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Re: Pakistan woman sentenced to death for religious reason

ya'll need to think a little bit more.

liberal media pundits and average liberal citizens in other countries don't READILY talk about this kind of stuff a lot probably for multiple reasons

1) it is expected to happen in such a country/environment.
2) they live in another country, particularly a non-Western country. people, particularly Americans, tend to be oblivious of extra-national affairs AND there is less association for most people with the affairs of another country.
3) people understand that practice of religion is largely influenced by legal, cultural, and historical affairs. It's a lot more nuanced than Islam bad, non-Islam good.

if you look at academic liberals or liberals who work in international affairs though, they will talk about and actively work on these kinds of things. even everyday liberals will talk about these things in passing. so stop with your lame, poorly thought narratives. don't let media give all your talking points. it's toxic.

in other words, these kinds of things are more difficult for people in other countries to talk about because they feel it doesn't affect them directly (less motivation), don't feel like they really understand what's going on in these other countries (less knowledge), and have some expectation that these kinds of things happen (less surprise).

And so as another suggestion, if you actually want people (aka day-to-day liberals) to talk about this more, may I suggest the encouraging and awareness route, rather than the shaming route, because the shaming route is unnecessarily aggressive, and doesn't take into the account that there are a million issues that all people really do not talk about or consider when maybe they should in principle.

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