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FITD-Guangzhou-Congratulations Cooper96!

Guangzhou Open

Playing F-I-T-D (Fill-In-The-Draw) is simple and only takes a few minutes per week. Here is what you need to know:

1) Just post a full predicted draw for the tournament, including all winners in all matches of all rounds.

2) No commitments are necessary for the tournaments; simply post your picks in the thread!

3) You must post your full prediction before the first ball of the first main draw match is struck. Any draw posted after that will not be counted.

4) Unless otherwise specified, please post with players' surname (last name) only. Nicknames are not allowed. Please kindly use the draw provided by the manager to avoid typos.

5) No spacing between rounds! If your draw doesn't look like everyone else's, you've probably done it wrong.

6) Picks can only be re-submitted if a player withdraws after you have made your original prediction. You are only allowed to re-submit your draw once. You are not allowed to re-submit again and again even if another player subsequently withdraws. DO NOT EDIT your post when re-submitting your draw. Please submit it through a new post and quote your original post/prediction. Any edited post will NOT be counted.

7) Please keep your picks as your own and DO NOT copy and paste other poster's picks. If you do this this will be taken as cheating and your picks will not be counted.

8) If the qualifiers are still unknown when posting your picks, please use "Q" to represent them. It would be really helpful if you could give each qualifier a number (e.g. Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4, from top to bottom). This is essential if two qualifiers are facing each other (e.g. Q3 vs Q4) as you will have to specify which qualifier you are picking to win. If you do not number it, that particular pick will not be counted.

9) Scoring is based on the WTA ranking points for each round of a pro tournament: for each player you predict correctly into the next round, you receive the points for reaching that round. Walkover also counts as a normal win. Points are not awarded for picking players who advanced to the second round through a BYE.

10) You may play more than one event a week, but only your best result will be counted. For more info (such as rankings etc.), you can refer to the FITD forum in the 'Games' section.

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