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PAW #999 Roland Garros Congratulations kondrashov!

Pick-A-Winner (PAW) #999 - Roland Garros

Past Winners
2019: 1. kondrashov, 2. Buitenzorg
2018: 1. Elphy, 2. igmIGM
2017: 1. kondrashov, 2. pedropt
2016: 1. Zenith, 2. ricanpuigfan
2015: 1. Szymon, 2. Barlos
2014: 1. Hayato, 2. jrm
2013: 1. stejj9, 2. tennisboss
2012: 1. sdtoot, 2. nunufc
2011: 1. delicatecutter, 2. pedropt
2010: 1. bionic71, 2. Blackeagle
2009: 1. ^bibi^, 2. In the Zone
2008: 1. Buitenzorg, 2. sd330o123
2007: 1. *roddickismine*, 2. Chevina
2006: 1. Carsten, 2. Donnie D
2005: 1. MARIANO, 2. lukehingis
2004: 1. crazillo, 2. spencercarlos
2003: 1. sandg, 2. Rtael

Playing is simple: over the course of the tournament choose any 26 matches in the Main Draw and post who you think will win them. Anyone can play, so feel free to post your picks! No need to commit.

The league-table, scoring points, match frequency, and a picking summary will all be kept up-to-date below this post.

Some basic guidelines, for your comfort as well as mine:
  • Never edit your post. It leads to ass-kickings. And probably a suspension as well. If you want to change or cancel a pick, use a new post in which you inform me of the change.
  • Please try to check if a match has started before picking it. If a pick is late it is invalid, and you may replace it.
  • If a player withdraws before the match, the pick does not count and may be replaced.
  • If a player retires during the match, the pick is valid.
  • At least try to number your picks. Makes my job a little easier.
  • Post in a format in which it is clear who you think will be the winner, such as Player A over Player B or Player A def. Player B. Like that. The format Player A vs Player B or Player B loses to Player A are unacceptable.
  • And finally, please try to use the player's real names, not their nicknames.

You can find the official PAW Rules and FAQ here

And finally, if the board is down and you need to get your picks through, please send picks through email, which is my username [email protected]

Good luck


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