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Re: Pakistan woman sentenced to death for religious reason

Originally Posted by fufuqifuqishahah View Post
I was referring to Western leftists.
Very few in the West (people who use this forum) are rooting for these women to be put to death. You are sick for making such paranoid assumptions.
They are not defending her. All you have to do is read this topic. Where are they? They all believe that whoever makes fun of their prophet must die. Every muslim believe that. Just tell me I am lying, would you? They sit quietly, thinking "yes, that woman must get what she deserves. She must die".

I had a muslim friend at work. He is from Indonesia. I used to joke with him asking if he would kill me if I say not so nice things about his prophet. He laughed and responded, "I would not do it, but someone else will because it's the duty of every muslim".
When I asked why he wouldn't do it, his response was that he doesn't want to go to jail... That's where I got the idea about the "courageous ones vs the cowards ones".

Of course I was not openly calling him coward. We were good friends, having breakfast together every morning downstairs at the cafeteria.

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