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Re: Two more days then the fit hits the shan in Brunei

Originally Posted by Punky View Post
nope, clooney just wants a few headlines and attantion thats all, he know pretty well That homosexuality is a crime punishable by death in a number of countries in the world so suddenly it jumps because of Brunei? He is aware and knows very well that it did not start in Brunei and did not end in this lonely country and therefore I called him a hypocrite.
first of all, it's so annoying when someone is speaking out and raising awareness about a topic, and people's only reaction is "but what about that other thing!". no. we're talking about THIS thing right now.

secondly, it's especially non-productive in the case of clooney, who's been political on all different matters both privately and in his work. so i fail to see in what way his call to action is "ridiculous" and he himself is a "hypocrite".

what he's saying is that all consumers should be aware that in the end it's them who have the power. a single person's decision on what they spend money on does make a difference.



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