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Guillermo Canas / Gustavo Kuerten / Fernando Gonzalez' Interviews :-)

Guillermo Canas

G. CANAS/C. Moya 4-6, 7-6, 6-7, 6-1, 6-2

Q. Carlos was here a few moments ago and compared you to Thomas Muster. We haven't seen this kind of fight from a player since Muster. Where did you learn to fight so hard?

GUILLERMO CANAS: Really, I don't know. I have this for many years. I don't remember when I start to fight like this. I like to fight. I like to give everything in the court. I try to do it. I think at the last two years I improve a lot in this kind.

Q. Fifth set, you're serving at 4-1, Love-15, you have a long run to get to a passing shot. Could you recreate that for us, the way it happened?

GUILLERMO CANAS: Really, I think it was a nice point. I just remember I run, I hit the ball, my forehand, along line. I saw him lying in the courts. Really, I think this one was for me very important point because it was 15-All. It was I think one of the most beautiful point we play in the match.

Q. When play was stopped and there was the bomb scare, what went through your head?

GUILLERMO CANAS: Really, in the beginning we didn't know. We saw the guys coming to the courts. We expect, I don't know, somebody important coming because they open in the stadium. But really we feel like we didn't know what happen after they announce they have like a box there. Really is the first time I see this happen in the tennis.

Q. You said someone important. Did anything go through your head?

GUILLERMO CANAS: No, really I don't know something because they open like this, maybe somebody like a very important. But a few moments later the people come to the court and they say they have a box there.

Q. In all the matches you played before at any level, have you had anything odd or strange like this happen?

GUILLERMO CANAS: No, is the first time I see something like this.

Q. After you finished celebrating this victory, you will turn your attention to Lleyton Hewitt. We all remember what happened here last year.


Q. How fresh is that in your mind? How important is it for you to show that you can fight harder than you did in the last three sets last year?

GUILLERMO CANAS: I think I remember very well this match. I think was important for me. I think last year I play very well here all the tournament. I have chance to go to the quarterfinals. But I think Lleyton play very well. I think this year going to be tough again, is very tough guy. But I'm very confident. I think this year I'm playing my best tennis in this tournament. I'm feel confidence to try to beat him.

Q. How much do you and the other young Argentinians who are making such a big splash here attribute your success to following Vilas? Was he a hero growing up?


Q. Vilas.


Q. As a tennis hero, how much credit do you give him for inspiring all the young Argentines?

GUILLERMO CANAS: I think for us is important because he was the first player in my country to I think move the tennis to popularity. I think he was very important in this moment. For us, he's important. But I think we try to make maybe something similar what they do. But I think it is tough. I think he was No. 1 in the world. Is tough to compare one of us to this name like Vilas.

Q. How much do you remember about him? Did you watch him a lot?

GUILLERMO CANAS: No, I never watch him in live play. Just I watch some videos when he won the Masters, the first Masters. But really I didn't see him play in live.

Q. If Zabaleta wins, there will be five Argentines through.


Q. Five out of 24. That's a lot. Are you all dining together? Are you staying close to each other? Are you supporting each other at this tournament? How close are all of you?

GUILLERMO CANAS: I think we are very close. I think we have very good relationship together. I know this tournament is big tournament. Is impossible like to go take a dinner together, to have, I don't know, time together. Because in another tournament is easy because is very small one. But here I think we have a family and this. But we support together a lot. We enjoy to have -- four Argentina in the moment in the last 10.

Q. It's hard to say whether social conditions in the outside world affect a sport that is such an individual sport like tennis. Carlos just said that he felt the Argentines were very hungry and maybe were practicing a little harder because of the very difficult conditions there. Do you think there might be any truth to that? Can you talk about that subject?

GUILLERMO CANAS: I think it's not true. I think we have problems, economic problem, big economic problem in my country at the moment. But we practice the same for many years. I think for this moment we stay like this. I know the other guys, he's the same age of me, and Zabaleta, Puerta, Gaudio, I think we practice like this hard for many years, and now in the moment we have very good result. But I think it's not for the economic problem we have in my country.

Q. Different countries have surged at different times. The Americans in the late '80s, the Swedes, Spaniards. Why are the Argentinians making this great push now?

GUILLERMO CANAS: I think because we have many very good players. We are very young in the moment. I think more players are coming in the future. I think we have very good tennis in my country. I think in the future we have more players in the Top 100.

Q. Is there a reason for this grouping right now?

GUILLERMO CANAS: I think is no reason. I think we have very good tennis for many years. Now like maybe explode we have more than the normal. But it's not like one reason we have a lot of players play well in the moment.

MODERATOR: Questions in Spanish.

Q. The way you played today, do you think everything is possible now?

GUILLERMO CANAS: Well, as I've already said, this was a very important match for me. It was a big match. It allowed me to test out my tennis, and I felt that I played at a very good level. My match was good. I think both of us, Carlos and myself, gave our all on the court. I want to do great things at the French Open, but whether I can, that's another kettle of fish. But I think I do have everything I need to reach that goal.

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Gustavo Kuerten

G. KUERTEN/F. Gonzalez 6-3, 2-6, 7-6, 6-4

Q. After that third win in the week, do you feel more confident in your tennis than at the beginning of the tournament?

GUSTAVO KUERTEN: Yeah, for sure. I feel much better. Especially much happier, you know, more satisfied with myself, happy about the wins. You know, like today was a great match, so that's good. I'm think from now on I have, you know, like a more percentage of chances. I'm not the favorite anymore. You know, just everybody is at the same level, and I can pick my chances, and probably I will play better than today.

Q. So at the beginning of the tournament, you said, "I will see match after match." Now you are thinking more about keeping your title?

GUSTAVO KUERTEN: Well, as you get closer, is more excited. You know, I don't think about winning the tournament, that's for sure. I feel just prepare myself to play against Albert. He's been here quarterfinal. He played many great match. So it's going to be a tough one. But I feel more enthusiastic, more excited, much more happy. So all together, you know, can help a lot from the build of my game.

Q. Are you surprised to be in such a good mood, in such a good tennis?

GUSTAVO KUERTEN: Well, I'm really a little bit surprised, you know, to win these three rounds, especially today - I knew it would be a very tough one. But I could do it. Was great satisfaction for me. I'm really pleased to, you know, maybe achieve my goals from the beginning of the tournament - it was getting to the second week. So it's like, you know, a new tournament from now on. I got to think in new things, inspirate myself much more from now on, see what's happen. But for sure I enjoy a lot so far.

Q. It looked like you finished the match very tired. Was it more mentally or physically?

GUSTAVO KUERTEN: Well, I could say my mental part was very much needed, you know, during all the game. I had to stay focused all the time. I couldn't giveaway one or two points, that could be just the end of the set or the match for me. And especially the third set was very tight at the mental part. Had a very tight tiebreak. No breaks all set long. Was just small things that really decide. You know, to win a match like this, you got to be just give everything from your head, your concentration. So I really maybe got too enthusiastic at the end. At the other side he just, you know, like have nothing to lose anymore, just start to hitting the ball harder and harder. And he was full of confidence. So I think he played quite well, too, especially the last game. But I could, you know, go away with some good shots and with the win.

Q. They talk about him maybe being the hardest hitter. Do you feel he's one of the hardest?

GUSTAVO KUERTEN: Yeah. Was the first time I played him. Was pretty tough to get my shots going, you know, to think in what to do because the ball is coming all the time quicker and quicker. He served quite well, too. He was -- you know, he is in one of his best form. He's improving, improving, and really playing very well. So that makes to him much more easy to play a match like today against me. Like playing every shot, he try to hit as hard as he can. But will not be a surprise I think if he had beat me, too. He beat other great players this year. He's going to be around, for sure. You know, is a great player. And all these things make myself get a little more positive, too, you know, just because I beat a great player on today.

Q. I think that after your operation and the fact that you had to keep away from the courts, you didn't even know if you were coming back to Roland Garros, yesterday finally having arrived at the next round, is this really a dream come true?

GUSTAVO KUERTEN: My purpose here, my objective here, has already been accomplished, to some extent. I've played well here, and I think that I'm still improving in my game. This is going to help me the next games around, if there's others waiting for me out there. I'm very happy, very pleased, not only because of the way I've been playing and because of winning, happiness of being supported here, winning here in a Grand Slam tournament such as this. I think this does good to any player here. It makes you grow. What one has to try to do is to prepare oneself for the next time around and to reach quarterfinals, which would be really a great satisfaction for me and a big surprise.

Q. 10 points, 9 points, 8 points, where is your ranking now because of the two last wins?

GUSTAVO KUERTEN: Tennis, things are very precise. You have 10, then you lose, and you have zero points here. I think it may be 7, 8 or 9 points. The difference is all or nothing. It depends on the past game. There were a few points that made the difference and then I was out of the former ranking that I had. But many good things have happened since then. I've tried to keep a positive outlook. I'm thinking of what is ahead of me now, the fact that I have to train, to prepare myself, and to try to continue to be happy, and to enjoy as much as I can my game, to reach the quarterfinals here.

Q. Do you think of doing something else like you did last year when you put your heart into the court? Do you think of doing that when you're coming further in the tournament or was this like an instinct or something else?

GUSTAVO KUERTEN: No, I not thinking, because I didn't expect to get this far (laughter). I'm waiting and see if I can win more. Maybe that will be enough time to thinking in a good idea. But so far, I really have nothing in my mind. I have to wait and see what can come just at that time.

Q. A question having to do with football. The World Cup just started today. What do you expect of the Brazilian team?

GUSTAVO KUERTEN: Well, for me, like I said the other day, I've been playing my World Cup here. Like today, I didn't really -- for many hours, I didn't know if someone was playing or not. I have to put my goals on here. Hopefully I can be in the tournament as I know Brazil will play. I'm sure the more important match for Brazil will be at the end of the tournament. I hope I can do well here, make my things work, then focus on the World Cup.

Q. Before the surgery, was there any feeling of great depression or a low feeling that your career might be over?

GUSTAVO KUERTEN: Well, I think not really. As far as I decide to have the surgery, I had a couple doubts, you know. You never know what's going to happen with one surgery. That's always a chance to have a problem and maybe you have to stop playing. But at the same way I not be anyhow disappointment if, you know, by this case I couldn't play anymore. I think the game has give to me so much nice things, you know, so many great moments, that I never expect to get all this. So I would be satisfied already with everything I had from the game. I just try now to get back to the game what I could get from him.

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Fernando Gonzalez

G. KUERTEN/F. Gonzalez 6-3, 2-6, 7-6, 6-4

Q. You know what it takes to win a major title on clay. Do you think right now Gustavo is playing at a championship level?

FERNANDO GONZALEZ: I think Gustavo is a great player. He won three times here. He was playing the important points unbelievable, like a great player. I think we play very good match, but on important points, he play really good. That's why he is Kuerten.

Q. Can he do it for seven matches?

FERNANDO GONZALEZ: I don't know. Ask him.

Q. You take a lot of risk on your second serve. Do you feel sometimes you should take less risk on it because you made some double-faults that were very crucial in the tiebreak?

FERNANDO GONZALEZ: My game, my style is like that. I take a lot of risks always. It looks more that I take. But, I don't know, I did two double-faults in the tiebreak. But that was a little bit nervous. But Guga have advance on me in that cases because he plays, I don't know, 20 times fourth round of a Grand Slam. For me it was second. Against Guga, you have to play almost perfect to beat him.

Q. Did you believe you were going to win?

FERNANDO GONZALEZ: Yeah, for sure.

Q. What was the hardest part?

FERNANDO GONZALEZ: The hardest part was the set point in the tiebreak that I know he going -- second serve I know he going to serve to my forehand. I went to the forehand, and it was on the line. The tiebreak was very important because he take very good advance in the fourth set. He start breaking my serve.

Q. You said you were going through this round, you felt that you played your last game very well, and you said that Guga played all the important points very well. Were you sad because you thought you could win?

FERNANDO GONZALEZ: Well, I am sad. But there were a lot of ups and downs in the match. I had a lot of chances that I didn't take advantage of like Guga did. You pay for that type of thing.

Q. At the end of the fourth set, Guga was very tired. You had a breakpoint at 5-All. You lost the fourth set. If you had given a little more, do you think you could have won it, you could have gone to a fifth set?

FERNANDO GONZALEZ: I wasn't able to finish it. I had several opportunities. The day before yesterday, I didn't play the points very well. I didn't feel very comfortable. But I think my chances were fairly good. I need a little bit more experience in playing games like this so that I can win the important points.

Q. Were you impressed by the fact you were playing Guga or that you were on Suzanne Lenglen?

FERNANDO GONZALEZ: No. Doesn't matter who or where you play, there is a certain amount of nervousness.

Q. What did Guga say when the game was over?

FERNANDO GONZALEZ: He said I played a good game.

Q. I felt you could have won the match, that you were playing a lot better today than you do normally.

FERNANDO GONZALEZ: Well, there is a major difference between a good player like myself and an excellent player like Kuerten. It's true that my tennis is good, but...On the important points, he comes out better. As I said, the advantage is that I was able to fight for three sets. But Kuerten has played a lot more big games than I have.

Poor him

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Thanks for post them

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