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  • quiet_mike ·
    Why do you insult me without any reasons? You should have read my previous comments and see what the discussion was about.

    I never defended Nastase, but wasn't sure why Konta was crying and why the match was suspended so I was saying it's suspicious. And that was within 3-5 minutes of the incident.

    Another member pointed out what they knew from tweets of British reporters (I don't have tweeter) and I replied that I don't have that info but surely the referee's report will clear things up.

    In no words did I defend Nastase in my posts. Why do you come hours later and insult me?
    galadriel ·
    Have a nice day:wavey::kiss::x:grin2:

    p.s My brother just lost his right foot because of diabetes :sad::eek:It's a shock but he live and this is the most important thing
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