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Jun 16th, 2019 05:53 PM
bruce goose
Re: al-Qaeda Sex Slave Trade in Yemen: UK and US Media Maintain Cowardly Silence

In the 2-minute clip above, you can see video images of since-abandoned secret prisons/torture centers that the U.S. and UAE pretend never existed.That's understandable, because the accounts of sexual abuse that took place at the prisons are a disgrace to both governments. As for those prisoners who disappeared, we can only guess which ones were sold off into the sex-slave trade and which were simply killed and buried in secret. If ANY of the cowards in the U.K. or U.S. corporate mainstream media report on this story, it will be a miracle almost equivalent to the parting of the Red Sea.
Jun 8th, 2019 08:32 PM
bruce goose
Re: al-Qaeda Sex Slave Trade in Yemen: UK and US Media Maintain Cowardly Silence

While I don't sense any deceit at all from the female UN offiicial in the 2-minute video above, she was misinformed: There will NOT be any follow-up from Saudi(KSA) officials in re the kidnaping of Yemeni children(OR adults) who are designated to be sold as sex slaves. This video was made 6 1/2 years ago when the since-executed KSA puppet Yemeni President Saleh was still in power, more than 2 years before the Coalition invasion began, and conditions have only gotten far worse since then.

If, by some miracle, UN officials return to the KSA to interrogate its leaders about the sex-slave trade, then they'll give the exact same BS reply that they gave the woman above. They'll pretend that it's like mice running around in the attic, completly beyond their control and w/o their knowledge. They won't admit that their politicians and prominent businessmen are CLIENTS of the sex-slave trade and that the KSA has actively fomented that black market for decades now.

However, when you consider the millions of petro-dollars the KSA donates to the UN as, essentially, hush money, any dedicated investigation is extremely unlikely.As for the cowards in the corporate mainstream media(MSM), they'll keep regurgitating the same line that their bosses instruct them to restate...that the KSA is 'helping the West fight the war on terror'--as opposed to the truth, which is that the KSA is the literal hive center of al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups' training and foundation
Jun 2nd, 2019 06:05 PM
bruce goose
Re: al-Qaeda Sex Slave Trade in Yemen: UK and US Media Maintain Cowardly Silence

The independent media radio program lasts 33 minutes, but you can catch a summary of the war crimes committed by al-Qaeda and other Coalition allies within the first six-and-a-half minutes.

The British guest honestly acknowledges that the Yemeni Resistance don't always conduct themselves like boy scouts, either, yet there's no comparison whatsoever as to the sheer volume and systematic frequency of human rights violations committed by the Coalition, and the Resistance wouldn't need to fight at all if their country wasn't being invaded for imperialistic motives.

Both the guest and his American host go into highly informative detail about the end-game motives of the UAE military and mercenary force(information that's very difficult to find elsewhere), and the Brit guest admits with sadness that his country's mainstream media(MSM) covers up the shame of its government's filthy alliance as much as humanly possible. In that respect, the Brits' MSM is no different than that of any other Coalition member's outlets
May 26th, 2019 06:12 PM
bruce goose
Re: al-Qaeda Sex Slave Trade in Yemen: UK and US Media Maintain Cowardly Silence

This is a continuation of the victimization of Africans that was touched on last week, but the video is much more recent. Al-qaeda's role is only mentioned (briefly) once, and that's in the first 4 minutes, but you can easily deduce that most of the desperate African migrants can't distinguish between a Saudi accent and a Yemeni accent, so they don't know if they're being smuggled, abused or sold by an al-Qaeda Saudi national or a local Yemeni.

It's clear that the slave market outpost and the government official in his office weren't too prepared for the film crew, so the bureaucrat had to pretend that the slave trader was some sort of rebel instead of a business colleague who had been fattening the official's wallet for quite some time. Once the official realized how much damning evidence the film crew had, the slave trader was scapegoated...and he was SURELY soon replaced by someone who is EXACTLY the same once the film crew left...and that's assuming that the very same guy didn't return after a brief 'vacation'.

It's a very good piece of reportage EXCEPT for its failure (either deliberate or out of ignorance) to state that this sort of operation is SYSTEMIC in Yemen thanks to a Saudi puppet regime that emulates what goes on every day in Saudi Arabia(KSA). And you can be sure that the U.K. and U.S. mainstream media cowards won't tell their viewers: THIS is where millions of your tax dollars and pounds support your government's exemplary allies who are "bringing democracy to Yemen by fighting to restore the 'rightful leader' ". That is, the Saudi-bribed and -chosen puppet president who currently resides in Riyadh, KSA
May 19th, 2019 09:38 PM
bruce goose
Re: al-Qaeda Sex Slave Trade in Yemen: UK and US Media Maintain Cowardly Silence

Before the Coalition invasion began in 2015, there were other victims of the Saudi/al-Qaeda-led sex slave trade in Yemen; in this case, Ethiopian migrants looking for work in Saudi Arabia(KSA) while attempting to cross through Yemen. The BBC reporter in the clip has a semitic-sounding name, so perhaps she has sincere interest in exposing and stopping injustice(God only knows), but her corporate mainstream media(MSM) bosses sure as hell don't.

While we know that this sort of criminal activity has existed from the beginning of recorded history, it's the low point of juvenile reasoning to suggest that al-Qaeda and other terrorists don't frequently form agreements with more mundane criminal outfits when the two parties have a common interest even though, technically, they are separate entities. As for the slave trade operation itself, it could never enjoy such stability without the co-operation of the police and military officials from the Yemeni KSA puppet gov't. cited in the report. At BEST, a few soldiers and police investigate and then give up when they constantly hit dead ends or are not-so-subtly told by superiors to mind their business. As for most of the others, they either coldly or approvingly turn a blind eye or--in way too many instances--are direct participants.

Back to the reporter who wonders when this slave trade will ever end, I can answer her question: NEVER...if your bosses at the BBC or their bosom buddies in the cowardly British and American MSM have anything to say about it. As long as the KSA and UAE serve as useful political allies in the region for the U.K. and U.S. , the media bosses of those Western powers wouldn't do jack shit even if Coalition forces routinely captured kids from foster homes to cannibalize them. It would be treated as mere bad luck; "boys will be boys" and we can't always keep an eye on them...and even THAT would be very sporadic coverage, only surfacing every 6 months or so because viral videos on social media forced the MSM to acknowledge the truth
May 11th, 2019 08:55 PM
bruce goose
Re: al-Qaeda Sex Slave Trade in Yemen: UK and US Media Maintain Cowardly Silence

The final two paragraphs on page 1 and the first two paragraphs on page 2 specifically address the crisis theme of this thread, yet there are other aspects of this 2016 U.S. Labor Dept. report which highlight the suffering of the Yemeni people since the Coalition invasion.

For a U.S. Gov't. report, it is surprisingly even-handed in assigning blame, but that's probably because departmental big shots realize that, most likely, less than 5% of citizens will do any follow-up research to sniff out the BS in some of the report's terminology. The text is FAR more informative than the gutless cowards in the corporate-owned mainstream media(MSM) whose job it is to actually REPORT on such war crimes. It also must be pointed out that there's surely a healthy percentage of Labor Dept. clerical staff who are completely ignorant about what's really happening in Yemen and simply type up whatever data they're given in compiling such reports.

Just to clarify again, the so-called "official government" of Yemen mentioned in the report is the puppet regime with a UN-appointed--NOT elected--president who had already been taking bribes from Saudi Arabia(KSA) for years in his role as vice-president of the corrupt regime that was overthrown by popular uprising in 2012. He has since fled to the KSA capital of Riyadh while Saudi-picked, sham legislators are the U.K. and U.S. endorsed congress of Yemen while the great majority of the citizens of Yemen support their own,chosen political body. It's hard to say just how many in the Yemeni Resistance are guilty of any human rights violations because the Western media gets its info from KSA-friendly sources, but you can rest assured that it's FAR less frequent than what the invasion force has committed; otherwise, the Resistance wouldn't have near-unanimous backing from the citizenry.

In conclusion, if sex-slave trade markets--run by either al-Qaeda or independent "entrepreneurs" operate in plain sight in the KSA with practically zero police intervention, then what else would you expect, in re human trafficking, from the puppet gov't. of a nation that the KSA has invaded???
May 4th, 2019 08:40 PM
bruce goose
Re: al-Qaeda Sex Slave Trade in Yemen: UK and US Media Maintain Cowardly Silence

The second half of the brief article above doesn't mention the sale of any human beings but it DOES touch on what is arguably the worst kind of sexual enslavement, namely rape. For those who were unaware, rape often has very little to do with the rapist's sexual lust but rather the sickening desire to control another person, with most victims being women and girls, of course. The POS violators get a perverse adrenaline rush from subjugating other human beings in the same way that a bully does in order to compensate for his haunting internal weakness.

The primary offenders here were Sudanese mercernary allies of al-Qaeda and the Coalition. The Sudanese troops reportedly raped more than 200 women and girls in just one Yemeni village, and their mercenaries have a track record of frequently committing such human rights violations. Their actions were so repulsive that even some allied soldiers from other Coalition nations anonymously denounced them. The fact that there were more than 200 victims in just one village strikes me as a newsworthy story, but it's extremely unlikely that you've heard ANYthing about it from the cowards in the mainstream news media who wish to whitewash the questionable alllances of the U.K. and U.S.

One more thing that must be exposed is the abysmal tradition of victim-shaming raped females, which occurs in various cultures around the world. In the Middle East, any sincere, God-fearing Muslims must step forward to condemn that hideous tradition.
Apr 28th, 2019 08:08 PM
bruce goose
Re: al-Qaeda Sex Slave Trade in Yemen: UK and US Media Maintain Cowardly Silence

MORE good news: In much the same way that U.S. soldiers' morale waned during the unjust invasion of Vietnam, the U.K. and U.S.' puppet thugs in Saudi Arabia and the UAE are losing the will to fight in Yemen, as the 2 articles above highlight. Al-Qaeda and the Saudis don't have much time for wicked, black-market activity while they're running for their lives. Although developments on the battlefront are cause for great optimism, it's still vital that the Yemeni Resistance not concede too much to the Coalition in peace negotiations because Yemenis who lived within regions of a divided Yemen that are controlled by the Coalition would suffer greatly.
Apr 21st, 2019 04:17 PM
bruce goose
Re: al-Qaeda Sex Slave Trade in Yemen: UK and US Media Maintain Cowardly Silence

As I have a few Yemeni friends and acquaintances plus one European friend who's married to a Yemeni man, I know that Yemen has had both lively Jewish and Christian communities for centuries, that in spite of the current threat from Wahhabism--a very APOSTATE version of Islam--from terrorist invaders. To those families in Yemen during this Holy Week, Happy Passover and Resurrection Sunday!!!
Apr 20th, 2019 10:10 PM
bruce goose
Re: al-Qaeda Sex Slave Trade in Yemen: UK and US Media Maintain Cowardly Silence

To start with, there's a Washington Post piece from December where you can read about how different terrorist groups are fighting with each other in Yemen over who gets to control the drug-dealing for a narcotic called 'khat'. As you'd expect from the corporate mainstream media(MSM), there are plenty of BS statements that sound like somethig you'd hear from U.K. or U.S. embassy pressers. Still, even an MSM rag like the Post is basically admitting, "Ummmmm...maybe we shouldn't be aligning ourselves with maniacal, out-of-comtrol terrorists if we really want to spread democracy to Yemen as we're claiming..."

....But that's not the ONLY black market they run in Yemen:

Here's a report directly from the U.S. State Department which concedes that sex-slave trafficking has multiplied substantially since Yemen's war for independence began in 2015. Naturally, the American gov't. conveniently omits any commentary about how they are arming, funding and training the terrorists who are RUNNING that slave trade along with Saudia Arabia(KSA) and the UAE but--unlike the cowards in the MSM--at least they acknowledge that the wicked activity exists. Finally, though, since it's Holy Week in much of the globe, I'd like to close with a positive, optimistic note:

While I don't feel like getting into the precise military aspects as to WHY the KSA and Coalition mission is failing(I'm just happy that it IS failing, in the big picture), you can check that out in your own time. Whether it's bad military strategy, Divine justice or a mix of both, the Coalition ultimately DESERVES to lose, and the only people on that side whom I feel sorry for are the rank-and-file soldiers who function as peons and blindly throw their lives away to support a war that's fought under totally false pretenses where democracy is at the very bottom of the TRUE priorities list...with lust for political imperialistic power and wealth at the top of that list
Apr 13th, 2019 04:22 PM
bruce goose
Re: al-Qaeda Sex Slave Trade in Yemen: UK and US Media Maintain Cowardly Silence

To this day, I have yet to catch one single photo of Iranian military platoons fighting alongside the Yemeni Resistance, nor have there been any even halfway-sane explanations for how a country that can barely acquire FOOD shipments is somehow smuggling huge artillery from Iran past the Coalition blockade. Of course, we can't expect any follow-up or honest jounalism from the corporate mainstream media(MSM) whose bosses are in bed with the Military Industrial Complex. Still, I thought it was heavily noteworthy that EVEN the Wall Street Journal(WSJ), the official publication on behalf of the millionaire Wall St. elitiists who buy up politicians as cheaply and easily as if they were breath mints, admits that al-Qaeda was essentially fighting as an ally of the Coalition. The article is from 4 years ago, so perhaps the WSJ has tailored their reportage more obediently to the military agenda since then, but I suppose the reporter didn't see the need to deny something that was already abundantly obvious via social media photos.

You have to subscribe to the WSJ to get to the 2nd paragraph, and I'd rather not flush my money down the toilet that way, but the 1st paragraph is fully visible and contains the battle info I mentioned above. With the insinuation that Yemen is part of some Iranian terrorism conspiracy--which is stupid enough in its own right and sounds like a U.S. State Dept. presser(in fact, the only terrorists in Iran are trained and backed by Saudi Arabia)--I knew it would be a waste of time to read much further anyway, even if I somehow HAD a subscription to the WSJ, and you can take it to the bank that the WSJ totally ignores the human rights violations committed by al-Qaeda and Saudi Arabia, ESPECIALLY the sex-slave trade. In that respect, they are no different from their comrades in the MSM though, again, I felt it was worthy to point out that even the rag that is emblematic of how the wealthy elite oppress the vulnerable can admit that the U.S.(and U.K.) are allied with scum...even though that would never be their exact choice of words
Apr 7th, 2019 06:33 PM
bruce goose
Re: al-Qaeda Sex Slave Trade in Yemen: UK and US Media Maintain Cowardly Silence

The writer of the article above openly concedes that the practice of child marriage--almost always involving girls--had occurred before the invasion of Yemen and, in fact, it existed in the Middle East before the birth of Islam and, sadly, was only strengthened by its religious backing. Whether or not the victims DESERVE to suffer in this way--just because the dominant religion in their country often allows it--is a question for the conscience of each individual. As for me, I would never choose the option of selling a child into marriage for economic relief, but it's somewhat comprehensible that a person with little or no education might fail to see other alternatives in their desperation, especially when their fellow countryfolk do the same.

The independent journalist was honest enough NOT to blame everything on the Coalition invasion of Yemen, even though she fully supports the Yemeni Resistance. If you see any similar story in the corporate mainstream media(MSM) of Western nations, it will always be shared with the subtle undercurrent, 'Look at these stupid, backward people and how uncivilized they are. There's nothing we can do to save them so we shouldn't worry about it at all and they deserve whatever happens to them.' The hypocritical irony is that the MSM owners' buddies in politics can't WAIT to meddle in these countries' affairs, installing puppet dictators and hoarding their natural resources under the absurd pretxt of advancing democracy.

Although the journalist didn't touch on the following aspect of the crisis, it has been concretely established in this thread before. That is, Wahhabists terrorists like the ones from al-Qaeda and ISIS--who are often HEAVILY supported by the governments of Saudi Arabia, the UK and the US--participate in hegemony (such as what is transpiring in Yemen) with the expressed purpose of fomenting the conditions we read about in the article.Furthermore, it's not at ALL uncommon for the arranged marriages to be made under duress: "We can kill her or take her by force if you don't accept our offer, so you might as well take what you can get!" Obviously, some of the deals to supposedly arrange a marriage for the child are just a subterfuge for putting the girl on the sex-slave market. Finally, while I agree that the practice of selling very young girls into marriage is rather barbaric, so-called civilized Western leaders have absolutely NOTHING to brag about when they back the most savage dictators imaginable and turn a blind eye while pedophilia runs rampant in their own countries' foster care systems.
Apr 1st, 2019 03:19 AM
Re: al-Qaeda Sex Slave Trade in Yemen: UK and US Media Maintain Cowardly Silence

Mar 31st, 2019 06:22 PM
bruce goose
Re: al-Qaeda Sex Slave Trade in Yemen: UK and US Media Maintain Cowardly Silence

The article above is merely further confirmation that Saudi Arabia(KSA) is certainly not fighting against terrorism but rather doing everything imaginable to foment it. You can read the story about one individual (amongst many) who is a convicted terrorist criminal that had his citizenship papers expedited by the KSA and its puppet regime that controls part of Yemen.

It doesn't surprise me a bit to hear about scum-of-the-earth conduct by the KSA and its trained al-Qaeda lowlifes, but it DID surprise me to learn that these terrorist factions have been directed NOT to fight against the armed Yemeni Resistance but attack only civilian targets. As much difficulty as the KSA has had with the invasion of Yemen, you'd think that they would want all the help they could possibly get to weaken an opponent who has stymied every single Coalition attempt at a complete takeover of the country. Then again, maybe it's only natural that a cowardly, bully regime would only go after the weakest, most vulnerable targets. In fact, the KSA has bribed huge numbers of foreign mercenaries because its own soldiers tend to flee in fear at the slightest pushback from the Yemeni Resistance.

Of course, the women and children attacked by the KSA's al-Qaeda thugs are always at risk of capture, enslavement and being sold, as has already happened repeatedly in this 4-plus-years invasion. However, there's NO risk that the Coalition's stooges in the corporate mainstream media in the UK or US will report any of that sex-slave activity OR the hiring of convicted terrorist criminals such as the man featured in the article.
Mar 23rd, 2019 05:58 PM
bruce goose
Re: al-Qaeda Sex Slave Trade in Yemen: UK and US Media Maintain Cowardly Silence

A post from a few weeks ago exposed direct collusion between the U.K. and U.S.-led Coalition and al-Qaeda, but the source was a media outlet in the Middle East who might be accused by some imperialism apologists of having an anti-Western bias. Well, the respected independent journalist above is as white and American as a loaf of Wonder bread. What he doesn't mention in the short, 4-minute clip (though he has explained it in detail before) is that the corporate mainstream media(MSM) only reluctantly admits any link at all between the Coalition and al-Qaeda, and even THEN they regurgitate the BS that comes from U.K. or U.S. State Department pressers...that the military and intelligence communities mistakenly thought that they were funding, training and arming 'moderate rebels' and only realized after the fact that the thugs were members of al-Qaeda.

Again, while many citizens in the U.K. and U.S. are easily distracted by the most trivial matters and have gotten desensitized to wars in faraway lands, they aren't so dense as to accept their governments willfully aligning themselves with the scum of the earth who pretend that they have some sort of religious indulgence to rape women and children. Hence, the wealthy MSM agency owners do their part to portray their political buddies in the best possible light.
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