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May 24th, 2003 04:58 PM
Mark43 Damn, I was working that night. I totally forgot it was on. I wanted to see it cause it looked horrible! I love Cybill!

I do motion graphics and print graphic design. I freelance so i don't work that much, but when I do, it is usually last minute and on a major deadline.
May 24th, 2003 04:35 PM
darren cahill other question for you in the 'train wreck of a tv movie' mode...

did you happen to see any of the travesty that was Cybill Shepherd as Martha Stewart??? Good lord almighty....seeing ads for it i thought it was great was i off! Cybil was horrible...which i found odd cause i love cybil in comedy but i realized she needs to stick to comedy/slapstick like Moonlighting and her own sitcom cause she was good in those but I dont think shes good enough to play another real life person and not be Cybil...i kept watching thinking its Cybil being Cybil....i never bought that she was someone know like how Meryl Streep always loses herself in her parts...Cybil cant do was just horrible! did you see any of it? cant wait to her your take if you did!
May 22nd, 2003 08:49 PM
darren cahill Hello Mark!

Nice to hear from you!

yes, i did have 'lots o' fun' last week! I'm still a bit sore! LOL

anyhow...about Farrah...i didnt realize she asked for more money...i thought it was more like she asked for merchandising money and stuff like that? didnt she find some loophole in her contract that she sorta jumped at ? i feel like it was something to do with all the merchandising?

What do you do Mark? Do you actually work in films or something? Thats really incredible!

Yeah, i heard about Steffi....that woman would do ANYTHING NOT to have to play doubles next week huh? ROTFLLLLLLLLLL...kidding aside...i am really happy for her...i miss her like nobodys business and i wish i saw her more but then you know whats weird? is i miss her something awful and yet i'm kinda glad i DONT see her all the time all over the joint cause it keeps her allure/icon status/mystique about her even more powerful...dont ya think? Shes definately an enigma. ( did i use that right?) I just hope shes happy...after all the joy i've gotten from her i can only wish it back in return...
May 22nd, 2003 04:03 PM
Mark43 Hi darren!

hope you had fun last week! I was busy doing some animation for Disney.

They just got the years wrong with Farrah and tried to make it seem like she wanted a fortune to stay on Angels (she did ask for more money but she really just quit the show to do movies).

Now back to tennis! Did you hear about Steffi being pregnant again? I was looking forward to seeing her play again in Paris but I am happy for her and Andre.
May 13th, 2003 09:59 PM
darren cahill Hello Mark!

I agree with you about Amy...she did always come across very pleasant and sweet....i just noticed you gave her a hard time quite a bit! I see she models her on court demeanor like that of Stevenson! LOL...Have you ever seen the way Alex acts towards the ball kids and stuff...such disdain...shes quite a sour apple that one...

sorry to say i missed the 3's company thing..i had planned on watching it but happy to say i was in the midst of a sex-romp so that always over rules any other was simple math really

boyfriend out of town + place to myself = my infedelities...(my one weakness!)

god i just realized how awful that makes me sound! Geez...oh well...moving tell me what inaccuracy's did that movie have??? I've seen so many 'behind the scenes" or those E hollywood true stories on that show and Joyce Dewitt comes off as so extrememly bitter and it was AGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGES the one sense i dont blame Suzanne Somers for wanting more than she was getting...i mean SHE was the star really...and making tons less than John Ritter...i remember seeing a special on Laverne and Shirley ( ) and how one time when their show was # 1 for the year and they had asked for more money the head of whatever said "i have 2 words for you...Suzanne Somers" meaning...dont ask and if you're fired too...Cindy WIlliams said everyone at ABC was so afraid to even breathe cause they knew if they fired Suzanne Somers and gave Farrah Fawcett all sorts of troubles that they'd can lesser stars. Its so funny now how they throws heaps of money on the cast of Friends and Helen Hunt and paul reiser were getting 1 million AN EPISODE that one year and i just heard Ray Ramono is getting what??? 1.5 an episode? you look back now and realize she wasnt asking for all that has to hurt though to be someone like Joyce who was probably never asked to be the covers of magazines and see Suzanne constantly spotlighted but you have to be big enough to say "hey, shes bringing fans to the show"

anyways...please dish on the details that were wrong...i know you loved your Farrah Fawcett! ME TOO! I kid you not Mark...we are MEANT TO BE TOGETHER!

well i must go...i have a few more nights left for some booty calls and must change my sheets....its like that famous line from "Field of Dreams"

have nice/clean/fresh bed and sexy man will cum

or something like that!

hey, by the way...what are YOU doing tonight? I'm just about to put nice fresh sheets on the bed........
May 13th, 2003 03:20 AM
Mark43 Yeah those bi-Atches on Sex + City are to die for. They always inspire me to make new cocktails!

But Darren, I was actaully shocked that Amy Frazier lost 1 + 1 in the quarters of a Challenger. I have always felt sorry for Amy. She seems like such a good person...she always says thank you to the ball kids when they give her a ball! I wish she could have been more successful, she really deserves it.

Did you see the Three's Company TV movie? What a trainwreck! I could not look away. First of all, the actress that played Suzanne Somers was totally wrong and Joyce DeWitt (who produced) came off looking like an angel. Plus ALL of the historical inaccuracy's (I am a stickler for dates! and can remember EVERYTHING about Farrah Fawcett. They kept talking about Farrah and getting the dates wrong!).

Gawd, I loved it!
May 11th, 2003 04:48 PM
darren cahill so its a jealousy thing? LOL...

I also thought Charlotte looked a bit 'hippy' to me...she has an odd shape...dont get me wrong..she looks great...just oddly shaped...Carries had her thin moments but shes incredible...i just love her to death! she looked great last season when she was pregnant...i just saw a commercial for the new season in about a month...

Mark, by the love to rip on Amy Frazier dont you? Saw your posts on that challenger thread!
May 11th, 2003 04:37 PM
Mark43 Hey MirjanaLfan!

Great story about Chris bumping into you! Do you have anymore?

I think we should rename this the celebrity stories/stalker/star f*cker thread....hmm?

Darren, I love SJP/Carrie also...but last night I was watching an old show from the third season (??) on HBO, and it just struck me again how thin these woman all are. All they do is drink vodka and eat constantly and they never gain a pound...besides Miranda.

Those bitches!
May 11th, 2003 01:26 PM
darren cahill oh mark......... i love Carrie/Sarah jessica just as she is...i just adore her!

loved your line about tracy and her tics! so true....
May 11th, 2003 09:40 AM
Originally Posted by darren cahill

I dont have too much info on Darren ...
i'm not sure if he beat Jimmy...something tells me he didnt

No, he didn't. They only ever played once.

Darren Cahill (AUS) vs. Jimmy Connors (USA)

1987-02-23 Key Biscayne Hardcourt R32 Jimmy Connors (USA) 6-3 6-3 6-1

Jimmy Connors (USA) leads 1:0

Hope you don't mind me intruding on your thread, but some nice stories there. All I remember about Rostagno is the mullet. Very '80s. There was a picture in one of the tabloids of him at Wimbledon in the '80s pictured with '80s pop queen Samantha Fox. Enough hairspray in that one photo to have single handedly destroyed the Ozone layer. I only remember the pic because as a kid I loved Sam

My embarrassing tennis related story comes from 1990 when I was at wimbledon for the first time as a wide eyed young teen. Anyway I was sitting on a bench at court 7 watching a very young Maggie Maleeva playing Catarina Lindqvist. It is a small court with no stands and the person behind me kept nudging into the back of my head every time spectators were passing through the corridors separating the outside courts. Eventually too irritated to stay quiet after the 36th nudge I turned round and tutted sourly and gave a dirty look only to discover that the person behind me having a look at Maggie was none other than Chris Evert She was with Andy and a few other people. She apologised and said she hoped she wasn't spoiling the match for me. I lied and said not at all. She had a quick chat - she seemed to think Maggie was destined for great things ( unfortunately she never lived up to it ) and didn't seem to mind when I said Navratilova was my favourite player.

I don't get star struck at all as when I was a student I worked on the club scene in London and got used to seeing stars. Tennis wise I've shared a table in a restaurant with Kveta Hrdlickova ( lovely ) and accommodation with Emmanuelle Gagliardi ( witch ).
May 11th, 2003 04:46 AM
Mark43 What a great Tracy story. I cannot see her mentoring a crazy, emotional player like Alex. Tracy was so the opposite ('cept for all the tics on court). I had a feeling she was a real bi-Atch. i friend in high school transfered in from LA during my junior year. Apparently she had dated an ex boyfriend of tracy the previous year in Rolling Hills and she said that Tracy was a complete jealous asshole to her when ever they ran into one another.

I have never been to the US Open, unfortunately. I would like to go, but since Miami is like the US Open latin style and I get to see pretty much everyone up close, I always think that I might as well save the money and pretend the Open is in March!

I only had 2 cosmos...but I got totally bloated from the sushi/soy sauce...eek. I was watching Carrie Bradshaw before we hit the restaurant. I love her, but that girl needs to gain some weight!

May 11th, 2003 03:44 AM
darren cahill mark, do you ever go to the open? We should see a match together some time?

by the way...i did see your Steffi-stalking stories you mentioned...i did read your updates from the Nasdaq every day...i really enjoyed them
May 11th, 2003 03:42 AM
darren cahill Hey again Mark!

the Tracy Austin story was the same day as the Pat Cash story....i went to watch Mary Pierce play Stevenson (YUK) on the Armstrong court...(this must have been 2000 and not 2001 like i said about cash cause it was the year Mary won the french) and i always try to get seats close to the booth cause thats where the old players like Cash, Tracy etc will be...after the match (which Mary won THANK GOD) Tracy signed my book and took some pics and being i was the only one there (LOL...poor Tracy) she talked a bit (she seemed nice...but not as nice as Cash which intrigued me cause i liked thinking a bitch was beneath the surface...and by the way she was pregnant too) she asked me what i thought of stevenson and i told her i was a fan of Marys and wouldnt have come in to see Alex had mary not been her oppenant and she said well do you like her game and i said 'no not really" she asked me something about her back hand and wasnt it great to see a one handed back hand and i said "well what good does it do her if she hits it a mile long into the back fence every time" and when she did hit it in, mary clobbered it...and i said "why all the questions about Alex when Mary was obviously the star attraction" and she said "well, I;m ALexandras mentor in the wta program" well i about croaked...i stammered a bit with things like "well she has potential, she is just raw..." blah blah...she just turned away and put the headset back on...i was like bf was there and said "what did you say to her?" he could tell from far away she seemed annoyed....i'm rather proud that i irratated Tracy austin.

foot once again inserted into mouth

Good're drinking again???? cosmos? Who are you? Carrie Bradshaw?
May 11th, 2003 03:32 AM
Mark43 Thanks for the stories Darren! I love reading them. Tracy Austin Story? Do tell!!

Yeah I have always loved the wonderful Pat Cash. He is so sexy. That face. Those eyes...THOSE THIGHS! That ass! Oh Pat. I remember when he was making another comeback at Wimbledon 1992, playing another old war horse...McEnroe, and Pat had that ponytail and was so to die for!

We just got back from sushi and cosmos (a Sat night staple in SoBe and the extent of my 'going out'). I better hit the couch and watch MadTV!

Oh, yeah you are so right about Derricks pale eyes and olive skin/black hair combo...simply the best!

May 11th, 2003 12:23 AM
darren cahill hey Mark...i found my program from the US open that year and i dont know why i thought he was playing chang in the next was Renzo Furlan (?) i sure as hell dont recall him saying come and cheer me on against Furlan...for the life of me i cant remember why Chang came up in the conversation....i must remember it wrong but he did lose that 2nd round to Fuerlan....i do remember it was on the grandstand court...Derrick had been out of play for a while after a shoulder surgery and i threw that in there so he knew i knew who he was...i'm always big on throwing in the big facts (which as you know i messed up with Cahill) often see these fans run up to certain players for autographs and you know they dont have any idea of who you are....they just see you with a players badge i told him i was glad he was back after his surgery and hoped he;d do well and erase any bad memories of the Becker loss...thats when he asked me to come cheer him on....he had a huge takes up almost the whole back page of my program...he is stunning in person AND BIG! he has these almost transparent blue eyes against that deep olive skin tone and black as night hair......

oh, i'm back...just drifting off into dream world with Derrick...i think i even pitched a tent!

also stalked pat cash at the 2001 US open! my fave encounter of them all...a near naked Pat Cash! Wearing NOTHING but a pair of shorts....and he was HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT and so very nice....i know he comes across as an ass at times but he was beyond nice...he was so friendly is scared me. he was so nice i felt i could have asked for a hug and a kiss but i didnt! LOL...(nice feet too! you know thats important to me)....i've told his story on here before too...i just lingered around his commentary booth ALL DAY LONG....snapping photos and waiting around for him to leave the is amazing what some of these people are wearing while doing commentary..he was in shorts the WHOLE time and a sports jacket only for on air time....i watched 3 god awful matches just so i could stay next to his booth! finally snagged him during a Chanda Rubin match (which she threw up during! YUK) and since it was a womens match he wasnt calling it and he came out of the booth and sat right next to the stairwell in the section behind the booth that was roped off and i went and sat with him (after staring at him for almost 30 minutes) i listened as he called some company to order grips for his rackets (heard his whole credit card #...couldnt believe he read it out loud like that) he was reading some spirtual book that i cant remember the title now...but something like "i'm ok with god" or something like that...after he signed my book he even looked through to see who else signed it and commented on some of the people...he saw i had quite a few aussies like Rafter and Cahill and said i should be an honorary aussie...he was so charming...just loved him

have you heard my Tracy Austin story?

gotta run...the boyfriends yelling for me.....
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