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47% Videographer

Posted Mar 15th, 2013 at 01:42 AM by

I just watched the interview of Scott Prouty by Ed Schultz. Scott spoke of the tipping point that led to him choosing to release the video that he did to Jimmy Carter's grandson. It was Mitt Romney's comments on a factory he had acquired in China. Scott said that Mitt's comments showed his blatant disregard for the workers who were housed on the premises of the factory. The Chinese women are housed on the premises. There are several rooms. The women sleep on top of each other -- three levels for each bunk bed. They share one bathroom. The room are quite small. The women are fenced in. Some guy giving him [Romney] a tour of the factory said that was to keep other women from entering. But Scott said that Romney knowingly lied. It's to keep these women in.
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