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Re: Pakistan woman sentenced to death for religious reason

Originally Posted by Owl-on-speed View Post
I fear the truly fanatical are not too keen on sports either. At least I remember even playing some street football wasn't allowed in the IS occupied territories.
But we all know this whole thing isn't even about religion. Maybe for those bearded simpletons but for their leaders of the TLP this is just a way to power. In the end that's all these religious leaders want, power.
I doubt it. I don't think those bearded animals care about power. They are executing their religious duty. "Anyone that disrespect their prophet must be put to death" as their demoniac book (nothing Holy about it) says. That's all they care about.
The rest means nothing to them. The courageous ones will execute the order. The cowards ones will sit in silently and applaud inside.

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