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  • Arsenic ·
    Sorry, I deleted the post so I could post it here as I didn't want to derail the thread.

    It was so much more fun than a regular Wimbledon final. There were many Americans there supporting Serena, and many UK-based neutrals who lucked out re tickets and were just happy to witness 2 huge stars playing each other. Maria had many supporters, but in all honesty after the first 4/5 games the result was NID which may have muted her fans.

    The way the tickets were allocated for the London Olympics meant that there were many casual fans there, more than one would see at the regular Wimbledon tournament. But even the regular tournament has more casual fans than many would imagine. So my guess is that only a minority would have been aware of the "rivalry" or HTH, but it really didn't matter; it was a great day out for everyone (maybe even Maria; she won a silver medal!)
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