сегодня - с Дэвенпорт. Кто из них, на ваш взгляд, сейчас сильнее?

- Думаю, все-таки Дэвенпорт. Хотя на матч с ней я настраивалась уже по-другому, учитывая ту ошибку, которую совершила в поединке с Сереной. Есть, правда, один момент психологического характера. Уильямс практически не дарит тебе очков, а Дэвенпорт все-таки иногда допускает оплошности в довольно простых ситуациях. Но тем не менее я надеюсь, что она завтра выиграет.

- Сегодня, как и практически на всех матчах с участием россиянок, рядом с вашей мамой сидела Лариса Нейланд. Она находится здесь как ваша гостья или как тренер сборной России в Fed Cup?

- Как тренер сборной. Попутно Лариса помогает на этой неделе Елене Лиховцевой, которая вместе со Светланой Кузнецовой будет играть в парном разряде, но в первую очередь просматривает матчи наших игроков, заявленных на "Финал четырех" в Москве. В конце сезона многие устали, поэтому надо понять, кто в данный момент готов лучше.

- А доктор Сергей Ясницкий приехал персонально с вами?

- Да.

- Когда врач стал постоянно сопровождать вас на турнирах и насколько это важно?

- Мы работаем вместе примерно полтора года. В WTA Tour очень хороший обслуживающий персонал, но все же игроков очень много, и к концу дня массажисты и врачи сильно устают. А личный врач может заниматься тобой в любое удобное время. К тому же с ним можно общаться на русском языке, что гораздо удобнее, а еще он владеет секретами народной медицины, о которых здесь и не слыхивали. Знаете, сколько у нас в одной только Сибири чудодейственных травок растет?..

- Кто еще входит в вашу команду?

- Мой тренер Йенс Герлах и спарринг-партнер, один его друг.

Можно было предположить, что Дэвенпорт будет сильно огорчена этим поражением. Ведь теннисный трон под ней пошатнулся - шансы Моресмо на титул первой ракетки мира по итогам года хоть немного, но все-таки возросли. Однако американка пришла на пресс-конференцию в не менее хорошем настроении, чем Мыскина.

- Мне уже удавалось несколько раз становиться первой ракеткой мира, а итогами этого сезона я и так удовлетворена. Конечно, будет здорово, если закончу год первой, но второе место в рейтинге - тоже неплохо. Что касается сегодняшнего матча, то Анастасия еще никогда не играла против меня так хорошо, - сказала Дэвенпорт, которой на следующий день предстоял решающий матч с Сереной Уильямс

Emptiness Nov 16th, 2004 12:35 PM

Thanks for that Negfan. :)

Myskina puts on brakes
Fifth-ranked Russian looking to spend less time on court, more time with family
March 13, 2004

INDIAN WELLS -- Russian tennis player Anastasia Myskina’s fragile composite of a body pales in comparison to others on the tour -- but her personality beams brightly.

Her 5-foot-8 frame does not do her justice because her slimmed body makes her look smaller than she is. She looks so small she could have easily gotten lost in a table full of inquisitive reporters Wednesday at the Pacific Life Open in Indian Wells if not for a vibrant personality keeping her visible.

Despite her exuberant personality, however, Myskina is looking to take a step back from a full tennis schedule. At age 22, Myskina said it is time to slow down.

She is not ready to hang her racket up for good, but the No. 5 player in the world just wants to play less tennis. Her breather for 2004 is a planned 15 to 17 tournaments. Last season she competed in 27 tournaments.

"I feel good," Myskina said. "I have only played three tournaments this year."

She actually has competed in four tournaments so far in 2004, including the Australian Open. She won the Qatar Total Open last week and is 11-3 this year.

Myskina will start play today against No. 73-ranked Maria Elena Camerin in the sixth match in Stadium 2.

The Russian realizes that her playing less tennis adds pressure for her to perform well in order to keep her career-high ranking. A big reason she finished ranked No. 7 in 2003 was because of the amount of time she logged on the court.

Last season, Myskina won four tournaments and made it to the quarterfinals of the Australian and U.S. Opens.

"I played a lot last year and I got so tired," Myskina said. "You don’t have to play a lot. It is a little bit of pressure."

Pacific Life Open No. 7 seed and fellow Russian Nadia Petrova said Myskina must have a lot of confidence in herself to play less than 20 tournaments.

"I think she is in a relationship," Petrova said. "To be honest, we have a hard life traveling from home and we don’t get to have much time for a love life."

Myskina said she wants to spend more time with her family but admitted a love interest in Moscow played a role in her decision to play less tennis.

She chuckled giddily when asked about her boyfriend and stopped short of revealing his name.

She said her boyfriend is a hockey player in the Russian Premier League.

She said her family was happy about her decision to play less but was not sure about what her boyfriend thinks.

"I hope so," Myskina said about whether he is happy she will be home much more. "I haven’t asked him yet."

Despite wanting to spend more time with her loved ones, Myskina said the extra rest this year is needed. She had only one week off at the end of last season before she had to start training for 2004. Her 2003 season stretched into the final few weeks of the year because she was a member of the Russian Fed Cup team.

Vera Zvonareva, Myskina’s double partner and No. 6 seed in the singles draw of the Pacific Life Open, said she agreed with Myskina’s decision to scale back.

"If you play too many games in a row you don’t have time for a life," Zvonareva said. "She wants to spend more time with her friends and family and she doesn’t want to get injuries."

Spunky83 Nov 16th, 2004 01:00 PM

I always loved this article from Indian was so nice last year around this Masha! Whenever you read an article about her now, Masha is at least mentioned once...russian tennis player, oh Masha!

Spunky83 Nov 16th, 2004 01:05 PM


Originally Posted by Fragrance
Thanks for that Negfan. :)

Myskina puts on brakes
Fifth-ranked Russian looking to spend less time on court, more time with family
March 13, 2004

INDIAN WELLS -- Russian tennis player Anastasia Myskina’s fragile composite of a body pales in comparison to others on the tour -- but her personality beams brightly.

Her 5-foot-8 frame does not do her justice because her slimmed body makes her look smaller than she is. She looks so small she could have easily gotten lost in a table full of inquisitive reporters Wednesday at the Pacific Life Open in Indian Wells if not for a vibrant personality keeping her visible.


cool_olga Nov 16th, 2004 06:57 PM

Yep, she is really Mona Lisa for journalists :) She's so adorable at conferences, funny :)
I guess it ended with more than 17 tournies after all :rolleyes:
Now she'll have some time for b/f.

greenfunkTHREE. Nov 17th, 2004 07:38 AM

but time for that monkey boyfriend. SIGH!. jens. is so much better looking!! why did they break up?!?!

jacky90104 Nov 17th, 2004 08:15 AM

Myskina :) :) :)

Good Nastya :yeah: :yeah:

Nastyafan Nov 17th, 2004 10:08 PM

МЕДВЕДЬ 08.2004

Уникальный случай: две красавицы-подружки – брюнетка и блондинка – подарили счастье субботним июньским вечером в Париже, причем каждому из нас. Тех, кто болел за них в финале Открытого чемпионата Франции по теннису. Победила Настя Мыскина, поэтому мы о ней.

– Настя, ну как победу отметили?
– Ужинали в парижском ресторане «Петроград». Приятно было закусить все турнирные переживания пельмешками и прочей русскою едой! Правда, пила я только квас, поскольку предстояла встреча с президентом! Встречались прямо в аэропорту, в VIP-зале минут тридцать. Владимир Владимирович подарил нам с Леной по букету, поздравил, угостил шампанским. А потом мы разлетелись в разные стороны: президент – в Америку, Лена – в Швейцарию, а я домой, в Россию.

Анастасия Мыскина родилась 8 июня 1981 года в Москве. Мама у Насти программист, папа инженер-строитель. Однажды они купили семейный теннисный абонемент на стадион "Локомотив". И пока родители степенно перебрасывали мячик через сетку, шустрая Настя на соседнем корте познакомилась с тренером. Он-то и посоветовал Мыскиным-старшим записать пятилетнюю дочь в теннисную секцию: видимо, что-то в ней такое разглядел. Вскоре Настя оказалась на Ширяевом поле, в группе у Раузы Ислановой, мамы и тренера Марата и Динары Сафиных.

– Интересно, когда вы, Настя, к теннису серьезно относиться стали?
– Лет с восьми – это совершенно точно. Меня папа так воспитывал: надо всегда и во всем стремиться стать лучшей, чтобы вырасти самостоятельной и независимой.
– Где вы победили в первый раз?
– В Италии, в 1992-м. Там играли девочки со всей Европы. Мне было одиннадцать лет. А турнир назывался «Лемон боул», то есть Лимонный мяч. Сначала я думала: это потому, что теннисные мячики лимонного цвета. Но потом мне вручили кубок, наполненный лимонами, и я все поняла. Италия для меня вообще счастливая страна. В 1998-м там же, на Сицилии, в Палермо я одержала и свою первую большую взрослую победу в турнире с призовым фондом в 140 тысяч долларов. Я впервые заработала приличные деньги и почти полностью истратила их на подарки.
– Говорят, что там же, в Италии, у вас был первый серьезный роман?
– Начнем с того, что не первый. Но с Мауро мы познакомились на турнире в его родном городке Гориция. Он раньше тоже играл, а теперь работает в компьютерной фирме. Очень приятный во всех отношениях молодой человек.
– Писали о ваших отношениях с Петром Счастливым из НХЛ.
– Неправда! Со Счастливым мы просто дружим. А познакомил нас общий агент Марк Гандлер.
– Еще я слышал о ваших очень близких отношениях с немецким тренером Йенсом Герлахом, который и привел вас к победе на Ролан Гаррос. Говорят, что именно из-за него вы надолго обосновались в Германии?
– С Йенсом нас теперь связывает только совместная работа. И работа очень плодотворная. За что я Йенсу бесконечно благодарна.
– Насколько трудно вам теперь с ним работать?
– Йенс и я профессионалы своего дела. А у настоящих профессионалов личные отношения никоим образом не должны сказываться на отношениях рабочих.
– Перед финалом на Ролан Гаррос вас видели в ресторане в компании с хоккеистами Максимом Афиногеновым, Александром Фомичевым и Александром Степановым. Признайтесь, кто из них ваш новый избранник?
– Саша Степанов из московского "Динамо".
– Похоже, Настя, вы влюбчивая девушка.
– По-моему, для современной симпатичной девушки пройти к двадцати двум годам через три или, допустим, даже пять романов – это совсем немного.

Шамиль Тарпищев, президент Федерации тенниса в России:
«Самая сильная сторона Анастасии Мыскиной – трезвая голова. Мыскина всегда четко оценивает ситуацию и способна в зависимости от нее вовремя поменять тактику своей игры и навязать ее сопернице».

– Часто пишут, что в женской теннисной элите процветает лесбийская любовь. Это правда?
– Женская гонка WTA продолжается одиннадцать месяцев в году. Наши турниры далеко не всегда совпадают по месту проведения с мужскими. И получается, что примерно лет с шестнадцати одни и те же девушки постоянно вращаются в своем довольно замкнутом мирке. Тут, сами понимаете, всякое возможно. Хотя обсуждать эту тему у нас не принято. Конечно, многие что-то скрывают. А кто-то прямо заявляет о своей лесбийской ориентации, Мартина Навратилова, например. Или Амели Моресмо.
– Понятно: надо же как-то сбрасывать турнирное напряжение, если рядом нет достойного мужчины. Кстати, как вы приходите в себя после матчей?
– Конечно, здорово, если рядом с тобою в это время есть любящий и любимый человек. А если нет – звоню маме, чтобы выговориться. Люблю подолгу плескаться в джакузи. Изредка позволяю себе медленно вытянуть бокал хорошего пива. Хотя мой любимый алкогольный напиток – китайское сливовое вино, но это только по большим праздникам. Не так давно пристрастилась к художественной вышивке – отличная, скажу вам, релаксация! Я уже вышила два солидных по размерам полотна и подарила их маме.
– В теннисе папы и мамы любят опекать своих дочерей, и когда они становятся уже совсем взрослыми, ведут их дела вместо менеджеров. Как вы относитесь к этому?
– До определенного возраста это хорошо, потому что теннисный мир очень сложный. Это спорт и бизнес в одном флаконе. И разобраться во всем самостоятельно, без жизненного опыта, крайне трудно. Но ближе к двадцати годам очень хочется свободы. Поэтому теперь у меня есть профессиональный менеджер, и папа по турнирам больше за мной не разъезжает.
– Почему на корте вы часто появляетесь в темной форме? Одно время вас так и называли: Девушка в черном.
– То было раньше, и виной тому был мой контракт со знаменитой фирмой Puma. Puma предпочитает темные тона, и у меня просто не было выбора. Зато теперь, когда меня экипирует Nike, все обстоит совсем иначе. В Nike учитывают мои пожелания насчет расцветок теннисной формы и даже позволяют придумывать фасоны! Может, стану дизайнером после тенниса. Хотя еще не так давно мечтала стать прокурором.

Шамиль Тарпищев:
"Самые большие шансы завоевать олимпийское золото мы имеем в женском парном разряде. Одна пара для Афин уже наигрывается - Елена Лиховцева и Светлана Кузнецова. Над составом второй пары пока раздумываем. Наверняка поедут в Грецию Дементьева, Мыскина и Надежда Петрова. Олимпийский турнир пройдет на харде, а это покрытие нравится всем нашим теннисисткам. Так что они могут рассчитывать на успех и в одиночном разряде, но тут многое будет зависеть от воли жребия".

– Где бы мы, Настя, с вами ни встречались, вы почему-то всегда в джинсах.
– Платья и юбки – это не мое. Мне кажется, у меня ноги некрасивые. А вообще-то я очень себя люблю. Люблю за то, что я брюнетка. Поверьте, мы, брюнетки, интереснее блондинок.
– Большие победы в теннисе открывают двери в высшее общество, с кем из великих вы знакомы?
– До победы в Париже я была знакома только с Ельциным. В этом году даже была приглашена на домашний обед в Барвиху. Борис Николаевич настоящий знаток и ценитель тенниса. Очень радушный и веселый человек. Наина Иосифовна угощала вкуснейшими пельменями со щукой. Словом, обед прошел очень мило. А перед финалом на Ролан Гаррос Борис Николаевич передал нам с Леной по письму. Что он Лене написал, я, разумеется, не знаю, а для меня нашел очень верные слова. Еще я мечтаю познакомиться с английской королевой. Но для этого нужно попасть на бал чемпионов Уимблдона.

Текст Сергея ШАЧИНА
Фото РФГ

Nastyafan Nov 17th, 2004 10:14 PM

Some interesting things here.
So Nastya has had an Italian b/f and he hasn't been the first one. Lol, this girl changes her b/fs like handkerchiefs. It's time for Sasha, Nastya, you are too long with that anthropoid. Kick his ass out!:bolt:
And we know the favourite drink of Nastya.:drink: (decky hear!) But it's too special -Chinese plum-vine. :eek: Spunky, maybe you can supply some bottles.:rolleyes:
Again these legs.:mad: Nastya this's paranoja. At least she loves herself. And I totaly agree - the brunettes are much more interesting than the blondes:inlove:

katiektc Nov 17th, 2004 11:04 PM

could someone translate interview plz?! i wud love them v much :)

Spunky83 Nov 18th, 2004 11:59 PM


Originally Posted by Nastyafan
And we know the favourite drink of Nastya.:drink: (decky hear!) But it's too special -Chinese plum-vine. :eek: Spunky, maybe you can supply some bottles.:rolleyes:

No, really? Well, I have the best plum-vine connections. It´s actually quite tasty though in my opinion too sweet. I am going to give her a bottle next year then :drink:

Spunky83 Nov 19th, 2004 12:25 AM

Thanks Nfan for the interview...maybe I should just give her a bottle of beer, never imagined her as a beer drinker. Decky, you and Nastya have definetly something in common;) Cheers!!!

It´s a nice interview though I still don´t understand that leg-problem she has (?!) and I also don´t get why the reporter writes that at age 23 five relationships are not much :confused:


Believe me, we brunettes, are more interesting than blondes.
Out of personal reasons I second this!!! :worship:...down with all the blondes :lol: :angel: ;)

Spunky83 Nov 19th, 2004 12:27 AM


Originally Posted by katiektc
could someone translate interview plz?! i wud love them v much :)

Best translator-software I have seen so far, esp. concerning the russian language, you have to download it.

Emptiness Nov 19th, 2004 01:46 AM


Originally Posted by Spunky83
I also don´t get why the reporter writes that at age 23 five relationships are not much :confused:

Huh i thought Anastasia said that? Well either way i agree, if it was like 30 i'd be like.. wooo you go girl! And of course shes a beer drinker, shes Russian isn't she? ;)

The new Hingis: Myskina outsmarts Davenport
By Matthew Cronin
Somewhere between Nov. 12-15 2004

FROM THE WTA CHAMPIOSNHIPS IN LA – Anastasia Myskina should be playing for the No. 1 ranking at the WTA Championships, but she's not. However, should the deeply complicated Russian win the title, she'll be well on her way to the cherished top spot.

In her well-composed 7-6 (7-5), 6-4 upset of Lindsay Davenport on Friday, it was apparent that she has the tools of a No. 1 player. No, she won't have the staying power of a Martina Hingis at the spot, but if you put their games side by side, you can see remarkable similarities.

"Nastia," as her coach calls her, can be simply nasty, in a Marquis de Sade way. She may not have the sneaky intellect of a Hingis, but her two-handed backhand is nearly as good, her forehand is better, her first serve is right there with the Swiss (while her second serve is just as negligible). She's not as quick as Hingis was, but is a faster runner. She's nowhere near the volleyer that Martina was and isn't the dogged competitor that Hingis was in her prime. But when she's focused and truly believes she can win, she's just as capable.

"I know I'm not a really strong girl," Myskina said. "I can't hit really hard. So I have to play with my head and I have to move really well against a player like Lindsay."


Just ask Davenport, who easily won the first eight sets in their rivalry. Three weeks ago in Moscow, Myskina turned the tables on her for the first time. Her coach, Jens Gerlach, convinced her that – with a high first serve percentage and more aggressive play – she could get Davenport moving and win the rallies with her legs.

That strategy paid off on Friday night, as "Nastia" consistently extended Davenport beyond six-ball rallies. When you can do that against the three-time Grad Slam champion, and the seventh ball to her isn't a sitter, then you have a good chance of winning the point. That's especially the case for Myskina when she was whipping her crosscourt forehand deep and properly lining up her two-handed backhand.

For someone who has had closing problems against non-Russian elite players, Myskina played a terrific tiebreak, hammering at Davenport's normally reliable forehand until it broke down. But it was the second set that mattered most. On Wednesday, the queen of Roland Garros choked away a set and two-break lead against Serena Williams. Myskina admitted she had gagged.

"I really wanted to win that match," Myskina said. "I had a really big chance and I didn't' take it. I was too nervous. Tonight, I was like I am usually."

Once she got up 3-0 and two breaks against Davenport, bets were laid as to whether she would choke. Davenport climbed back to 2-3 and nails were bitten and broke. "That was a pretty scary for me," said Myskina. "If I lost this match, that would have been it for the year. I told myself to keep fighting and to play every ball and not to think about the score I was really thinking about holding at 3-2."

Myskina did, by cracking a forehand winner and that was essentially the match. "I feel more confident playing against Lindsay now than when I was younger," the 23-yeaar-old Myskina said. "I was the young girl against the superstar. A little has changed now. I know how to play against the best players."

So much of Myskina's long-term success will depend on whether she can keep her cool. Vera Zvonareva takes a lot of gruff for crying "setly" (a new tennis term meaning "every set"), but Myskina has a terrible temper that needs to be reigned in. Against Davenport, she rarely gave Gerlach the hard stare. But she did curse at herself.

"I just tell myself to shut up," Myskina said. "Today it really worked. Jens has a lot of courage and he understands how I feel on court. He never really gets mad at me. We talked before the match and I understand everything. But as soon as I go on court, the emotions go over me. Sometime it's hard to hold them inside."

Interesting how quotes change. Journalists should do their job right. And i guess she didn't yell shut the fuck up at Jens or the jumbo-tron. :lol:

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