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Re: Two more days then the fit hits the shan in Brunei

Originally Posted by Jarl View Post
I've read many of your comments in this forum and I'm pretty sure you are NOT ok with death penalty for gays or any kind of extremism

This kind of laws are not new, especially in a muslim country. But, why should we just ignore this because of the argument that other countries have something similar? I also don't understand why the whole discussion has been what Hollywood actors are saying or boycotting. Like the Twitter thread in the first page explains, those boycotts won't do anything against the government of Brunei. They are pretty much meaningless.
I never said we should ignore them, I expressed my astonishment at the wonder, as if it was the only country in the world that behaves like this, and Clooney's call to boycott sounds ridiculous to me. He tries to get attention or is ignorant and unaware that there are other countries that behave like this?

the discussion in the world got buzz bc of george thats all

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I missed Ambug.

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is it possible to be lesbian for just one girl?
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