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Re: Why winning IW is a good precursor of USO performance?

Originally Posted by ServiceGagnant View Post

Somehow these follow up results in USO are quite convincing in retrospective, even considering that Serena was out of the equation during her absent years in IW.

Is it only a coincidence, or something about the court/weather that is correlated between the two results in these two tournaments?

Is there any similar (or even, better) cases?

2 years doesn't equal a trend, and none of the pre-2018 results you cited are out of the ordinary given that USO and IW are both hardcourt events where the whole tour is entered.

i'm guessing (without researching it) that if you go back over 30 years, there's a closer correlation to Key Biscayne and USO than with IW and USO, as KB was always the more important event. Until Konta in '017, KB had never had any second-tier champion in the 35-year history of the tournie.
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