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Originally Posted by goldenlox View Post
I agree that talent is too vague. Do you mean who will have the better career? Who is tougher to play on their good days?
I was disappointed Halep played Cincy after the long Rogers Cup final. I dont think she's been the same since then
But unless Barty wins more majors, she has a long way to go to match Halep who was YE #1 the last 2 years
First I’d like to say that I like ishgevers post a lot and I agree that listing all the aspects of their game doesn’t give the entire picture. Wanted to clarify that when I said talent I meant tennis skill talent rather than individual qualities. That’s what I was asking. But knowing what you and everyone think of who’s tougher to be beat would be interesting but I think that’s down to the opponent they’re playing for example halep can retrieve like an android but when she faces players with a hell of a lot variety and junk ball, then she’s gone. I was asking who has the higher peak as well I guess. Might add these into the question now. Imo though barty relies less on tennis skills than halep does athleticism
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