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  • Dawn Marie ·
    Right. I wanted to believe her but it's so obvious she was taking a substance for years and didn't realize it was illegal. It's so weird. She is at fault but I'm skeptical about it all. Did she get set up? Did her doctor get paid off? Did she not care and just wanted the drug? Did she think the substance was out of her system?
    SERVivor ·
    thanks for liking my post re: Mykarma thinking abortions only involved embryos

    JN, Tennisbum79 are now tearing me a new one among themselves and the posters that blindly follow them

    JN doesn't realize that I don't get in back and forth wars with him because I leave the thread when I feel I have made my point. I am not going to get dragged into ugly back and forths with him, especially when he doesn't usually understand my points in the first place.

    I now have a place with you , williamser and buddy holly on their [email protected] list. LOL
    RenaGOAT94 ·

    I just wanted to say that I come across a lot of your posts and you are definitely one of the most classy and knowledgable posters in this forum. How long have you been watching tennis? You seem to be have a great intelligence pertaining to the game! Hope you have a great day!

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